Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Grid Technique Card

Thank you for once again joining me in my Craft Room. This card technique was inspired by Gina K at Stamp TV.  I was viewing her card tutorial, and had to give it a am amazed at all the different techniques that are available to us, just by a click of a  You will enjoy this technique, because it has so many possibilities of changing it up! Enjoy!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Singing Snowmen Part 2.... Plus a quick haul

This is the finished card for you believe a part 2 for a card...??? I didn't get to finish my haul either...haha...The heavy duty card stock for tags was AWESOME!..I mean the card weight is HEAVY, just like the package says....I'm going to get a lot done with this card stock, that's for sure. I have never seen this Manila paper in heavy weight before, ANYWHERE on my crafting travels...I was thrilled that our Stationary Store got this in today....Right off the press, as they say in the paper hope that you can find it where you live. I gave the name of the business on the video, in case you are interested in seeking out your Stationary Sores to see if they can get it.

Singing Snowmen 3D Part 1of 2 .....little extra haul in part 2

This is a similar card I saw on Pinterest this week...I changed it up a bit from the original card. I have to say, that viewing Pinterest, it makes me feel very inadequate much talent to view there, it's truly AMAZING! Smiles. It challenges me to try and explore new crafting techniques, and view so many wonderful Blogs that feature different companies products.  I want to thank those of you that continue to view my video's.  It is a joy to have the opportunity to share my work with you. See you in Part 2. Enjoy!

Monday, 9 December 2013

A Mini INSERT inspired by Kathy Orta...Part 5

Thank you once again for joining me in this Mini Album project. I thought I would share with you this INSERT I saw on Kathy Orta's blog. I scaled it down to size, and used a similar technique to create this delightful insert to my Mini. Please enjoy!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Acetate Vintage Mini Part 4

It finally downloaded this morning....yay.....I was thinking my computer had had enough of is the completion of page 2!  I know it is going slow, but, I've been so busy with other  things, its been difficult to get in my Craft Room, and complete this...haha.....Today, I'm going to try and finish most of it, and video tape only the closure....Im trying to save you the tedious process of watching page by do however, have a few inserts I want to show you, that I think you'll want to do on your next Mini...I will show you how to do these, then move on...smiles....Thanks for joining me today!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Acrylic Mini Album ...Part 3

This completes the cover for this Mini, EXCEPT, after the camera shut down, I added the copper mini handle down the right hand side, just in the half way mark. I wanted it to look like you can turn the page using it...smiles I also added the black larger pestles, gathering them together, so they didn't lay flat. I'm now onto the inside, creating some interactive pockets, journaling tabs, and so much more! Please join me for part 4....

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Acrylic Vintage Mini album...COMPLETED downloading ..I added a bronze hinge, half way down the right side....loved it!

Acrylic Vintage Mini....Part 2 of ?

These are a few more inspired idea's that came as I was creating...Don't you love it when things happen like that....I have so many idea's for this project, I'd have to add more think I am fine with FIVE, front and back.....I want this to be just right for a 15 year old young lady.....VINTAGE ELEGANCE  is the look I'm going for.....I will have more idea's, and more journaling pages, tags, waterfall pictures, and last , but not least, the FINISHED ACRYLIC COVER........Thanks for joining me, as this project turns into an ELEGANT VINTAGE MINI, FIT FOR A WONDERFUL GRANDDAUGHTER ....!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Acrylic Vintage Mini Album in Black and White

I have started my Eight Mini Album gifts this evening...this being the couldn't seem to get my creative juices flowing, sooooo, for much of the day, I was hauling supplies out left and right, hoping something would trigger some idea's for these mini's, I wanted to do for my grandchildren....smiles...I just decided to jump right in, and see what happens...A little prayer for The Lord to help me ...and off I'm going, creating, and having so much fun with the idea's going through my head at last...haha...Part two is downloading, and I think you will love some of the fastener idea's and my matching clothes pegs ....bows made from the center of my 2 way tape role....oh yes, it gets you in Part 2.... But, please enjoy the prep work in this, Part 1!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Mini Michael's Haul, PLUS, Look what your corner punches can do!

