Friday, 28 February 2014

Faux Stencil Technique will love it!

This also was a fun technique card to do today. It has the versatility to change up stamps, colours, and card stock to create a fun Faux Stencil card. Just using a mask, some inks, sponges, and stamps, you're on your way to a clean, and sophisticated card for any occasion ...Enjoy

Lattice Technique ...Part 2 of 2

This is the finished lattice card, with a window pane look. I enjoyed every minute putting this card together today. I'm downloading a Stencil Technique I'm sure that you will want to make for yourself. It is a wonderful card technique to use mass producing on! Have a BLESSED weekend, and I'll see you on the next video!

Lattice Window Frame Technique

Thanks so much for joining me in my Craft Room today. This is the nicest card when finished. I am downloading the Final Card now, so you will get to see it to the end. Smiles I just found out that my comment section was down, and people could not send comments through. I have notified my designer, and she is in the process of getting it back in order for me. If you ever have any questions about my blog, like you find something that is not working, please contact me through my email address. I would appreciate that very much. The next technique is a Faux Stencil Card. I am going to download that as soon as Part 2 is finished. Have a great weekend, and I will see you on the next video.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Mini Haul, and a Mini Album

Thank you once again for joining me in my craft room. I had the busiest day ever. I had to go see the Sugeon today, and was thrilled to only have to wear a brace, instead of the cast. I'm doing this video without them on, for exercise purposes...smiles. I have them on now,  and doing what I should to heal properly! I stopped at the Thrift Store on my way home, and was glad I did...The winter has been long, and cold, and I've been inside for most of it!'m going to finish the pages tonight, then together, we can do the binding, and cover tomorrow!...Thanks for your prayers...See you then!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Let's draw a little Koi fish.....

I'm doing a Mixed Media Canvas for a friend, and it will have some fun Lake fish everywhere...smiles...I had so much fun on my practice Rock Bass, that I thought we could draw a little Koi fish together. I'm no artist, but I do have FUN drawing little sketches from time to time. I thought it would be fun showing you how much fun I had drawing today. The Canvas I'm doing for my friend will be filled with Lake fish, and all kinds of fun stuff...smiles...I didn't have time to finish this little FISHY for you, but I'll post some of my ongoing Canvas for you to see later on this week. Thanks so much to my faithful subscriber's. I can't express how much I appreciate each one of you. You inspire me to try my best in creating my cards, and projects. Thank you!

Something is FISHY...LOL...I was cleaning out some of my sketches today, when I had the urge to draw. I'm making a Mixed Media Canvas for a friend. She has a newly renovated Craft Room, and I'm wanting to surprise her with a gift. Although this is just a practice piece, I won't be using, I wanted to try sketching a Rock Bass, and color it with my Inktense pencil's. I just love these pencil's so much. I had a half hour before making lunch today, so this is what I came up with!...smiles...I started to draw another FISHY, and will put this with my other fun time sketches....I can't wait to begin this project...I'm calling her Canvas " A TANK FULL OF TRANQUIL "!...I wanted to practice with the Inktense pencils before drawing the FISHY'S for the canvas. I must admit, these pencil's are worth every penny, and more...SMILES

The finished Gelato Card

Good Morning, and welcome to my craft room! I am pleased this downloaded without a hitch...I was going to do a floral theme, but the butterflies won honey comb stencil was my focal point, so the smaller images only seemed fitting. Painting on your stamps, opposed to inking, brings a whole different look to your project. One that I'm really loving to do...The only change I made at the end, was to place the tiny butterfly above the large one, to keep the bottom clean. Have a great weekend. I'm off to create some new card possibilities...SMILES

