Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hi there my friends

I needed to make a Valentine Card last night for today, so just before I retired for the evening I set out to make one....then it turned into 4 cards in minutes...I love when that happens....we are having a major wind storm here, last night and today...the barometric pressure dropped drastically due to a sudden temperature change, and at 3 a.m. I was in a migraine state, that is still lingering, but much better than the last 5 hours....I hope you will enjoy these cards, and it will inspire you to make some too ! Have a BLESSED DAY!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Good evening my stamping friends...

This has been one crazy week...I had a barometric migraine Monday and today. This set my housework, laundry, and usual things back two days...I have entered my first swap....making 12 identical cards is somewhat pressured for me, as I have NEVER done this before...I am somewhat a I examine my cards way to much....more stress,,,,smiles....I know that they are going to 11 other seasoned STAMPERS ....more stress....hoping and praying mine are up to others standards....there is a list to follow....more stress.....I am half way to the finish I joined a 6x6 scrapbook swap....oh my shattered I crazy?

This is a wonderful blog I found....a shout out to THE JULES BOX...she is terrific in mixed media...Mini Albums, everything I saw on her videos was top notch...if you like SHABBY go visit her blog....she won't disappoint, she has a craft store, with wonderful this glue gun, the one she uses on her videos, with the metal tip to get in small places....and so much more....I bought one for 10.50.... Where can you get one for that price?.....

Well, I will keep you posted on my do people do these all the time? would be a basket case of care everyone, and please enjoy this Valentine Card....

Friday, 25 January 2013

Balloon Pop Up Card

Thanks for taking the time to drop by and check out another video....enjoy

Balloon Pop Up Card

Thanks for taking the time to drop by and check out another video....enjoy

Thursday, 24 January 2013

My Craft Space for the world to view.....hahahaha

Hi there my Blogger friends,
Is is cold out there or what? brrrrr I am not a fan of the winter months anyhow, but this is ridiculous ......Well, forget about the weather, haha I just thought I would get a video out of my Craft Space. I have a few people ask me to describe to them what my new house was like, and what my craft space was like also....Soooooo, now I have put this video out for all to view. hahaha I love to watch other peoples CRAFT

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Good Morning Friends

This is the first card this morning...I love this technique to pieces...the Swallow Tail Butterfly in PINK embossing powder was stunning...I love pink, black, and antique white mix in paper choices...the Mellon Mambo embossing powder is nice too....I love the stacking effect looks so dramatic....

I have two cards I made to video tape later....they are using an unusual technique also...but oh so cute....see you later...enjoy this technique

Good Morning....Good COLD Morning....

Oh my, this week has been a week of business, to say the hubby came home from work Monday at 8 p.m., and he had gotten 8 pieces of shrapnel in his eye....he had them surgically removed at 1 a.m. Yesterday his Dr. Made him an appointment to see an eye specialist....I couldn't see anything in his eye, it was so microscopic....I hate anything in my eye, so, the feeling of metal shrapnel ...goes with the job....must be super irritating, to say the least...especially when the freezing come out....YIKES. I wanted to cancel my hair appointment, but, hubby said there was nothing I could do for him, so off I went...I was pampered by 135 foils...or was a 5 hour hair adventure....loved it...came home..made tacos...and actually got to bed at a decent hour....Last week was my FRIEND WEEK....crazy busy...I am going to spend some time in my craft room today....I will have some photos for you later in the day....Enjoy YOUR day, and may it turn into ONE BLESSED DAY ! Take care friends...please remember my hubby in your soon....

Friday, 18 January 2013

Forgot to mention.....

I also made 3 loaves of BANANA BREAD.....LOL...thought I'd throw that in'm ready to SLEEP...OH YES, drop me a comment or love hearing from you....

I'm still flu bound....

Hi my blogging friends....this has been a busy week...Monday I came home very sick, and a high fever...then I lifted a heavy trunk down our stairs, put my neck, back, and shoulder, pulled muscles I haven't used in years....haha...Tuesday, my BFF came to visit me until this afternoon....I only get to see her once, or twice a year, so we made the best of our few sore, and sick, I enjoyed our time daughter in law, two other friends came over yesterday to played so much it hurt...we made popcorn, watched 2 movies that Cathy brought with her....the life of Beatrice Potter....and, a movie about a lady that was diagnosed to die in a short time, and what she did thinking she was going to heaven in three weeks....then, it turned out she was not diagnosed was very funny...we all stayed up until can tell I don't watch movies often.....hahaha...can't remember the names of either movie, but we all had a wonderful time....I am blessed with sweet friends, that's for sure....I'm made a huge crock pot chicken dinner this afternoon..stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, gravy...turns out nobody was hungry, so in the containers it ALL went the fridge until hubby gets home from the conference he was at tonight....everyone has'm just making sure I get some blogging in for crafts done though....just some time with the girlfriends, to chill, laugh, eat too much, talk too much, and enjoy a time to get caught older granddaughters joined in some of the fun at times....I feel like I'm 99 1/2 years old right now, but thanking the Lord for every minute of the girl time.....take care everyone...I will post some more MINI ALBUM progress next week...until then.....have a BLESSED WEEKEND....!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Thanks for your stopping by to view the rest of my Mini