Thanks for joining me in my Craft Room today! I am going to share a Mini Haul from Michael's...smiles...I had to pick up some Chrystal Effects, and only picked out a few more items I needed for some Mini's I am making...Here are a few idea's for you to try, using your corner punches, and a few border ones as well....Hope you will give these a try with some of your punches....Enjoy!

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Flip Cupcake Shaker Card...Place the Cherry in the Hole

This was a fun card to make...I was thinking of those fun little round games, where you try and put the marble in the hole...smiles...I ended up doing a few changes after the camera shut put the ribbons on, add  a SU shaker cup on the top, instead of the acetate...needed the height...added glitter, and more Stickles. Oh yes, Perfect Pearls too...It turned out even cuter than I expected...I will post some pics....It was such a busy day for me today, I was shocked I had time to even do a card!
I thought I would do a GIVEAWAY...If you would leave me a comment about any of the cards I have posted, I will place your name in a bowl, and Friday, I'll pull a name, and mail you 3 of my cards with matching envelopes!...Nothing much, but, it might be fun to get a few cards in the mail, with no writing on it!!! as always for taking the time to view my Blog......Enjoy!

Friday, 29 November 2013

Trying to get my hidden supplies, OUT IN THE OPEN!!!

I was watching " The Frugal Stamper ", and saw some neat idea's she had for her craft space. I always say, " anything hidden away, seldom gets used "!... This was just a little idea I came up with tonight, to get some of my pencil crayons, markers, pens...etc. OUT IN THE OPEN!...I find that I use my supplies more, if I can see them, and reach them! Don't you agree? ...I have STAMP AND STORAGE UNITS, that house my SU Inks, matching Markers, right beside the Inks, the re-inker's beside those, and it stores my Stickle's, and Liquid Pearls in the same units. I use STAMP and STORAGE UNITS for all my Copics as well. This company is reasonably priced, and wonderful craftsmen ship too! Well, I was looking for a marker I had for outlining some Calligraphy tonight, and had to go through my drawers to find where they were housed. It was very neat, but, hidden from view, so , like I say all the time, " out of sight, out of mind "...I then remembered these SU Marker cases I had stacked on my small table. You know the ones the SU Markers are delivered in?...I had the STAMP and STORAGE for them to go in, and had the plastic cases just sitting there, ready to be turned into something " ORGANIZATIONAL"! ...LOL Needless to say, with a little Washi Tape, and a whole lot of supplies needing a home...THEY FOUND THIS!!!...haha ENJOY....

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Chalk City Glowing Lights Technique

I saw this technique done by " Understanding Blue " on Splitcoast Stamper's today. I thought Lydia did a wonderful job showing this, so, I had to try it too!  I made the houses from this thin foam I bought at our dollar store some time ago. The foam gave the houses the dimension it needed, without having to use foam dots. If you view the finished cards below, you will see I outlined the window's with silver liquid pen. I liked the effect of the silver pen,  because it seemed to make the window's pop. I outlined the inside roof shingles with black marker, to stand out as well. This was a FUN way to use some of the chalk I have hibernating in my desk drawer!...smiles  Drop by SCS to see this technique so creatively used on another card. I think you will have loads of fun creating your own little CITY OF GLOWING LIGHTS!

INSIDE the CHALK CITY WINDOW LIGHTS Technique....Video to follow

CHALK City Window Lights...VIDEO to follow .....

