Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Graphic 45 Vintage Card

Thank you for joining me today. I had a very busy day, starting out very early. I had an appointment first thing with the Surgeon. I had my casts changed AGAIN, and report back in 2 weeks. I was exhausted just from this visit, but, of course, it didn't end there. I met up with my sister, and we went clothes shopping...lol...my favorite store had a sale on, and I lost control...AGAIN...HAHAHA... It must have been the stress relief I needed... However, I bought some new summer shoes, 2 dresses, 4 sweater sets, 2 scarves, and my sister bought me a beautiful coat that I had my eye on, but couldn't afford! She is so good to me, in many ways...She spoils me in more ways than financial.....smile Oh yes, I bought these silk, bright red HEART pajamas...lol,  I just couldn't resist....really....so stinkin' cute!  Well, after we totally spent far too much, we headed to our favorite restaurant for lunch, and a much needed REST! Haha..We shared our great buys, ate, and you guessed it, headed out to our next splurge.....the best second hand place ever...I only go there when I'm in that town, and I was there today. Lol....We did some bargain hunting, and said our goodbyes. We both live an hour away, in opposite directions. She said she was going to hit one more second hand place near her home, and I said I'd be stopping at MICHAEL'S, because it was almost on route for me...lol...lol..By now I was really sore, and tired. You would think I would have gone to the Surgeon, and went home, wouldn't you??? Well, they are predicting this huge blizzard tonight, so I knew I'd be home bound for awhile, sooooo my last stop, before parking my truck, for who knows how long!!!  Great excuse for SHOPPING...A BLIZZARD REPORT...I left my purchases bagged up for a HAUL video...after I finish this card, tomorrow morning...What great sales I ran into today! I went through the till, and turned around to reload on some other things on my LIST...I only bought things sale priced...and one 40% item....SMILES.  THIS WAS A FULL DAY FOR ME. I just got in moments ago, downloaded this video before I left, and now I'm calling it a night!!! Part 2, the FINISHED CARD will be posted in the morning. Thank you for letting me ramble...haha...I've always tried to keep my posts SHORT...not tonight! Thanks for  joining me. God Bless You

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