Friday, 21 March 2014

I love the paddle lamp they chose for the nursery. This is a metal antique pram my daughter-in-law had. These are the two bird houses I'm going to paint to hang from my Birch tree tomorrow ...It will house those battery candles to make them night lights. The middle shade, with the tiny antler's, is however a plug in night light...SO CUTE!

It's starting to look like a NURSERY...My son pulled the crib, and changing table out for me to guess he thought I'd be dripping paint. I never even thought of a drop pink bag in the bassinet, was my bag, I brought my slippers in...haha...That's the only pink this room will see, as far as decorations...hahaha..

It's a BOY...haha...This is the one side of the Nursery, and you can tell it's not going to be anything but...BOY...Oh BOY, it sure is fun helping our son, and daughter-in-law decorate their son's nursery....I just wanted you to see I'm still creating....LOL

Nursery Room Birch Tree

This was what I was doing this morning. Our grandson is due the first week in May, so I was in charge of free hand drawing of a Birch tree. Our son, and daughter-in-law, have so many cute idea's in the works. I started with painting the grey area with one of my 4 sizes of brushes. As you can see, I'm only 1/3 of the way up the trunk, adding texture with grey, white, and black acrylic paints. I'm going to complete it tomorrow. I need to make it whiter, and add more texture, but, with my wrists being in the braces, this was all I could accomplish today! Smiles ... I added the texture with old iTunes cards, in various sizes. I cut then in thirds, for the branch area's, and the main trunk I used the full card to apply the needed textures. They are hanging two bird houses, from two of the branches as night lights...the room has a hunting theme, and will be simply an ALL BOY room, that's for sure! I will post some pics of the finished tree. It's a challenging project, because it's directly painted on the wall, with just a Nana trying to make it look like a Birch tree...haha...I figured, if I make a mistake with the paint, I'll just make a branch out of it!!!....They are trusting me to make it as realistic as I can! Hey, it's only a tree, right???

Tea Bag Technique Tutorial

Here is the technique shown separately for you. I hope you will give this a try on your next card. Enjoy!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

This is not as dark a picture, so you can see the the stamped images a little clearer...the feather shows its fluffiness also! Smiles

LAST, but not LEAST...the BACK PORTION of my card! I LOVE using every available area on my cards...No card stock space just can't see space empty...haha..The fringes from the inside lace, shows up nicely when you turn to the BACK of the card? Smiles

The INSIDE of my Vintage themed card, using the Tea Bag Technique . On the left is the reversed image giving way from the front, though the added acetate ovals. I tried to get it to show up on this picture. I think you'll see it better in the video! I placed the sentiment, as I usually do on my Vintage cards...ON THE BACK!

This is the finished Tea Bag Technique Card. I tried to show how transparent the Tea Bag is, but it really was difficult to see on this picture. I love creating Vintage/Shabby Chic Cards.

Tea Bag Reversed Image technique

I'm not sure why this shows up like this, but I'm downloading this video again, to assure it's on here properly. I will resolve any visual problems, if any. I think as I downloaded this, I was to quick to publish. We will see what happens later, as I download the other one to take its saw this technique on a blog called Ink Stains. I put my own twist on it, and created this Vintage card. I also have another video downloading, showing you the Tea Bag Technique on its own. I had to do this video 3 or 4, as a result, the tea bag was applied to the card! LOL...I will post it as soon as it's downloaded for you, to see how easy this beautiful technique is to create! The lady on the Blog INK STAINS has wonderful techniques, and so much more. I encourage you to go visit her Blog. I should be using my new camcorder, but I'm still not confident with how to use it..I better get confident soon, as all these interruptions could be solved with the PAUSE BUTTON! After all, that's why I bought it, right?...SMILES

Flourish Stamp Purchase, plus a whole lot of EXTRA BLESSINGS!