Friday, 21 February 2014

Gesso, Gelato, and Stencil Technique

I can't help but rejoice over this video actually downloading for me. I have had nothing but difficulty with my last 3 video's. I will try and get those others to download again. Anywho, this is such a nice technique for a background to your cards. It is also a wonderful way to experiment with Gesso, on a small scale, if you are thinking about doing some mixed media, but found the process of doing it on a canvas a bit intimating....smiles. I know this will be fun for the first time user of Gesso. I used Tim Holtz paint daubers to stamp with. You can use any inexpensive paints to do this as well. I love the texture it brings to a watercolor look. It is a change to stamping with ink, and gives you a wonderful background of color. I like the Gelato paints too! You get a mixture of vibrant color on this black card stock. The Gorgeous Grunge Stamp Set by Stampin Up is a great choice to add the feel of water colour, and the look of grunge, all at the same time. I had to distress the edges though, hahaha to bring the grunge look to the card stock. I hope that you will give this technique a try, and see what you can come up with. Take care.

I don't usually post a picture before the video I am placing here, but I am having download problem's, and wanted to show this first. I am praying all is well with this particular video. To create this technique I used gesso, gelato's, stencil of choice, Tim Holtz paint daubers, but you can use regular paint to stamp with, and the fun begins. I used the Gorgeous Grunge SU stamp set with the paints to get the splattered look. I also stamped the small butterflies with the Stayzon Gold ink to match the gold gelato paint stick. See you on the video shortly. SMILES

Thanks for joining me today. This is the card I made where the adhesive sheets didn't meet. I made this sachet , and filled it with these wonderful glitter beads to help in the cover up...haha I am working on the download of this card being made. I hope it is eventful. I have another great technique loading as I type. The picture is on it's way, until the video process is complete. Enjoy

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

This is the third final computer skipped the second video...oh my...

Thanks for your patience as I try and remedy my computer dilemma've been trying to reload these all day, and evening. It's no easy task when you don't understand it didn't give up, and here is a video to prove it!, it's in the wrong order....You can think it's a puzzle card, and try and get the right pieces put together to make this 3 in 1 Challenge RED Card! Now I have the second one downloading...I think...maybe it's our Harley trip, I'm so confused...hahaha...we will see what pops up! Of course it takes 3 hours per download....Will I get any sleep? That is the million dollar question! SMILES and CHUCKLES! Enjoy none the less.....

WELCOME TO MY NEW SUBSCRIBERS....YAY....I noticed 2 new subbies!

My 3 in ONE Red Challenge card COMPLETED!...I am ready to enter it!...I only wish you could see the video's, showing the process. It measures 51/2 x 7, and consists of BEVELLED front, with paper flowers, home made Stick Pin, acetate heart, covering with heart SU dies, and diamond bling! Smiles. The inside, is glittered lace, vellum, and stenciled hearts. Now, the BACK of the card! I mentioned, you can get three looks, by folding it a different way...This beautiful Die, was cut twice, so I could get a 3D look in the center. I used Gold Ink to stamp the sentiment, and used my Gold twine to make this pretty bow. Adding the SU tiny pearls around the die made it look so Victorian...smiles...Finished the bottom of it with paper lace, made it COMPLETE. I'm going to go and enter my 3 in One RED CARD now! Enjoy! Video's will follow...!

Inside of my 3 in ONE CARD...I used so many different techniques on this card. The front is a BEVELLED Acetate technique, with alcohol inking on the hears. This is the Lace Reverse technique using an adhesive sheet, placing a lace piece directly on the adhesive, then covering it entirely with red glitter. You then remove the lace, add white glitter, and your left with this stunning LACE LOOK, entirely glittered. I love this technique! Using vellum, I stamped these images from a SU 1998 Anniversary set called KINDNESS SHARED...Simply one of my favorite sets to date! The red heart is alcohol inked. A Heidi Swapp heart stencil, and outlined in marker of black, and gold, gave me the look I wanted for the inside. Now on to the back of card! Like I said...3 in ONE! Smiles...oh yes, I fussy cut the vellum! Copics, and Inktense pencils are used under the middle heart.

