Friday, 31 January 2014

Embedded Embossed Copic, and Watercoloured Birthday Card ...Part 2

I am pleased to have this card completed today! Thanks for dropping by to see the finished card! I just got home after shopping with my sister at our Thrift Stores....I'm telling you, this was a super fun haul will do another Haul video, because you won't believe the great buys, unless you view it for yourselves. Hahaha just what I need, is more craft supplies!? I couldn't resist though, I'm sure you understand! Smiles

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Enbedded Embossing Technique, plus Copics, and Water Colouring

Thank you once again for visiting my Craft Room today...I really appreciate you dropping by for a visit. This card was a pleasure to prepare. I love the embedded embossing technique so much, so thus this card for you. It is in 2 parts, so, the second part will be up tomorrow morning, along with another wonderful technique using the stippling stencil art, with my new gold leaf set. We will use acetate, Gelato's, ink, texture paste, gold leaf, gold embossing powder, vellum, moulding paste, and last, but not least some vellum! I look forward to this card being complete, then on to card technique number 2....It sounds like a technique series to me...hahaha...See you in the morning, with lots of FUN idea's!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A Small HAUL

Thank you friends for joining me once again in my Craft Room. This is the second try at downloading this video!...I'm starting to think I'm not to do video's, just post! I think that the deep freeze we are in here in Ontario is affecting the internet lines...hahaha. Last Wednesday I had the same problem, and it was a sub zero day as well! Anywho, I mentioned on this haul that I was returning my wonderful Vagabond Electric Die Cutting machine, due to a terrible noise in the motor. I was a bit concerned whether I would be able to return it. Sometimes, when you have machinery, you have to mail it to the manufacturer to have it repaired. Well, if you own one, you know it ways a ton! couldn't imagine the mailing fee!!! Long story short, I called Hobby Lobby in where I purchased it, and they told me they would honour my purchase, and they would have one set aside for me. I can't tell you how happy I was! I know I have a Big Shot, but this electric machine cuts through basically anything, without having to crank it. It would be impossible to crank that machine now, so I couldn't wait to go and get my new one today. My son drove me there, and patiently waited for me to get a little shopping Lobby, in my opinion, is a wonderful, clean, organized store, where I shop. The kind staff goes out of their way to help, and make sure that you are a happy shopper! I did some browsing, shopping, and it only took a half hour. We were close to Michael's, so I shopped an extra hour to buy a couple of items on my wish list! We made it safely home, in white out conditions, and -25 degree temperature, and winds that were making the visibility at times a tad difficult! It didn't start out this way, but, as the morning went on, the weather worsened. I'm thankful it was a quick trip, and The Lord was watching out for us. After all, how could I go a day without my VAGABOND???....LOL

Monday, 27 January 2014

Texture Paste Ideas

Thank you very much for joining me today. I just got in the door, after visiting my Doctor this morning. I now have medicine to help the healing process. The deep freeze here, made the roads extremely slippery, and the winds hit your face like a razor...I'm home safe, and will remain tucked away, until I see the Surgeon!..I managed to tape this video for you early this morning, so while I was out. it was downloading! All I could think of, was the computer shutting down AGAIN, and having to do this all had such camera problems, combined with computer problems on Wednesday, I wasn't sure I could take the disappointment of it not downloading for me once again.....smiles...I hope you enjoy the finishing touches on the LID I'm preparing for my sister's long awaited Birthday Wednesday, I was looking in my pantry, viewing my shelves of cake supplies.  I starting thinking of ways to combine the overload of cake supplies, into my overload of craft supplies, to put to good use, so many similar products. I love using texture paste in my Mixed Media, and my cards, so here are a few idea's that you may want to incorporate also. I'm going to try and do a few more video's showing a mix of CAKE SUPPLIES  MEET CARDS!...Please enjoy this quick tutorial!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Dollar Store Album LID, just before EMBELLISHING !

Welcome, and thanks for dropping by!...I wanted to have this posted yesterday, but, the stomach flu hit, and the rest is history!....smiles....I'm filming the embellishment stage shortly, and this gift will be FINISHED! This taught me that PAINTER'S TAPE is the next best thing to red liner tape, double sided tape, and ELMER'S GLUE...hahaha  I'm off to film the EMBELLISHMENT STAGE, and it's a WRAP! Smiles. My sister said, ".........", oh, I'll save this story for the finished video.....Way too much typing, when I can just tell you LIVE.....LOL....God Bless you friends!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Getting down to the FINAL STRETCH...LOL

