Thursday, 27 April 2017

Beginner Step by Step Hidden Card/Acrylic Painting

Thank you as always for joining me here on my Blog. This is a new idea I thought of after viewing this wonderful tutorial. I so enjoyed watching Katie paint an acrylic painting, that I came up with a Card/Canvas Painting for you today. I will be giving this to a Subscriber when I reach 10,000 on my YouTube Channel. I appreciate everyone that takes the time to view, and comment. I hope you enjoy this tutorial my friends. Take care.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Step by Step Tutorial on Painting Acrylic Raindrops

Thank you for joining me today. I am going to do an Acrylic Painting for you. I got the inspiration from a YouTube Channel called, "Painting with Jane". If you remember I did another one of her paintings with the Girl in the Rain. Here is Jane's Tutorial for you to see how it is creates by the original artist.  I wanted to paint it without going back to the video for reference. I only went to view it when I was finished with my painting. I hope you enjoy this, and it inspires you as well. Have a wonderful week my friends.

Monday, 17 April 2017

15 Minutes to Thrift.....No Problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome friends. I had 15 minutes to run it to the Thrift Store that was having a HUGE Sale today. It was over crowded, so 15 minutes was my max time to spend in there shopping. hahaha Hope you enjoy what I purchased, as much I did finding these cute items.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Watercolour Feathering Technique Card plus Envelope

Thanks so much for joining me today.  I was inspired to practice my Watercoloring by a picture on Pinterest. HERE  I wanted to set some time to practice some drawing of birds, and to watercolour using my Prima Confection Sets. I hope you will enjoy the process.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Gansai Tambi New Shimmers on a Black Postcard.

Thank you for joining me today. This was a difficult week for me as far as getting a tutorial up, and the editing accomplished. The first thing was my Camcorder. The viewing window went blank, so after trying to get to the bottom of that, I was told that Sony would be sending me a new Camcorder. I was so thankful. My hubby went to great lengths to buy me a nice Camcorder, and to think it stopped working was heart wrenching for me. Sometimes, a store will not take back a product after it exceeds 2-4 weeks past the purchasing date. Sony stood by their product, and I was grateful. I waited from Friday last week, to Tuesday morning to get it delivered to our home. I had to set it up again, and I am not tech savvy to say the least. hahahaha I proceeded to make this tutorial, but when I went to put it to iMovie, it would only except two of the video's, and the third was missing. I spent the week on the phone with Apple to determine if it was my laptop, or the issue was with my setup on the Camcorder????? Apple determined that it was the new SD card I spent a fortune on, because it stores quite a bit on it. It has a backup one as well. Phew, my brain is so tired of dealing with technical matters. I was so tired, but remembered I had another card in my Sony Camera. I did a quick show of the project so you could at least see how it turned out. hahaha I apologize for losing the final video showing the end painting of the postcard. I hope you find some inspiration from the first two video's I was able to save. Sigh......teehee

Here is a list of the Products I used: Gansai Tambi Watercolors
Gansai Tambi Pearls
110 Michaels Recollection Card Stock
Rubbernecker Stamps
Stampin Up Sheltering Tree Stamps
Black Velvet Brushes

Thank you as always for Subscribing to my Channel on YouTube, and giving me a Thumbs Up. The Thumbs Up is important because it helps place my tutorials in a better viewing position if my numbers are up. hahaha That is what they say....teehee.

I do appreciate YOU, my Blogging friends for being here for me.

Friday, 7 April 2017

DecoFun Ribbon Bow Maker Weaved Gift Basket

Good Morning and welcome to some DecoFun Ribbon Weaved Gift Basket creating. I have the privilege of showing what DecoFun Ribbon Bow Maker can do creating amazing projects. I wanted to make this basket using their English Ribbons, and Laces today. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

A Small Haul Online

Good Morning friends. I placed this quick tutorial up to show you a few supplies I ordered for Brush Lettering, and this 300 Acrylic 2 oz. Paint Holder I bought from Kijiji.  I hope you have a great day today.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Copic Colouring, Distress Oxide Blending, Gift Card Holder, Easel Free Stand with Matching Envelope

Welcome to this ONE HOUR Tutorial full of Copic Colouring Fun, Distress Oxide Blending, Shaker Balloons using Alcohol Inks, Wobble Head, Gift Card Holder, Free Standing Easel and a Graphic 45 Envelope to match. All of this was created for my granddaughter "Olivia" who had her Birthday last week. I hope you will enjoy this L O N G Birthday Card Tutorial. HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVIA!
This is dedicated to you YA. When Olivia was small she couldn't pronounce her name, so she called herself " YA".....haha O-liv-i- YA!!!! Huge smiles here. That was 14 years ago, and I still call her YA!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

What Distress Oxides Can't Pencils with Gamsol Tips

Thank you for joining me in my Craft Room today. I am going to use my Distress Oxide Inks, with X-Press It Card Stock to experiment with different stamping techniques with my Misti. I also love to colour with Prisma Pencils with Gamsol on X-Press It Card Stock. I know I said I was using Neenah Solar White, but it was late when my edit was being worked on. hahahaha Hope you enjoy the tutorial. Have a great week.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Sherri's Haul, and our Craft Day together. How to make "Night Sky" with Distress Inks

