Thursday, 13 February 2014

Gold Leaf Pair of Pears.......Part 2 of 3

Welcome to my craft room! I'm still working on these 2 will get to the actual Gold Leafing on the next video...It is downloading now. On the following video, it shows you how I figured out the best way (for me) to do this Gold Leafing process. You see, as I was taping the actual process of Gold leafing, my camera ONCE AGAIN, decided it was out of power, and stopped filming at 24 minutes into my taping!!! Smiles... I did however, find out how it works, and we shouldn't get intimated by its almost air type until I get it downloaded for you, so you may see for yourself, how EASY PEASY Gold Leafing  application is....The results are STUNNING...
You will want to add it to your cards, I just know it! I have the cards to a place where I'm going to show you the last details of assembly, as I tape the COMPLETION! I'm making the envelopes, right after supper, and will film it as well. I love making matching envelopes for my cards. The "We Are Memory Keepers Envelope Board", makes the construction of your matching envelope....GOYGUS ....BEAUTIUS, and downright MATCHING!!! you soon!

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