Red Card Challenge...I have 2 video's showing the entire process of my card, that, after 3 attempts of trying to download, WILL NOT do so! I was playing with my camera last night, and removed the card inside, but I placed it back in today so I could tape my video's, and my computer will not except the full download. Every time it gets to the last minute, it pops up ERROR! Very frustrating, to say the least! Smiles. All the time it takes for the download, and it's coming up ERROR. I will try and figure it out, and try again. For now, I'm sending you the pictures. I'm happy with the outcome of my labour. Smiles...this BEVELLED ACETATE 3 in one card was a delight to make. It has 3 ways to stand, for a different look every way you position it. This is the front, and I'll post the inside, and back of card, until my video's download ...(praying they will)! Please enjoy

Monday, 17 February 2014


I'm so excited to enter my first Card Challenge over at Catherine Pooler's site, STAMP NATION. I joined this site a few months back, and I'm really enjoying all the fun, and info you receive.  There are different Card Challenge's all the time, but I've never joined in one, UNTIL NOW...LOL The Challenge is to make a card incorporating the color RED. As I started into making my card, I challenged myself in a few ways. One, was to use as many techniques as I could in one card....second, try and use different papers, such as vellum, acetate, heavy weight card stock, etc. One  of my favorite technique's is the LACE GLITTER TRANSFER TECHNIQUE. I'm doing an Acetate BEVELLED Card that measures 7"x51/2".  You can add all the design you like, protected by the BEVELLED Acetate as the cover. I've used the glitter technique for the look, and to use up some of my glitter collection. Haha. If you want a delicate look to a project, and at the same time, using up some of your GLITTER COLLECTION, this is the technique for you! I have lots of glitter, and bling going on this Challenge Card. It is in 2 parts however, but, I didn't want to hurry, and have to tape itAGAIN, because I missed a step or two, or'm using Alcohol Inks, Inktense Pencils, Paint Daubers, Lace, Flowers, and a huge amount of dazzling BLING! Just having a REDiculous amount of FUN!  Thanks for joining me!

Friday, 14 February 2014

My "How To" Tips for Thrift Store Shopping....General Craft Idea's when Thrifting

Welcome to my Craft Room today. I was inspired to do this tutorial today from a couple of emails I received yesterday, asking me to share my Thrift Store Tactics with them. Well, this avenue is a well trodden path, on both YouTube, and Pinterest. Well, I've been around longer than YouTube, and Pinterest combined...LOL....Plus, I was raised to Thrift Store Shop by my BESTEST FRIEND, MY MOM....whom I dedicate this video to. My sweet Mom went to Heaven not too long ago, and she and I were Thrift Store BEST BUDS, since I was a child. My Mom was a top notch seamstress, raising 4 daughters, that never knew they were poor, because my Mom made LOVE happen via the Thrift Stores. I mean, ever since I can remember, up until her passing in June, we loved to get a bargain! It is with tears I reminisce our shopping excursions. We were Thrift Store Shopping just before her passing, and while having a lunch break, we talked about our passion for TSF...that's short for THRIFT STORE FINDS....LOL...LOL...We planned our shopping days, as we planned our bargain hunting. From the time I picked her up in the morning to go shopping, until the time I dropped her off, we LOVED, LAUGHED, AND LINGERED at every Thrift Store we could find within driving distance. My Mom was, and still is, my partner every time I head out to TSS.  I pray this short, fun video will INSPIRE you to go out TSS, and find that ONE treasure you'd like to see in your craft room. If I can help you in any way to make your shopping day eventful, just drop me a line. I'd be more than happy to encourage you. My email is on the side of my blog. You can find many uncovered treasures, if you plan them out. So, let's go shopping. Call your Mom, BFF, or if you're like me, just jump in your vehicle yourself, and have a SHOPPING SOLILOQUY DAY! That's where you talk to yourself while shopping...LOL...You are your own BEST FRIEND, when nobody will shop with you...SOLITUDE is sometimes a BLESSING in disguise ...May I share one more THRIFT STORE MEMORY I have with my Mom? When I was a Stamping Up Demonstrator some 15 months back, I had a CONTEST I shared on what SU calls "Stamp Connection", dedicated to SU members only. It was a place to share idea's ...Well, for over a year I gave away, what I called MY BLESSING BOX! Every month I had FREE gifts I gave away to a winner I picked. What FOND, AND WONDERFUL MEMORIES of my Mom and I, Thrift Store shopping for my BLESSING BOX GIVEAWAY'S. It's a memory I will cherish. My Mom loved to see me SMILE, as we ventured out to find special BLESSING BOX GIFTS for the CONTEST I held each month. If you see me place SMILE in my notes, it's our little see, my Mom would say, SMILES to me, when she sensed I needed out of nowhere, I'd look at her, and she'd say, "SMILES", and my face would brighten up! Just a little word, can make a MEMORY, that will last a LIFETIME! So, my friends...SMILE, and have FUN, THRIFT STORE SHOPPING...thus, TSS......God Bless