Dryer Sheet SHADOW Technique

This is what came from a total mishap on my other dryer sheet Dazzling Diamond Technique, that went in a total other direction....Plan B I like to call my little enjoy this card, and try it as a texture piece on your next project. The look of this card is truly stunning in real life...smiles...Never get discouraged when a PLAN B moment happens in your create moments!....I love being pushed out of the box, so to speak, and given an opportunity to see if I can turn things around....haha...Enjoy, and I sincerely thank each person that stops by my Craft Room, to spend some  paper crafting time with me. May The Lord BLESS all my American friends, with a wonderful Thanksgiving Day tomorrow ...I LOVE TURKEY ...I may have to celebrate your THANKSGIVING too!!!....Every day, should be in a THANKFUL day, for all The Lord has done for us, I never will cease to LOVE Him....God Bless

Looking into our backyard this morning ...reminded me of God's beauty in action...WINTER'S here.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Actual Heat Embossing DIRECTLY on the dryer new found PLAN B technique....shadow imaging also! VIDEO FOLLOWING

The INSIDE of my other DRYER SHEET NEW TECHNIQUE ...Video on the way....

Dryer Sheet Reversed Stamping Technique

This technique came to me by trial and error...literally!  LOL  The actual technique was for me to stamp an image on white card stock, then add the dryer sheet on top of the image, add Dazzling Diamonds to the dryer sheet, after it was spray glued to the card!!!...Sounds simple enough??? Not if you're me...hahaha...I have to always, on very short notice, had to come up with a Plan B, for when my project doesn't go as planned...haha. Such was the case with this card today! Turns out, I love my PLAN B, much better than PLAN A....I say all this, because PLAN B inspired the next card I'm downloading for you. Isn't it something how we can take a dryer sheet, and creat a beautifully textured card? I love this CREATIVE CRAFTING, don't you? SMILE

The INSIDE of my Dryer Sheet mishap....Video following....

Lovely as a Tree 3 D ...Dryer Sheet Idea's

Saturday, 23 November 2013


This was such an adorable project for Olivia and myself to create today. It was inspired by Two Peas in a Bucket, Beatte....I said it was Darlene, of Darlene Designs....My TIRED saw it last week on TPIAB.....The video speaks for itself....Two tired CRAFTERS in a CRAFT ROOM....That's our new Blog name!!! Hahaha...These 1 1/2 inch square blocks were sitting in my dresser drawer for some time, for another project I wanted to do, but, never got around to doing it....I'm glad though, because my sweet granddaughter Olivia was thrilled to head this up tonight....I'm blessed to have such wonderful grandchildren, and, a few that actually love to craft!!!SMILES

Snow woman BLOCKS and SPARKLES.......Video to follow, and a step by step assembly of this Olivia plus Nana Project....Enjoy!

Vintage Beveled Baby Card COMPLETED!.....Finally

Thanks for viewing this card all the way ending was not in the screen to see the vintage carnation will post a pic....On to another card...Enjoy the weekend!

Olivia's Christmas card, and matching envelope

Thank you for joining us in my Craft Room. As always, when Olivia visits her Nana, we have a CARD FEST...Smiles This is our first card of the evening. Olivia loves to spend time with me, making cards, and having fun! She made this Snowman card, and a matching envelope for you to enjoy!  We are making more cards today, so watch for another "Olivia and Nana" card extravaganza a BLESSED weekend!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Olivia's Christmas Card.....LET IT SNOW...INSIDE CARD, plus following

Olivia's Christmas Card...LET IT, matching envelope

Vellum BEVELED Vintage Baby Card...Part 2 of 3

This video was cut short, because the battery in my camera ran out!.....I will complete this video in a part 3, so you can see the finishing touches....sorry I was unable to complete it in two parts as I had planned. Smile....I want to thank you for bearing with me was however, a delightful card to make. I loved every minute of making it....See you on part 3!