The flu bug has bitten me....I am trying to stay on top of this Mini for enjoy this .....I had so much fun with the cookie idea.....I look forward to some new ideas I have for my by step Card Making ...on video, with all the measurements, items I used....things like that....well, I'm off to rest....take care, and let me know what you think about the card idea.....thanks so much....

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sick, and

Hi Everyone...I'm very sick, and tired of being this way..this flu bug snuck up on me Thursday evening, and it is hanging on like a vengeance ...I went to the walk in clinic yesterday....good thing too...I was running a high fever, and the news was Sinusitis , and Bronchitis....the cough is what is difficult to cope with....with my sinuses inflamed, every time I cough, my head feels like an will be resting for a few days, so the medicine can do its job.....please pray it does its job, as I'm not liking this at all....thanks for dropping soon...PS...I have a new page # 8 all ready for a video...I tried today 3x's, but the coughing was too disruptive.....I will video it as soon as I'm up and

Friday, 11 January 2013

The window blind, and window box added to make a lovely page...

This flu bug has got me big time...again...I thought I was over anything flu went to the walk in clinic, fever of 103.....coughing like crazy....sinuses so infected I couldn't put my neck down without wanting to cry...I got some antibiotics, cough medicine, sinus medicine, and a small French fries at McDonalds, while waiting for my scripts to be

Well, enough about my old age condition...I really enjoyed making this page...I was feeling run down last night while making it....but I kept on because it was so cute to mini will be very nice when finished."the cover and it's binding will pull it altogether....". Have a GREAT WEEKEND...see you tomorrow with a card I'm making...

Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Zipper Rose Tutorial

This is the tutorial of the zipper rose, that was on the previous Mini Page. I hope that you are able to use this technique on one of your projects. I had to make this one using a plastic zipper, instead of a metal one, but it turned out nice all the same. The metal zippers have a distinct look that I like for anything that is going to be Vintage. The gold is especially nice, as shown in a previous video. Thank you once again for dropping by my blog...have a blessed evening.

Just finished number 6 of the Mini Album

Thanks so much for stopping by and viewing the Mini Album's progress. I have one more video to place on here for you. I hope all is well with everyone. It is beautiful here today, cold but sunny. I am working on getting this Mini completed before I turn 60.....haha Please enjoy....

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Tag and picture insert .....on the number 5 page....enjoy

This is the section of 13 spaces to add your photos, and your tags....I thought it would be fun to show you I am on to page 6, then I will make some fun tags to insert....take care

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Page # 5 is being downloaded......

Good Evening everyone,....I went to get my oil change today, and after that, my mom and I went to do our pilgrimage to the Niagara Thrift Stores....We had a wonderful day together. It was Senior's Day at our shop we love to go to, and the woman at the till asked if my mom was a senior....which my mom replied, no it's this lady....which was me...and we laughed so hard at mom is so sweet, that to hear her say that was hysterical...I told the lady that she was 84, and my mom quickly spoke up and said," I'll have you know I'm not that old, I'm 82...hahaha I really felt bad,..for a second, because if you know my mom, she thought I was just trying to be funny....yikes, I have to be careful...haha We find it funny to go thrift store shopping, because my mom doesn't but a thing...I mean it...except for today, she actually bought a The woman told us I could put my purchases through as a senior, so that was a major bonus. I bought this vintage wind up huge clock with the big ringers at the was made in west Germany, and it was cream in color, so I instantly fell in love with it...I bought some German made pots and pans that were heavy duty, and looked like new....they have the temperature round thing on the lids, which I thought was interesting....Someone from Germany must have cleaned out their house, because everything is now in mine...hahaha I bought 2 vintage looking pillows for my new chair....I will post a pic in the morning. Let's see....3 large glass storage jar set, ummmm 7 new glass mugs, and 6 ceramic ones too! A friend that was helping us move dropped my box of mugs 25 of them, and everyone broke in pieces, so that is why the mugs....I bought a pin stripe suit and three sweaters......I think that was it...haha It was a real nice haul....haha I'm waiting for my video to download on the main computer, so that is why I am boring you with the shopping news of the day....It is my son's Birthday tomorrow, and I haven't made him a card...haha how funny is that? I make cards, and he hasn't got one made for him yet.....I'll do it in the morning....Well, I am going to go and check on my video, thanks again for stopping by and checking out the video section, and reading the news of the day. God Bless, and have a wonderful week.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

I just downloaded this short video to show pages 3&4 plus cover page...

