Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Grid Technique Card

Thank you for once again joining me in my Craft Room. This card technique was inspired by Gina K at Stamp TV.  I was viewing her card tutorial, and had to give it a am amazed at all the different techniques that are available to us, just by a click of a  You will enjoy this technique, because it has so many possibilities of changing it up! Enjoy!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Singing Snowmen Part 2.... Plus a quick haul

This is the finished card for you believe a part 2 for a card...??? I didn't get to finish my haul either...haha...The heavy duty card stock for tags was AWESOME!..I mean the card weight is HEAVY, just like the package says....I'm going to get a lot done with this card stock, that's for sure. I have never seen this Manila paper in heavy weight before, ANYWHERE on my crafting travels...I was thrilled that our Stationary Store got this in today....Right off the press, as they say in the paper hope that you can find it where you live. I gave the name of the business on the video, in case you are interested in seeking out your Stationary Sores to see if they can get it.

Singing Snowmen 3D Part 1of 2 .....little extra haul in part 2

This is a similar card I saw on Pinterest this week...I changed it up a bit from the original card. I have to say, that viewing Pinterest, it makes me feel very inadequate much talent to view there, it's truly AMAZING! Smiles. It challenges me to try and explore new crafting techniques, and view so many wonderful Blogs that feature different companies products.  I want to thank those of you that continue to view my video's.  It is a joy to have the opportunity to share my work with you. See you in Part 2. Enjoy!

Monday, 9 December 2013

A Mini INSERT inspired by Kathy Orta...Part 5

Thank you once again for joining me in this Mini Album project. I thought I would share with you this INSERT I saw on Kathy Orta's blog. I scaled it down to size, and used a similar technique to create this delightful insert to my Mini. Please enjoy!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Acetate Vintage Mini Part 4

It finally downloaded this morning....yay.....I was thinking my computer had had enough of is the completion of page 2!  I know it is going slow, but, I've been so busy with other  things, its been difficult to get in my Craft Room, and complete this...haha.....Today, I'm going to try and finish most of it, and video tape only the closure....Im trying to save you the tedious process of watching page by do however, have a few inserts I want to show you, that I think you'll want to do on your next Mini...I will show you how to do these, then move on...smiles....Thanks for joining me today!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Acrylic Mini Album ...Part 3

This completes the cover for this Mini, EXCEPT, after the camera shut down, I added the copper mini handle down the right hand side, just in the half way mark. I wanted it to look like you can turn the page using it...smiles I also added the black larger pestles, gathering them together, so they didn't lay flat. I'm now onto the inside, creating some interactive pockets, journaling tabs, and so much more! Please join me for part 4....

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Acrylic Vintage Mini album...COMPLETED downloading ..I added a bronze hinge, half way down the right side....loved it!

Acrylic Vintage Mini....Part 2 of ?

These are a few more inspired idea's that came as I was creating...Don't you love it when things happen like that....I have so many idea's for this project, I'd have to add more think I am fine with FIVE, front and back.....I want this to be just right for a 15 year old young lady.....VINTAGE ELEGANCE  is the look I'm going for.....I will have more idea's, and more journaling pages, tags, waterfall pictures, and last , but not least, the FINISHED ACRYLIC COVER........Thanks for joining me, as this project turns into an ELEGANT VINTAGE MINI, FIT FOR A WONDERFUL GRANDDAUGHTER ....!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Acrylic Vintage Mini Album in Black and White

I have started my Eight Mini Album gifts this evening...this being the couldn't seem to get my creative juices flowing, sooooo, for much of the day, I was hauling supplies out left and right, hoping something would trigger some idea's for these mini's, I wanted to do for my grandchildren....smiles...I just decided to jump right in, and see what happens...A little prayer for The Lord to help me ...and off I'm going, creating, and having so much fun with the idea's going through my head at last...haha...Part two is downloading, and I think you will love some of the fastener idea's and my matching clothes pegs ....bows made from the center of my 2 way tape role....oh yes, it gets you in Part 2.... But, please enjoy the prep work in this, Part 1!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Mini Michael's Haul, PLUS, Look what your corner punches can do!

Thanks for joining me in my Craft Room today! I am going to share a Mini Haul from Michael's...smiles...I had to pick up some Chrystal Effects, and only picked out a few more items I needed for some Mini's I am making...Here are a few idea's for you to try, using your corner punches, and a few border ones as well....Hope you will give these a try with some of your punches....Enjoy!