Vellum Vintage Baby Card

Thank you once again for visiting me in my Craft Room. This is a card I am making for my BFF's daughter Hannah, who is expecting her FIRST baby....A LITTLE GIRL!....I love nothing more, than to surround myself with PINK! I decided to make a BEVELED VINTAGE VELLUM CARD. Say that 3 times fast...hahaha I wanted to make this card in one video, but, with so many elements having to be made, I found it impossible to stay within my time limit....smiles....I hope you enjoy the process with me. There was a vellum card on Pinterest that I liked, so started the wheels in my head turning around making this different style card. You will see what I mean in the next had so many ideas, it was hard to keep the card from being covered completely...haha! I usually make my beveled cards out of Acetate. The Vellum though, took to the beveled look wonderfully. I was pleased how the end result turned out. I also made a matching envelope to make it COMPLETE!
Please enjoy!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The COMPLETED Water Coloured Card....Part 2

I am by no means an authority on any type of colouring, whether with Copics, or Water Colours....I just love colouring. Each image I colour, I seem to learn what to do to improve, and of course, what not to .  I find colouring soothing. It brings back the child in us all...I love to watch other  video blogs, where the person colouring, actually knows what works, and what doesn't!...smiles
The more practice we put in, the more confident we get bringing our colouring to a higher level of expertise ...I haven't come close to that yet, haha, but, I keep trying!!!...If we enjoy what we are doing, we are relaxed with the, just RELAX, and ENJOY ....I'm still learning....SMILES

Stamping Bella Vintage Christmas Card....Water Colours

Thank you for joining me in my Craft Room today....I decided to do a Stamping Bella image today, using water colour pencils, Copics, Tim Holtz markers, and inks.  Adding many layers to a card really gives it a Vintage look, which I really like! I decided to do a part 2, because I was unable to complete the colouring process. I know when I watch video's, I like to see the whole process of the construction of a card....I don't care how many parts I have to just want to see the whole process....This was the reason for adding a part 2, so I can show you the water coloured image coloured completely....Smiles..... Please Enjoy!

Stamping Bella Vintage Christmas Card ...INSIDE

Stamping Bella in Watercolour Pencils, Copics, and a bit of Tim Holtz Markers, and Inks!

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Acetate Metallic Gold Card

This card has so many possibilities....Acetate is a great medium to work with. The Metallic Gold Ink was INCREDIBLE also! I could think of many ways to decorate red CARD STOCK also, and gold metallic ink on the acetate cover! Once again, thanks for joining me in my Craft Room, and I hope you give this technique a try.....Have a Blessed weekend!

ACETATE Metallic Gold Card....Video coming up......


I am so pleased to have an Online Store to order these 1/16 hexagon BLACK DIMENSIONAL'S , and, white too, of course....smiles! The Sticky Stuff Store has great prices, and a super package deal on their STICKY products.....Please check it out, and tell Jody, Carol sent you, if you decide to place an order.  I also did a small Michael's haul, and my I am Roses order came in yesterday! You will not be disappointed ordering from Jody...., she is very helpful!.....Please leave me a COMMENT, and let me know what you think. Thanks for dropping by today!

Christmas BUTTON hanging Holly Card

Thank you for joining me in my Craft Room today! This is a quick and easy Christmas card, that you can easily mass produce. Everything about this card is simply PRETTY...pretty cool that is...smiles! It will help you use up your BUTTON stash, and at the same time, give you a cheerful, bright Christmas card that anyone would love to receive.  Have a Blessed day, and we will see you on the next video!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

I see I have a new Blogging friend that joined....WELCOME...I want you to know how much I appreciate you taking the time joining me in my Craft Room!...All my visiting friends as well, that stop by to pay a visit....You are important too!.Smiles....I'm going to start my BLESSING BOX GIVEAWAYS as soon as I reach 100 BLOGGING FRIENDS!...I'm new at this, but, I'm trying to build up my viewers...Please, if you have any idea's for me to do this, just drop me a COMMENT!...You are the reason I had this Blog....With so many talented Blogger's, I'm so thankful for each one that has joined mine!...THANK YOU SINCERELY!

