Thursday, 27 December 2012

Have you ever made a Mini????

I have been working on this mini book since the beginning of is out of envelopes....I found some 8x8 envelopes, and made 6 of them, which is 12 front and back to create, then 12 openings for bookmarks and picture frames....I tell you what, if you want to have FUN...try a Mini Book....I'm making this for a friend....shhhh, it's a are doing a swap, but I have really two on the go...I started this other one before the move....I am doing that one from and white themed, with red too...lovely when I get it I was watching YouTube videos on how to create Mini's, I saw this envelope method, so, you guessed it...I started that one first time trying this, and I absolutely love creating each page.....I'm hooked on Mini' of that....we had a gorgeous snowfall last night....finally it seems like winter....I don't like the cold, but the beauty of snow does captivate me.....a fresh snowfall that is....I pray you had a wonderful Christmas....the New year is fast approaching .....I have so much to do before the New Year settles in....I had goals I wanted to I wanted to make...some are half sitting on the table, waiting for me to stop, or finish my books.....well, I am trying to keep up with my posting....I will post some pics when I get on the main computer....this iPad doesn't seem to be cooperating in the downloading of pics, or videos....well, take care, and I will chat tomorrow....have fun creating .....your friend....Carol

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Moving is not one of my top things to do just before Christmas......but, it's almost over....we have 2 garages to move....the business end....that's my hubby's two desks to move here to my life is almost back to can find things, and 90 percent of the house is unpacked and I'm feeling right at home....I don't miss the BIG house yet.....just the closet for your prayers, and for your support....staying in touch is very important to me....I have found my November BLESSING BOX GIFTS, and will be placing them in the mail.....they got packed, and lost in the shuffle....I was devastated...but they are found.....just the way I packaged them....well....that's what I have been up, organizing, downsizing, fighting the flu bug that hit me today, and trying to get caught care my friends.....God Bless

Friday, 16 November 2012

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Butterfly Card...

I loved making this will too...I have some thrift store goodies I will post soon. I had to go and stop in at our local shop today ....yes, I got a 4 unit book shelf...white...and this very unusual filing system...I will post a pic for you, so you can tell me what you think...thanks

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Bookmark Weaved Ribbon.....

Inside Ribbon Weave Card

Ribbon Weave Bookmark Card

Victorian Era....

Blessing Box Thrift Store Winner.....YAY

Wow Card

Thanks everyone....I am working diligentlly to get my videos downloaded

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I went for a Harley Ride with my hubby today. It was a chilly, but breath taking ride. The Fall is especially beautiful, and I love the trees, as the sun is shining on them. The colors are amazing. It is hard to keep your eyes on the road....I am going to the daughter in laws for our Thanksgiving Meal on Monday. YAY, I don't have to cook another Turkey dinner. I made one last week, because I wanted to have a big dinner, and I was hankering for cranberry sauce,,,,,so in the oven went a was many left overs though, not that our sons are all married and moved out on their own. I think I have dressing for a week. hahaha I am making another card and video this afternoon. Please enjoy your time with the family, if your Canadian, like me, and have MONDAY OFF. For all my International friends, you enjoy your week also....even Monday!!!!! SMILES Talk later

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Final Wreath Card

Measurements for the following video Satin Ribbon Wreath

These are the measurements for the Wreath Card ..... Card Base 6x6 card when folded in half Bend the corner of the card from the right lower corner, up to the top left corner as seen in the video. The spplies needed to make the inside panel are: One piece of Real Red CS 53/4x53/4 Green CS 51/2x51/2 Take the green CS and run through your embossing machine with the Elegant Brocade folder. Stamp your sentiment in the lower right hand corner This is the completion of the inside panel. NEXT: the outside panel that gets glued to ONLY THE HALF TRIANGLE PIECE will be a piece of Black CS measuring 6x6 Green 51/2x51/2 Red Flocked Window Sheet found on page 4, of the SU Christmas Catty measuring 53/8x53/8 5 small diamond embellishments on each corner running up and down Cut out an image from the Flocked Window Sheet to place on the inside panel later. You will need a piece of 1/2 inch real read ribbon for the bow at the bottom of wreath measuring 15 inches tied in a bow. For the beautiful satin wreath you will need 10FEET OF SATIN RIBBON, (yes, 10 feet). Then you can begin this lovely SATIN RIBBON WREATH CARD.....ENJOY1

Adding some great new pics, and videos.....thanks for joining me today

Hi there fellow this has been a my VIDEOS, adding a BLOG, having to make extra cards for the Florist Shop.....I am going to download some new videos, along with some extra projects I'm working on this week. Please stick with me while I figure all this will be the avenue I use to place all the measurements of the cards I make....when I put them on YouTube, there sometimes isn't enough room to explain all that goes into the card, or project I'm working on......SMILES....I HAVE ONE MORE is in the process of downloading....I will post the card measurements for the Satin Ribbon a few minutes......BE RIGHT BACK

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Please be patient with'm trying to change my blog....

Hi blog has gone crazy....I'm working on it.....have to work tomorrow, but I'm going to try and fix it...thanks

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Two more videos out this morning.....

I am putting new card videos out many funny out takes....card stock stuck on my angora sweater....without me have to watch thiem to believe it....SMILES....I have a sticky note holder to go on the video tomorrow....I have to get it right the first time I record...I still can't edit...see you tomorrow

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

So excited about my videos...I am having fun.....

This has been a funny day...I came home from work yesterday feeling very sick....I couldn't figure out why I was feeling this way....well, this morning I woke up with a head cold...I had placed on my calendar to have 3 videos finished by 11:00 got up, showered, and in the card mode I went....there is an actual CARD MODE you was so pleased to fulfill my goal.....I also made 2extra cards for my video is called SNOW GAZING.....

I want to thank every Stamping friend for their prayers and seems like yesterday I was trying to find my place here with Stamping Up....if I can be a help to any demo, please don't hesitate to comment and let me know....

Do you have any videos you would like me to post? you want me to answer any questions about myself, stamping, organizing tidbits....I will try and help you....

I'm on my way to try and place some cards on here for you to view.....God Bless....Share a SMILE with someone tomorrow!!!

Monday, 17 September 2012

It is great to have wonderful friends......

This is a very exciting time for me. Why you may be thinking? Well, I would not have this blog if it wasn't for a wonderful Stamping Up friend, that helped me design this blog. She has been a real blessing to me over the past week. It is amazing how we have friends that reach out to help us when we cannot do certain things setting up a blog....SMILES

I am going to be doing a video tomorrow to post on here. Videos are new to me as well. I look forward to the next little while, because it will allow me to learn the "ins and outs" of the BLOGGING WORLD....haha

A BIG SHOUT my special SU friend, who wants to remain a silent helper......THANKS MY know who you are........