This video had to be downloaded 3x's, before it was finally coming up on YouTube ! It seemed to be almost finished, and it came up "error". and I had to reload.....I was so frustrated...smiles....It didn't stop there for me no, it was the same with my started this video twice! The first time I was 19 minutes into the video, and my battery failed....then I couldn't find my papers to begin the box...I placed them inside the 12x12 paper pack, and they were "under cover", so to speak...hahaha...I began filming the COVER (lid), an hour, and a half, before my sister showed up this evening...I have the "START TO FINISH" LID video, going to download first thing in the morning...Well, I truly loved every minute of this project. To see the look on my sister's face when I handed this gift to her was "PRICELESS"...A truly memorable moment for me. When we BUY a gift, it makes the receiver happy....BUT, when we MAKE a gift, we are happy, as well as the recipient!  ....Isn't that the truth? Smiles  Now, back to the box.....I realize it wasn't the traditional way of making a PERFECT BOX... Smile...  I really have to say, that when I make another VINTAGE STYLE BOX, this will definitely be the way I'm making it. If you could see this in person, you would never know it was constructed with painter's tape. If I could have put some extra pressure on the paper, to get a few bubbles out, it truly would have been wrinkle free, and seamless...haha....However, I love the aged effect it gave, due to the few wrinkles, and paper rubs, because of no rubbing My sister couldn't get over the Vintage look, and the fact she had a matching BOX, AND ALBUM "HAND MADE" by her older sister...hahaha The next video of the lid, and the embellishment stage, will make you desire to haul out some cardboard, painter's tape, paint, and a whole lot of creative LOVE, to begin your own DOLLAR STORE PHOTO ALBUM, WITH MATCHING BOX for someone special. Thank you once again for caring enough to view my video's. It is a BLESSING to me! ENJOY

Monday, 20 January 2014

Make a quick and easy BOX for your Mini Album.....or Photo Album

This is the beginning of an easy box construction for your albums, or keepsakes! I am so excited to finish this for my sister tomorrow....Wait until you see the next FINAL video, of the COMPLETED Photo Album/Birthday Card. You will love the pretty RIBBON TECHNIQUE that I'm adding to the box....I will download the completion of this project, first thing in the morning. Together, we will assemble the lid, START to FINISH.... I will have the bottom of the BOX completed for you to see. This will save time, so we can proceed constructing the lid, STEP by STEP......See you in the morning! SMILES

Dollar Store Photo Album made VINTAGE......COMPLETED!

Thank you for joining me in my craft room, for the COMPLETION of my Birthday/Photo Album Card for my sister. Now, I'm on to making the MATCHING BOX, with chipboard, painter's tape, paint, Gelato's, and matching paper to make it COMPLETE!....I will hopefully show you an easy way of doing a matching box for your Album, with STUNNING RESULTS! See you soon!

Friday, 17 January 2014

VINTAGE Dollar Store Album....Part 2 of 3

Once again, I'm having to do a project in 3 parts, because I'm working in S L O W mode...LOL...
THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE ...smiles....See you again in Part 3.... THE COMPLETION!  Take care!

Dollar Store Photo Album gone VINTAGE

Thank you once again for joining me in my craft room. I am moving relatively S L O W, but, this Birthday Card / Photo Album will be completed in due time...LOL My sister had a Birthday last week, and my sister's are bringing dinner over next week, so we can celebrate her Birthday together. I wasn't going to buy a card for her no matter how S L O W the process.  Making her a SPECIAL card / photo album, is very important to me....SMILES...I have Part 2 almost downloaded, and unfortunately it ran into Part 3 for the COMPLETION....It did however, feel WONDERFUL to be back in my craft room once again. I have cleaned everything up, and I'm taking another REST TIME, for the healing to due its job. Thankyou for your prayers, and continual support. All the cards, emails, and concern, has been a BLESSING to me. Take care, and God Bless!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

I decided to buy a new comforter set, and pillows to brighten this side of my craft room. I bought a China Lamp, and old fashioned phone on the far wall, beside the mirror, to brighten it up a bit...the brown stripe set was too dark I thought...I have to hang my wall die units, that are resting on the is my grand children's CHILLIN' STATION...haha...I want it to look COMFY for them...smiles...I feel like I'm walking into someone else's Craft Room...I love organizing, and changing things up once in awhile...I mean, it is my very own personal "CREATION STATION", right?...hahaha I hope you like the changes as well....I'm happy so far....we will see...SMILES

Yes, I changed my entire craft room once again, casts and all...teehee I have all 6 feet across my work table displaying my ink storage organizers. I was tired of getting up, walking to the other side of my room, every time I needed another ink pad, markers, Stickle's, or re inkers I think this will work out better for me, once I'm able to create again....On the other side of this display, I organized my shelf with my acrylic paints, my Slice, and cutting board, my Bow It All, my SU paper cutter, and that filled the rest of my work table behind this ink bought matching wooden stamp storage units, now placed behind me. When these new units open, they house about 150 sets of stamps each....The second unit was delivered yesterday, so I reorganized my room to house them esthetically pleasing to my eyes...hahaha. What a job that was on the weekend. My granddaughter, sister, and myself went to town cleaning, and getting it organized. If you are interested in me giving a room tour, I would be delighted. Please leave me a hello in the comment section. I would love to hear from you. I miss doing video's, but my Surgeon has given me strict orders to not lift. I had new casts placed on yesterday, and they are now full arm casts....I was doing too much, but, we won't go forgive the spelling, and grammatical is hard to use the stylus as well. I just wanted to keep you posted, and say hello!! Hope everyone is healthy, and happy! God Bless