Don't forget to take a lunch break when you're busy creating....SMILES...Crafting Gives me a huge appetite !.....LOL

I brought in my Bird Feeder for Winter, because it is it houses my paper Roses, that I placed in the holes down the's beautiful, and, I get to view these gorgeous paper Roses, which means....I will most likely use them, because they are on my door, in eye view! I bought this Bird Feeder while my Mom was in the hospital for her. She went to Heaven before I could give it to her. I love that it hangs on my Craft Room Door!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The INSIDE of the 3 D Cascading Floral, and Snowflake Glitter Card.....A video of Part 1&2 will be up shortly!

The finished Stampin Up 3 D Cascading Floral, and Snowflake Glitter Card

Stanpin Up Cascade of Flowers, and Snowfflake 3D Glitter Delight

This card has many wonderful elements, from the SU Secret Garden Stamp Set, and matching Dies, to the beautiful new colour CARDSTOCK ...I think you will enjoy making this card. I made a similar  card for my mom before her untimely passing this June. I have seen similar cards done, but, I always add my own touch, to an already gorgeous Christmas Card Creation!...smiles.....It has a Part 2 downloading, to show the finished COMPLETED card. I hope you will give it a go..I know you will LOVE the end result!..Once again, thank you for joining me in my Craft Room today!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

I missed the INSIDE do the FIFTH the little diver peeking up from the card...added Stickles to the stamped cute!

The INSIDE of the FINAL SIXTH card of the day!...

The SIXTH and final card today!...Barb and I had a BLAST doing these cards for her grandkids for Christmas...A FUN CARD DAY!

The FIFTH card we made today...I love the jelly fish dimensional in real life...smiles

The INSIDE of the FORTH card we made today...I loved the oversized clock hands we placed on here!

The FOURTH card we made today....Still having FUN!

The INSIDE of the third card we made today!

The THIRD card we made today!

The INSIDE of the second card we made today!....Smiles

The SECOND card we made today! much fun spending Sister time together!

The INSIDE of the first card we made today!

The first Card Barb and I made today....enjoy!

The matching envelopes for the 6 cards my sister and I made today!.....So much FUN!

SISTER FUN card making day !

This was such a FUN card day for my sister Barb and I ....Barb wanted to make 6 theme cards for her grand children's Christmas gifts this year. ....Each card represents the places she will be taking them for Christmas!....They will open each card, and will see where they are going, just by the cute images on the cards....GREAT IDEA BARB, and a wonderful day together ......SISTER BONDING.....LOVE IT!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Home Made Lace Glitter Paper

Thank  you for dropping by my Craft Room today. If you want to find ways to use us some of your glitter, this is a gorgeous way to do it.  If you're  like me, you have  many containers of glitter, and need some idea's on how to use them. I did a video some time ago showing this technique, and thought I'd use this wonderful technique in a card today. With many bolts of wide lace also, I needed to use both LACE,  and GLITTER in a card project !...smiles....I think you will come up with many ways to use this LACE PAPER as well.  Have yourself a BLESSED weekend!...Enjoy

Friday, 8 November 2013

Part 2 of 2 ...Watercolour Church in the Wildwood Card

I changed some of the stamping to give this card a more vivid appearance. In the end, I think it came out just the way I visioned it.....BEAUTIFUL!......SMILES

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Watercolour Technique .....Church in the Wildwood Card......Part 1 of 2

Thank you for joining me in my Craft Room today! This Whiff of Joy Church Stamp is absolutely beautiful, and it really set the scene of a "Church in the Wildwood". There were many elements to this card, starting with the fussy cutting on 81/2 x 11  Post It Note sheets,  I stamped the image on.  I used SU's "Lovely As A Tree"  Stamp Set, stamping all images first with Versa Mark, then adding to it some clear embossing powder, then,  positioning my Stamp-a-ma Jig over the clear embossed Church image, I  placed the Stayzon black ink directly on top.  Using the fussy cut Church "Post It Note" image, to set it on the stamped image, as I stamped the trees in the background. Water colouring with Tim Holtz Markers, really set the images in place using the Strathmore Water colour paper. I used Tombo Mono Multi CLEAR glue to adhere the snow glitter to the ground spaces. The roof of the Church was cut from a piece of water colour paper,  embossed with Tim Holtz "BRICK" embossing folder,  I glued it to the existing roof,  for a more 3 dimensional brick look. To add to the Christmas winter scene.  Adding the Appliqué , when heated with the heat tool, puffs up to a wonderful realistic snow affect.  Unfortunately, this card had to go into a 2 Part Video, but, the end result for me, was worth going into another part.....SMILES...I loved making this card, and filming it for you today. I hope you will watch the completion of it!......  Enjoy!