This video was so much fun for me to do! It was not because of all the wonderful purchases I was blessed with, but the story behind some of them. As you know I ordered my Sewing Machine a little while ago. With that order, I ordered some Flourish Stamp Sets from a wonderful person named Julie. I found her Blog not long ago, and she said on her Blog that she was selling some stamps. Well, I couldn't resist viewing what she had to, I fell in love with these Flourish Stamp Sets immediately! I love doing anything Vintage, whether cards, or Mixed Media. The Lace Borders, Tea Sets, etc. captured my creative side, that's for sure. The prices were great also! I set out ordering what I could, because they were selling fast! While viewing Julie's Blog, I had to email her, to tell her what a beautiful Blog she had, and how much I liked her Craft Room Tour. Before long we were chatting, and I found out Julie was cleaning out her Craft Room. Julie asked if I'd be interested in her paper supply? I was of course , and after a few emails, and enjoying her sweet personality, Julie said, if I paid for shipping, she would BLESS me with some supplies ...YIKES, what a BLESSING arrived in all those  boxes you are going to see me open. Bountiful Craft Blessings from a fellow Crafter! I wanted you to know this, because as I opened my order, all these wonderful surprises were a surprise to me also...SMILE Thank you Julie, for your generosity, above my Stamp orders! Now, on to the video....Oh yes, I was able to get the New Cricut Explore at Michael's also. I phoned to see if they had any in stock, as I heard they were going fast! They told me they had just ONE LEFT! I told her I was coming from Canada, could she hold it for me? YAY, they did, and I'm the proud owner of this wonderful machine. Michael's had quite a bit of the Explore supplies I was going to need, so I thought I'd better buy them while I was enjoy this HAUL with me. I only had time to open 2 of the 6 boxes I received in this video, because of time. I am still in awe at what was in the remaining boxes I opened later. BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE....I am so thankful!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A day of shopping, and fun stuff!

I am having to post this again, because it was not reading properly, due to the fact I was tired when posting it this made a nice dinner for my hubby, and me, so I'm gaining my strength back from being on my feet all day! I have been resting for so long since my fall, I find myself tiring very easy! We left this morning at 8:00 a.m. on the dot, and headed over to Buffalo New York, for a wonderful steak, eggs, home fries, Italian toast, and jelly, plus fresh squeezed orange juice to help it all slide down. We went to my friends to pick up my Singer Anniversary Sewing Machine I ordered from some weeks back. I send my orders to my friend, then pick them up, and take them over the border to my Country, Canada. I pay duty on all my online ordering, as I bring them through Customs. I had 6 boxes of craft supplies I've ordered online in the last month to pick up...Included were my Tim Holtz Inks to make my collection complete. I then proceeded to Michael's to pick up the new Cricut Explorer I had put away to pick up this morning. Michael's is always kind to me when I ask them to hold an item, long enough for me to get there, and pick it up. I shopped for some sale items, and bought all the accessories for my Cricut Explorer. Why make more trips, just get it while you're there...Saves time, and money on gas...remember, I drive a huge Ford Pickup!...Smiles After I had my fill of shopping there, we went to Bath and Beyond...haha...I wanted some plush bath towels they had on sale. The huge bath towels I'm talking about....half price! Yikes, I had to have bought a new Pewter oval curtain rod, that will give you more room in your bath area.   We bought some beautiful shower curtains, the ones that the water resistant liners snap out for washing. No more plastic for us....I love them!....Plus, we split a box of M&M's...yummy! When arriving home I had two boxes of goodies from the UPS truck waiting to greet me...How much better can it get? Smiles Well, for the most part I covered my day. Our wonderful son's treated me to this day out...I'm so blessed!...I will post a video in the morning...I haven't opened a thing! We will do it together....Oh yes, my sister Barbara called me when I got home, to let me know she did a TJ Max haul of surprise craft buys for my craft room...Oh my shattered nerves, will my floor hold up?? Stay tuned!
The Ultimate Shopping Day

Monday, 17 March 2014

A huge Hello, and a pic my granddaughter took a few days said I needed to place a recent pic, not last years...When you're almost 60, a year makes no