I have to work tomorrow, so sadly I will not be working on this Mini....I have so many wonderful techniques to show you throughout the next week.....this is a beautiful SU Mini, I must say....the papers are amazing...I will finish my web page gone vintage, soon....take care, and have a wonderful week!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Page 1 of the Mini Album...a zippered paper sweater

This is my first page design of the SU Mini Album I have set out to create. I am on page 3, and enjoying every minute of putting this together. I hope you will be inspired to make a Mini, and to use of few of these techniques ......enjoy

Good Morning ...A Mini Album on the go.....please enjoy the start of this VIBRANT MINI....

Today is the day for making a Mini....I am going to keep my products SU.....and having so much fun making this one.....which is my second Mini....I'm back to working on it....I look forward to creating something Bright and Beautiful....and total STAMPIN Up....take care

Friday, 4 January 2013

I just saw that I have a few more viewers on my Blog....thank you so much for encouraging me to keep going....

I am hoping this part 2 was not

I am having a wonderful craft evening. I posted on SC if anyone would like to make a Mini album with me using 100 percent SU materials. I have one lady that wants to go along with this. I am working like a busy bee getting it to the half way mark. It is actually the cutest little Mini ......not because I made it, but because all the colors are coming to together. I picked a real nice concept for the binding of it. I cant wait to get working on the pages now to make them my own. I am going to place the Mini on youtube, and step by step instructions to make every single item in the cute as ever book. I am making an extra of everything that I am putting together and placing all the measurements on them, so when the viewer is watching they have all they will need to make this same mini. I didn't think I could put together something like this, because of the issue of not having everything I thought I would need to make it look as good as those on the you tube channel. I have a surprise for them...hahaha I surprised myself, let alone anyone else. The creating of it just kept flowing, so I went with every thought that came to my brain. I can't wait to finish this so I can post it for you to see. Take care and enjoy part 2 of my Valentines Card. God Bless


I am going to start some cards with the use of  my Copics. I love to color, and adventure out with the use of these wonderful markers. I will be posting some new techniques I have learned, so you too can enjoy the use of Copics in your card making.

Good Afternoon my friends...

I actually loved making this card, and thought I would share this with you today. I am going to take more pics, and a tour of my new craft room, and I am almost finished my first Mini, with a second one on the side waiting for me to give it some attention. haha I will post some pics later to day, as I am cleaning out our basement. We are having a terrible wind storm today, which prevented me from going shopping and buy a laptop for me in my Craft Room. smiles I have to come downstairs to the main office of the business to download video, pics, etc. and that is the reason I don't pay enough attention to my blogging. Not in the future though, once this laptop is in my room upstairs. Have a wonderful day today. I will let you know once I'm able to get to Buffalo, and buy me a laptop....hahahaha What a sale Best Buy is having. I pray that I don't miss out on the one I want. Take care

Thursday, 3 January 2013

This is a bookmark card I made for a friend...enjoy

My goal is 100 viewers....please tell ink pad holders

This is my little card space at our local Floral Shop.

Where did this pop up from?'m trying to do things on my iPad

Thanks to every wonderful person that has visited my BLOG...please leave me a hello....

My granddaughter Olivia and I making a Gingerbread Card

There is nothing more satisfying for a Nana, then to make a card with your granddaughter...I loved this video for many reasons. I guess when you watch it, you will understand why...thanks for tuning in...I am finally getting the hang of this Blog thing....hahah

Love from time gone by....

This card was done with Stampin Up's new Dress Form Stamp and Die.

This is a card that I did yesterday...It was using the little hangers, and I thought this was a very sweet card.

No, that was a Victorian Card I made....hahaha

Let's see if this is the pic that is the Birthday Card with the new

Hi there everyone

I am working on trying to download my video, and some more pics for you. Let's see if this one is the Ship Card I made for my son's birthday. It was using a different technique that I have in a video, which I am trying to download for you to view...haha I will get on here and try to see what I can do....thanks for sticking with me. hahaha