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Gold Leafing in Progress...

Well, I'm still filming, and finally getting around to completing one of the two PEAR cards for my friends in Georgia...smiles...My camera was out of steam for the original taping of the GOLD LEAF process, about 25 or so minutes while experimenting with the different ways to apply GOLD LEAF. It gets a tad frustrating when this happens, because you try the second, or sometimes third taping, to remember what you explained, or didn't explain previously in your taping of the tried here to explain it, best I could. Would I invest in GOLD LEAF again??? A big YES! smiles....the reason is, because of the "wow" factor, and the little something it adds to your project. Whether it is a card, like this one, or a mixed media project, it screams BEAUTIUS all the way! I give it a big thumbs up! smiles...I hope this video inspires you to try it, or if you have it in your stash, pull it out, and get crackin'...!  It's so much fun if you remember this one concept I learned from using it..... Glue your image, then take IMAGE TO THE GOLD LEAF, not the other way around. I found this worked better for me. The GOLD LEAF is far too flimsy for me to take it to the image....Place your image (if it's small) on the GOLD LEAF, and using a soft cloth, rub gently to apply. After this, you can take any type brush to apply added texture. Don't forget the last step, and that's to apply the sealant! See you on the next video. God Bless!

INSIDE the card illustrates the GOLD LEAF on the ONE OF A KIND PEAR, and the edges of the picture frame. I will show you this card up close in the following video. Pictures just doesn't do it justice. I staggered the pears in the frame, with GOLD THREAD weaves round about the back of the pears. I used the GOLD LEAF pen around the tag die, which is popped up on dimensionals. The acetate looking letters pop off the page, if viewing in kept to the plan I had in my brain, from the time I was inspired to do these cards, only diverting a tad! Smile....well, I'm off to do the matching envelopes ...Thanks to everyone taking the time to view my Blog! This is why I have a Blog...SO I may in some small way, INSPIRE you to give of your talents, AND BLESS OTHERS with your creations!

This is one Pear Card FINISHED at last. LOL This is one of those cards that look better in person. I tried to get it at an angle where the acetate behind the large pears would be the focal point, but no matter what angle I placed the card, it wouldn't shine like added the gold twine behind the double pears for added interest. There is an arrow pointed towards the pears, which I kept the same background color, and made it bow for interest. Adding the picture corners last, and loading Glossy Accents made it complete! I'm going to do the envelope on video, just for fun! You will have to try the Gold Leaf paper, because the look on your project is so unique.

Gold Leaf Pair of Pears.......Part 2 of 3

Welcome to my craft room! I'm still working on these 2 will get to the actual Gold Leafing on the next video...It is downloading now. On the following video, it shows you how I figured out the best way (for me) to do this Gold Leafing process. You see, as I was taping the actual process of Gold leafing, my camera ONCE AGAIN, decided it was out of power, and stopped filming at 24 minutes into my taping!!! Smiles... I did however, find out how it works, and we shouldn't get intimated by its almost air type until I get it downloaded for you, so you may see for yourself, how EASY PEASY Gold Leafing  application is....The results are STUNNING...
You will want to add it to your cards, I just know it! I have the cards to a place where I'm going to show you the last details of assembly, as I tape the COMPLETION! I'm making the envelopes, right after supper, and will film it as well. I love making matching envelopes for my cards. The "We Are Memory Keepers Envelope Board", makes the construction of your matching envelope....GOYGUS ....BEAUTIUS, and downright MATCHING!!! you soon!