INSIDE the Watercolour Church in the Wildwood's.......Video Upcoming.....

Watercolour Church in the Wildwood's......Video upcoming.....

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Matching Envelope for the Vellum Card....a definite REMAKE!....LOL

Using the We Are Memory Keepers Punch Board is amazing.....As I was trying to make this envelope, a few problems arose...smiles.....I shouldn't have used so much glue on the insert, causing it to stick too soon....then, I should have used my Stamp Position Tool to place my inside message on the flap, but didn't, so it was a tad, I will redo this one before mailing it out!!!...Smiles....

Vellum Pink Delight Card

Thank you for joining me in my Craft Room today. I chose to make this Vellum image on pink tissue, and, Black and White backdrop card stock.  Using SU Pretty in Pink card stock, pink specialized tissue,  and Nina K 110 lb. White card stock,  I arranged the pieces to set the Whiff of Joy image apart.  Yellow ribbon, and black brads helped give the front of the card  a pleasing appearance. I used the Martha Stewart Scallop border punch as well.....I placed 2 half back pearls, as well as one medium diamond to round the card off the centre at the bottom of the card.  The pretty matching envelope is currently downloading. Smiles....Enjoy!

The INSIDE Vellum Card....enjoy...Envelope Video as well.....enjoy!

This is the Vellum stamped girl image using Copics........The" HOW I DID IT " Video to follow...smiles

Monday, 4 November 2013

3D Copic Colouring on Vellum

You will love this Copic on Vellum look, using your stylus on the back of your stamped image. Thank you once again for dropping by my Craft Room. This was such fun, getting a raised image from off the Vellum, and , the Copics added a wonderful POP of color!

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Decided to change up the final finishing touches.....

This is a quick finish to one of my favorite images to stamp....SNOWMEN, AND WOMAN...SMILES! Thank you for taking the time to once again, join me in my craft room...enjoy!

I am currently reloading the card BIRDS ON A BRANCH....Be downloaded soon...thanks

I had trouble downloading this card, so, I erased it, and will try rebooting it from my main computer....thanks for letting me know about it...appreciate you wanting to see it!...smiles

Perfect Pearl, and Prisma Pencil Snowman Part 2 of 3

O-K, I am still looking for my 3 snow appliqué tubes, and they are still MIA...LOL...This is such a cute Snowman card, I just had to finish it.....part 3 is only a few minutes long, so, that is a relief!!!...haha...Thanks for sticking with me ....enjoy!

Perfect Pearls, and Prisma Pencil SNOWMAN, and HIS SNOW WOMAN Card ......Part 1 of 3.

Thank you for joining me in my Craft Room today....It was a fun card to do, except it had to be in three parts! I guess my chattering, and trying to color, and assemble, got the best of me...smiles  I'm downloading Part 2 as I'm typing....I love Snowmen, so I got out my new Whiff of Joy Stamp I just received in a CC Design order, and decided to get out my Perfect Pearls, PearlX, and of course, my Prisma Pencils to bring them to life....I've decided on making a few more SNOWMEN CARDS, because they are just TOO CUTE! You will notice also from the photo's, I decided to add a SHIMMER card base in green, and punched the edge with my Martha Stewart twig punch....enjoy!

INSIDE of the SNOWMAN card....The card video is on its way...enjoy!