I don't have a card to put up, nor a video this week, however, I do have a picture my granddaughter took, so I could update my pic from last year that I use on my Blog.This post is for you Kate.....I have 66 subscriber's, so I think I can share a pic taken by my sweet teenage granddaughter. I'm turning that big 6 0 next month, so she wanted me to update my last years picture, with this pic she took on Saturday.  My other granddaughter Olivia, which most people know, as my craft video partner, turns 11 next week. We had a birthday party for her on Saturday, and thus my picture was taken. Smiles....I'm sitting with the granddaughter now, who is waiting to see if I will post it...haha She said I'm not brave enough to post a pic on my her wrong...haha.....So, let's change the subject of me getting'm going to get the new Cricut Explore in the morning. I have the Cricut Expression 2, but this will cut precision images that I can use as stencils, it will cut from my laptop, and eventually Cricut said, the iPad as well...YAY...I'm so excited that Michaels had one left, which is on hold for me....I will do a tutorial on that as well, when it's up and running....I'm still trying to figure out my new Camcorder ...haha...I also have some orders I will do a haul on...I'm
finally picking up my new Singer Sewing machine that was mailed to my friends....Needless to say, it's going to be an exciting day for me tomorrow. Since my accident, I've been ordering on line, and unable to do as much as I would have liked. I am still wearing the braces on my arms for a few more weeks, but it's far nicer than those old casts...BIG SMILES!  If I'm looking overly happy in my pic, it's because I am....I'm blessed beyond measure, with a wonder family, wonderful friends, and a wonderful SAVIOUR! What more can a person ask for? God Bless You! See you on my next video. (There Katie, are you happy?) YES NANA, VERY!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Game Board Part 2

We are continuing on this wonderful project of altering a game board. Here I will show you a quick way of placing down acetate as a picture window.  Every piece of this game board is totally committed to a Photo Family Memory Board. I encourage you to do one of these for a friend, or yourself! Smile. It is a Mixed Media piece in a different form. The only one I've seen is on Kathy Orta's Blog some months ago. Please join me as we continue this awesome Coffee Table Centrepiece.  

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Coffee Table Entertainment Piece....Game Board turned Photo Display

I saw this idea on Kathy Orta's channel months ago, and set out to buy some game boards at my Thrift Store visits. I wasn't sure when I would get around to making this awesome project, until today! I'm sure Kathy constructed her board from is a very talented crafter...but, I decided to buy some old game boards, in the box, with most of the pieces, if create a coffee table FAMILY PHOTO Memory Board....It will take on the look of a game board, but, filled with your FAMILY PHOTO'S, that will make a wonderful conversation piece. Please join me as I construct this Memory Board with a truly Vintage feel....I'm going to do a start to finish tutorial, so if anyone would like to join in the fun, you can! Just get yourself a boxed game, and follow along. Lots of embellishments on the box, and loads of photo spaces, with journaling spots as well. A terrific gift idea, that anyone would love to receive! Please enjoy the process!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A SU Haul, and an APOTHECARY ! WOW

This is my re-signing up order I received a little Chit Chat! I was surprised with the most beautiful gift for my Craft Room, from my sister Barb! We are redoing my room TOTALLY...LOL...and, it includes my Antique APOTHECARY, which I discuss in this video...SUCH A BLESSING! I need not type another word, as my video explains it all! God Bless

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Ghosting Technique with Blender Pen colouring!

I love this technique, which I call, the SHADOW TECHNIQUE ...sounds you call it, it's beautiful on paper. This is another quick and easy Mass Production card. I really like this kind of look as well. It adds character to a lonely one stamped image...smiles....I'm on a technique roll lately....I'm going to switch up to FUN FOLDS next week I think! a BLESSED Lord's Day tomorrow! Night!

Emboss Resist Butterfly Laced Border Technique...

Welcome to my Craft Room. This is a beautiful border technique to add to any card. I used Glossy paper, and whisper white CARDSTOCK for a different look altogether. The emboss resist on the butterflies adds a Victorian flare to each card. I think these cards would make a wonderful mass production technique, if you need fun, fast cards in a jiffy! I will see you on the next video! Enjoy!