The CHERRY ANT CANNING JAR, using a sponged sunset technique

I'm back again quickly, while my PEAR GOLD LEAF card is downloading. This is another card I made using the canning jar set. I took flat black pearls, adding smaller pearls for eyes, and had them carrying these cherries from the spilled over canning jar. It was a picnic left over made an ant hill from separate paper for a more dimensional look, with pearl ants coming from the hole, to have a Cherry lunch added a Cherry tree, of course, with little raised cherries, I cut from the small hole punch. I added Glossy Accents to the jar, for a glass effect, and to the cherries. These were the left over cherries I showed in the video, that I kept for future cards....The lid was raised up, and I added silver embossing powder, to give it a realistic feel. I blocked out the sun, using a sticky note, until removing it after, so I could sponge on a pretty sunrise. I used all SU inks for this card, as well as their paper line. The clouds were fussy cut, and popped up with dimensionals. See how versitile this canning jar set is? I have used this set for many cards since purchasing it! Now I'm on to a different card project for you today. See you soon!

Gold Leaf Pair of Pears...a how to video

Welcome this morning to my craft room. Last night I had prepared two cards I need to send out to friends that sent me a Harry and Potter Fruit Basket shortly after my accident. This company is known for fine quality fruits, especially their PEARS! In this wonderful basket were boxed pears, where one is trade marked with GOLD FOIL. This gave me the idea for the "Thank You" cards I'm sending out today. I will give these PAIR of  PEARS, a card replica of the GOLD FOIL, switched over to GOLD LEAF.  In this two part video, I will be using the Gold Leaf, acetate, and other unique techniques, to show my appreciation to my two dear, sweet, GEORGIA BELLS! I think I'll make one to send to Harry and David Farms, to express my appreciation for such an exquisite basket. Please join me, as I GOLD LEAF a PAIR of PEARS! SMILES

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Teeny TINY Mini Book Tutorial

Good Morning! Welcome to my craft room. I had some difficulty with my computer yesterday, accepting my video's in the download. I hope it has resolved itself! Smiles...I would like to place the blog title correction here, that I mentioned in the video. It is the Paper Hoarder left out Paper I think!...I was tired after a view video's I guess....Anywho, this will show how these little books are made...QUICKLY, and SIMPLY....You will find them an added treasure to embellish any project. I want to take the time to thank all my subscriber's. Although I'm a fairly new crafter, I truly love what I do. The fact that you take the time to view my video's, is heart warming! May you have a BLESSED day! Please enjoy!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Here is the INSIDE of the Vintage card COMPLETED. The tutorial on the TEENY MINI BOOK is up next! SMILES

A Video'm downloading the TEENY MINI TUTORIAL now. Sorry for the mixup...3 video's in one day, and the download's got mixed!

Card Complete...

Thanks for joining me once again....I'm on a roll will absolutely love making these mini, mini books. I will show you the finished book on my next video....I'm on to making this card with my GOLD LEAF new buy...I'm gathering up my supplies now, soooo, see you on my next video! I'm looking forward to some great new cards!

Graphic 45 Vintage Card ...Part 2

Good Morning, and thank you for joining me in my Craft room once again. This is the ALMOST completion of the card. I'm off to show the final touches, and the construction of this CUTE TEENY TINI MINI BOOK.....See you then!

Monday, 10 February 2014

A SMALL HAUL from Michael's to share with you today!

Well, this video was a one time download!...yay....Thanks for (flying) back to my second video of the day! LITTLE BITTY HAUL from Michael's from last week!  You'd think I was avoiding finishing my card wouldn't you...hahaha Not really, just easing into it, after being sick. After this, I'm off to show you my 1"x1" Mini Book with Charm...Easy Peasy to make, and we will  do it together...I'm going to finishing this card in the morning, then on to another ......The next card will be one using my new Inktense Watercolor Pencils....See you in the morning ! P.S. Anyone wanting to SWAP with me! Please let me know. You can email me at ,and let me know this way! BLESSINGS

How to choose the proper inks when embossing...

