Friday, 14 February 2014

My "How To" Tips for Thrift Store Shopping....General Craft Idea's when Thrifting

Welcome to my Craft Room today. I was inspired to do this tutorial today from a couple of emails I received yesterday, asking me to share my Thrift Store Tactics with them. Well, this avenue is a well trodden path, on both YouTube, and Pinterest. Well, I've been around longer than YouTube, and Pinterest combined...LOL....Plus, I was raised to Thrift Store Shop by my BESTEST FRIEND, MY MOM....whom I dedicate this video to. My sweet Mom went to Heaven not too long ago, and she and I were Thrift Store BEST BUDS, since I was a child. My Mom was a top notch seamstress, raising 4 daughters, that never knew they were poor, because my Mom made LOVE happen via the Thrift Stores. I mean, ever since I can remember, up until her passing in June, we loved to get a bargain! It is with tears I reminisce our shopping excursions. We were Thrift Store Shopping just before her passing, and while having a lunch break, we talked about our passion for TSF...that's short for THRIFT STORE FINDS....LOL...LOL...We planned our shopping days, as we planned our bargain hunting. From the time I picked her up in the morning to go shopping, until the time I dropped her off, we LOVED, LAUGHED, AND LINGERED at every Thrift Store we could find within driving distance. My Mom was, and still is, my partner every time I head out to TSS.  I pray this short, fun video will INSPIRE you to go out TSS, and find that ONE treasure you'd like to see in your craft room. If I can help you in any way to make your shopping day eventful, just drop me a line. I'd be more than happy to encourage you. My email is on the side of my blog. You can find many uncovered treasures, if you plan them out. So, let's go shopping. Call your Mom, BFF, or if you're like me, just jump in your vehicle yourself, and have a SHOPPING SOLILOQUY DAY! That's where you talk to yourself while shopping...LOL...You are your own BEST FRIEND, when nobody will shop with you...SOLITUDE is sometimes a BLESSING in disguise ...May I share one more THRIFT STORE MEMORY I have with my Mom? When I was a Stamping Up Demonstrator some 15 months back, I had a CONTEST I shared on what SU calls "Stamp Connection", dedicated to SU members only. It was a place to share idea's ...Well, for over a year I gave away, what I called MY BLESSING BOX! Every month I had FREE gifts I gave away to a winner I picked. What FOND, AND WONDERFUL MEMORIES of my Mom and I, Thrift Store shopping for my BLESSING BOX GIVEAWAY'S. It's a memory I will cherish. My Mom loved to see me SMILE, as we ventured out to find special BLESSING BOX GIFTS for the CONTEST I held each month. If you see me place SMILE in my notes, it's our little see, my Mom would say, SMILES to me, when she sensed I needed out of nowhere, I'd look at her, and she'd say, "SMILES", and my face would brighten up! Just a little word, can make a MEMORY, that will last a LIFETIME! So, my friends...SMILE, and have FUN, THRIFT STORE SHOPPING...thus, TSS......God Bless

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