Monday, 3 February 2014

Olivia and Nana's Late Night Card

Thanks again for joining us in my craft room. It was late Saturday night, when Olivia, my granddaughter, decided her mojo was in was a last minute card idea, that Olivia had to do before bed. As you know, Olivia hits my craft room, sometimes for create all kinds of projects. She is my crafting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and tear jerky movie watcher granddaughter!!! I love it! She loves to get in my craft room, and just experiment with everything! We were about to call it a night, when the creative juices suddenly hit Olivia...haha...The last thing I wanted to do was pull out stuff for a card, but, what's a Nana to do??? IN, and let her create of course. haha When our grandchildren spend the night with us, they all know how to get to us, and extend their bedtime hour! We laughed as we viewed some of this video, and decided not to put it on my blog.....too tired, too unorganized ( due to the late hour ), and we couldn't get it you will see....SHEER FUN though, as Olivia was under the table looking for things that fell, and Nana was working the camera, because I was ready for bed, and wasn't changing out of my jammies, to do a, my friends, because this was a lovely MEMORY for me, we decided, last minute, WHY NOT, just air us as we are...two people that love to craft, no matter what the hour....FUN ALL THE WAY...we never got to see past the middle of this video, we were laughing at us trying to act so casual, when we both were exhausted from our 4 horse (tear jerking) movies we watched earlier, and cried through each We knit, crocheted, baked, and ended the day with a somewhat card video. From Olivia, and myself....HAVE MERCY, WE WERE VERY TIRED...LOL...LOL...LOL...ENJOY! My Haul video is  next, then a Vintage Card using Graphic 45! I'm off to watch this all the way I hold my HAPPY MEMORIES

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