Hi everyone, and thanks for dropping by! I have been flu bound for the past week, thus no video's. I am anxious to finish my 6 Vintage/Shabby Chic cards, just in case 5 friends want to join in a swap. I will give it a week, then if I get no swapper's, I'll have some pretty cards to give away...smiles. This was the third try downloading this one video today! It came up error at the end of each download. I have the second of three downloading as I type. Let's see what is a different video for me today. I was cleaning all my inks, because with use, I neglect to wipe them down thoroughly, and when I go to lift the lid, I have ink on my hands, which travels to my craft project...yadayadayada.....Soooo, I decided to take all my inks, and clean them up....No wonder I don't get my craft projects finished...I'm too busy fun in that, is there? Smiles  Anywho, I saw a video on what inks are best for embossing, and what different inks are specifically used for when crafting, and found it informative. Instead of putting away the last of my inks, I decided to share a little of this info for the NEWBIES, like me to glean from. This will mark my second year, this March 31st, when I bought my first inks to begin my stamping adventure. I didn't know one ink from another, when I went to but my first ink pad. I didn't watch much YouTube back in the day, so I was basically was on my to believe eh?? the watching video part )!!!! I'm still learning so much day to day, how certain things are great to use, and certain things are not as good to use. So, this is for us NEWBIE'S out there, that like to learn a bit about inks. I enjoyed watching the tutorial on this subject, put out by Stacy, at Scrapping Made Simple...So I shortened her version, and here is what I learned from her. Please enjoy. Oh card video is coming! Thank you for taking the time to watch!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

6x6 Vintage/Shabby Chic Card SWAP, for my Canadian/American Friends

This is a card I did awhile back, and didn't know if I shared it or not! So, here it is....I just pulled it out to mail to a friend that is under the weather....ANYWHO, I was wondering if anyone out in card land, would be interested in a SWAP!! A CARD SWAP that you know, I'm a member of Catherine Pooler's AMAZING "STAMP NATION" SITE, for those of you that haven't heard my  BRAGAMONY  tutorial, about this truly wonderful community of like minded crafter's. For a small fee, you get access to hundreds of card video's, guest crafting hosts, all the yumminess of our craft world tutorials, tied in a beautiful bow, and it's called, STAMP NATION. Please take the time to check it out. You will not be disappointed. Truly, it is a nugget of info, for the beginner, as well as the most experienced crafter. I can say earnestly, that this community of gifted crafter's, will take you to a new level of learning, with just a "click of a button", that easy peasy! I'm not very computer savvy, as most well know, lol, and I menouver my way around this site EASILY.
Now, back to my SWAP idea. I was thinking of keeping this to a 5 card swap. So, you would make 6 cards, (one for me) lol, and mail them to me, like most swaps do, I will mail the cards back, by the appropriate day planned. Please leave me your name if interested, and I will email you with the instructions. I have never hosted a SWAP, but I've been in one, and it was AMAZING! I'm trying to work out the details, so, on my next video, hopefully will talk about it then....please leave me a comment if you have any questions. Thank you P.S. Try and go over to Stamp Nation, and visit. I'm so happy I did!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Graphic 45 Vintage Card