Friday, 10 January 2014

Charting my Distress Ink Pads

Thank you once again for joining me in my Craft Room today. My lunch was AMAZING....haha.....I had to share it with you. I find that if I go through my Blogger App, it is difficult to correct spelling without losing my picture. I can correct errors through Blogger, if I upload video's this way...very confusing for me...I'm happy to just know how to place video's here in the first place...smiles. If I could, I would do speed up video's, with voice overs, like most people do to save time for the viewer. I haven't even tried to learn it all..haha...Like I said before, I just like you to visit, while I'm crafting. If you can draw a little info from my crafting, I'm happy, and blessed to share my idea's ! I'm not a teaching Blog, per say, just a "stop on by, and visit Blog". SMILES  Please enjoy!

Could my lunch be any SWEETER...LOL...A huge thanks to my SWEET daughter-in-law, for this "out of this world", HOMEMADE Pierogi Casserole, and my favorite chocolate bar....shaped as a cake...SNICKER'S and PEANUT DELIGHT, I'm calling it. To top it of, my fave juice of the day!!! Excuse me, while I dab some sour cream on the side, and say GRACE.....Have yourself a BLESSED DAY!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

I drew this one at the hospital, befor my Mom died, remember...I just tried another one a bit larger, after the little girl, just to see if my hand could do an angled face...see, I found something I can do in my casts....DRAW!....who would have thought?...thanks for your encouragement my Sweet Subscribers...You're the BEST!....I left the "e" out of before...sorry...too excited...these aren't the best drawings because I'm more right handed...but, I have been in bed, with my arms elevated on high pillows, that the idea, of drawing again with the little movement of my lower fingers only, left me know for me, that's quite the will try and be careful tomorrow, but I'm going to try and do my FIRST Smash-book painting! know I love Mixed Media....soooo, let's encourage each other through this...and of course...Thank you dear Jesus for giving me HOPE!

For the last few hours I've been so intrigued with Claudia Rossi's Blog, and her Smash Book paintings. So, this is to you Claudia, I ran to my Lonely Craft Room, grabbed my Prisma Pencils, and with my left casted arm, I just quickly drew, and colored this image for a first time Journalling page, I will complete, and film tomorrow...Yes, I'm right handed...but, I wanted to do this in such a bad way, that it proceeded to do her left handed...I can use either hand, because in grade 8 my teacher switched me to use my right hand. This mixed me up for years, should thank her placed my pencils away, before realizing I should show you first...I grabbed my handy stylus, and pretended to draw, just so you could see me doing started 45 minutes ago...I wanted her to have red hair, a cape over a black dress, like LUCY...and a thick belt for her small waste...a little mischievous smile, and I was content!...I will use my water paints, some gesso, some mixed media goodies to bring her alive....I'M BACK...tear in could be better, I know this, but, I just jumped up, grabbed a book I bought when my Mom was in the hospital, and started to draw again....Thank You Claudia for giving me the inspiration to try drawing with a full cast on my arm, and partial hand...What a BLESSING to try and do an actual Smash Book first....See You Tomorrow ...Lord Willing, me able! I will name her CASTsandra...smiles & chuckles!

Ok, I spelled DRESS, with one s....not, here is a magnet board I did for my granddaughter's Craft Room to hold her magnet circles on. We got it from Michael's. I just placed double sided tape on a 12x12 piece of card stock, with a 2 inch matching border around it also. Olivia has filled it with little magnets, holding her school reminders on here. nothing fancy, just doable....She loves it, that's the main thing. I told her she could distress the edges if she wants, but, she liked it just the way Nana gave it to her...FULL OF BEAUTIOUS BEADS!

Well, it has almost been two weeks with these casts, and it seems thought I was going to say, "it seems like just a few days"!...haha I sure miss my Craft Room. I see the Surgeon in a few days to see my progress, then I'm going back to creating some awesome cards I have wanted to do, but, haven't figured out how to do them without using my hands!..I had one of my early cards I thought would be nice to show you. It was made with one of the Michael's card sets. I just added the accordion folded dres, and a few hearts in the heart hole, added a ribbon....that was it!...I visited a new Blog today called Stamp'n Boomer, and Cheri did the most beautiful Iris card I have seen in a long time. Please run over to her Blog and check it out. You won't be sorry if you do, it's AMAZING! I have been having some problems with my Blogger App, so I hope this stays up. If it has errors, it's my'm trying to type with my stylis, one letter at a time, one handed....smiles. I'm viewing lots of new Blogs, and as I say in my video's non stop..." Wow, there are some AMAZING talented people out there"! I'm certainly BLESSED to call some of them FRIENDS. I will see you soon.

Hat Boxes make beautiful storage containers...another Thrift Store find.smiles...I am having difficulty with my Blogger App. I go to download, and for awhile it stays on my Blog, then it's gone. I am testing it again. Have a BLESSED Lord's Day.