Thank you for joining me today. I had a very busy day, starting out very early. I had an appointment first thing with the Surgeon. I had my casts changed AGAIN, and report back in 2 weeks. I was exhausted just from this visit, but, of course, it didn't end there. I met up with my sister, and we went clothes favorite store had a sale on, and I lost control...AGAIN...HAHAHA... It must have been the stress relief I needed... However, I bought some new summer shoes, 2 dresses, 4 sweater sets, 2 scarves, and my sister bought me a beautiful coat that I had my eye on, but couldn't afford! She is so good to me, in many ways...She spoils me in more ways than Oh yes, I bought these silk, bright red HEART,  I just couldn't stinkin' cute!  Well, after we totally spent far too much, we headed to our favorite restaurant for lunch, and a much needed REST! Haha..We shared our great buys, ate, and you guessed it, headed out to our next splurge.....the best second hand place ever...I only go there when I'm in that town, and I was there today. Lol....We did some bargain hunting, and said our goodbyes. We both live an hour away, in opposite directions. She said she was going to hit one more second hand place near her home, and I said I'd be stopping at MICHAEL'S, because it was almost on route for now I was really sore, and tired. You would think I would have gone to the Surgeon, and went home, wouldn't you??? Well, they are predicting this huge blizzard tonight, so I knew I'd be home bound for awhile, sooooo my last stop, before parking my truck, for who knows how long!!!  Great excuse for SHOPPING...A BLIZZARD REPORT...I left my purchases bagged up for a HAUL video...after I finish this card, tomorrow morning...What great sales I ran into today! I went through the till, and turned around to reload on some other things on my LIST...I only bought things sale priced...and one 40% item....SMILES.  THIS WAS A FULL DAY FOR ME. I just got in moments ago, downloaded this video before I left, and now I'm calling it a night!!! Part 2, the FINISHED CARD will be posted in the morning. Thank you for letting me ramble...haha...I've always tried to keep my posts SHORT...not tonight! Thanks for  joining me. God Bless You

Monday, 3 February 2014

Another SMALL Haul....Oh My!

Well, I must say, that Olivia did a great job putting together a late, late night'm always so proud of her. She always makes my craft room a brighter place to craft when she visits! Thanks Olivia! I didn't need that much sleep anyway!, I realize these hauls are quite close together. My Hobby Lobby, and Michael's haul last week, now this! I needed some knitting needles, and crochet hooks, for Olivia and myself to make roses this weekend, so off to the Thrift Store I went. You know I always arrive home with at least a small haul. I ordered my new sewing machine, which I will pick up tomorrow, after my appointment with the Surgeon. My 10 Tim Holtz Inks are in, so I'll get them as well. This will complete my Distress Ink Collection, Paints, and refills. YAY....I'm anxious to get my new Singer 160th Anniversary Sewing Machine. I've wanted this, in memory of my Mom, because it is a new version of her trusty older Singer I grew up with. I sure miss my Mom. She arrived into Heaven in June, but it seems like yesterday.....

Olivia and Nana's Late Night Card

Thanks again for joining us in my craft room. It was late Saturday night, when Olivia, my granddaughter, decided her mojo was in was a last minute card idea, that Olivia had to do before bed. As you know, Olivia hits my craft room, sometimes for create all kinds of projects. She is my crafting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and tear jerky movie watcher granddaughter!!! I love it! She loves to get in my craft room, and just experiment with everything! We were about to call it a night, when the creative juices suddenly hit Olivia...haha...The last thing I wanted to do was pull out stuff for a card, but, what's a Nana to do??? IN, and let her create of course. haha When our grandchildren spend the night with us, they all know how to get to us, and extend their bedtime hour! We laughed as we viewed some of this video, and decided not to put it on my blog.....too tired, too unorganized ( due to the late hour ), and we couldn't get it you will see....SHEER FUN though, as Olivia was under the table looking for things that fell, and Nana was working the camera, because I was ready for bed, and wasn't changing out of my jammies, to do a, my friends, because this was a lovely MEMORY for me, we decided, last minute, WHY NOT, just air us as we are...two people that love to craft, no matter what the hour....FUN ALL THE WAY...we never got to see past the middle of this video, we were laughing at us trying to act so casual, when we both were exhausted from our 4 horse (tear jerking) movies we watched earlier, and cried through each We knit, crocheted, baked, and ended the day with a somewhat card video. From Olivia, and myself....HAVE MERCY, WE WERE VERY TIRED...LOL...LOL...LOL...ENJOY! My Haul video is  next, then a Vintage Card using Graphic 45! I'm off to watch this all the way I hold my HAPPY MEMORIES