Welcome to my Craft Room where my friend Sherri will show you her HAUL when we went out shopping together. After this, Sherri asked me to share some idea's for using watercolour paper, and Distress Inks to make a night sky. We had so much fun, and we want to share our day with you.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Rose Bevelled Acetate Mixed Media Card using Texture Icing Paste

Welcome to my Craft Room as I create 5 Mixed Media Cards for you today, all unique one with the other. I will be showing the 1st of 5 today showing how to create a Bevelled Rose Trellis Card. I will be showing different techniques using many kinds of texture pastes to create these beautiful Roses,  Rose Buds, and Leaves. Thank you for taking the time to view, and comment. I sure do appreciate hearing from you. Have a blessed week, and I will see you on Card #2.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

"Little B" Measuring helps for my Misti

Hello my friends, and welcome to my Craft Room. Well, this is a different video, because I am asking for your advice. I changed up the way I situate my tripod, and camcorder, and would like to know if you like this angle better? I am not prone to change, but I was asked to try it this way, and of course I want to do whatever is more pleasing for you to watch. Thanks for helping me with this. smiles

Monday, 6 March 2017

TOMBO Technique "Sheer Curtains Blowing in the Wind". Matching Envelope Included

Good early Morning my friends, and welcome to my Craft Room. Well, today was the day that I discovered how wonderful the Tombo Markers truly are. Please join me for a technique I have come up with called, "Sheer Curtains Blowing in the Wind". This is the first time I have used Tombo's, and I wasn't disappointed. I included a matching envelope as well. Hope that you enjoy the process.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Peek-a-Boo Envelope on the silly side.....

Welcome back for the Peek-a-Boo Envelope that goes with the Glue Gun Floral image Card. I hope you enjoy this video. I kept it pretty light, and happy......smiles Enjoy!

Beginner Style Jewelry Making, with Earring Tag Holders

This was a fun way to begin my day today. Welcome to my craft room, as I create some fun Jewelry for my daughter-in-law. I also made some earring holders with the We R Memory Keeper's slot punch. Hope you will enjoy these few projects. Have a blessed weekend.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Nail Polish Background Card on Vellum with Hot Glue Florets

Good Evening my friends, and a warm welcome to my Craft Room. Here is another Nail Polish Background Card using Vellum, and Hot Glue Florets. I am including the video where I saw this technique HERE Thank you for joining me. Have a blessed weekend.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

A quick Haul, and a request to show where I create my cards.

A little Haul video for you today, and a tour of where I create for a friend of mine. She asked for a quick little tour of the place I created a card I gave to her. Thank you for spending time with me today.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Michael's Haul Tutorial

Please join me for a trip I made a few weeks ago to Michael's. The sales were amazing, and the best item I bought was the 9" Creative Station by Xyron. Thank you for caring, and viewing my tutorials. I hope to feel better soon my friends. I have many projects ready in the wing, such as the DecoFun Bow Maker Project coming soon.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Nail Polish Art Background Card using Copic Technique / Matching Brush Lettering Envelope

Good Morning my friends. Here is one of the Nail Polish Art Backgrounds we made in the last tutorial. I wanted to create a card with matching envelope for you, as the first in many card technique tutorials this week. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Jewelry Beading Surprise Box

Good Evening my friends. I received this magnificent Beading Supply Surprise box last week, and thought I would share it with you tonight. Thank you to my dear friend that makes the most beautiful jewelry of all time. This is the 3rd box of supplies I received from here in such a short amount of time. haha My friends is helping me learn how to make jewelry to include in my card giving. I made Bible Bookmarks this Christmas, earrings, and keychains for my granddaughters, and DIL. I love this ART of bead creating. I hope that you enjoy the Random Act of Kindness Gift along with me. Enjoy my friends.
Gift Box #1 :
Gift Box #2 :

Nail Polish Art in MINUTES!

Good Afternoon my friends. Here is an easy technique that you can create in literally minutes. Just add water, and nail polish in a casserole dish, and you are on your way to the most beautiful backgrounds you have seen. I hope you will enjoy this tutorial, and give it a try. I will post the projects I created using these backgrounds soon. God Bless

Sunday, 12 February 2017

New Camcorder for YouTube Video's PLUS a few surprises!

Good Morning....haha It is midnight, and I couldn't wait to share this video with you. I thought I would share the NEW Camcorder, and my Camera that I use for my YouTube Video's. I also received a wonderful surprise when I entered my Craft Room Saturday. I am so thankful, and hope that you will rejoice with me. God Bless

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Watercolour Crayon Clean and Simple Card....PLUS Hidden Tape Technique

Good Evening my friends. I hope this finds you doing well. I couldn't wait to get out my watercolour crayons, and create this lovely MFT Scribble Roses Card for you today. I included a technique to hide the double sided tape that we view on the sides of our cards, using washi tape. I hope that you enjoy this tutorial, as much as I enjoyed created it for you. God Bless

Monday, 6 February 2017

Brush Lettering using NEW Jane Davenport Markers. Prisma Pencils, Gamsol and Pigment Inks on Black Card Stock.

Welcome to my Craft Room today.  I decided to use my Prisma Pencil's, Gamsol, and Colour Box Pigment Ink to colour in the images from Saturated Canary, and the Stamp of Approval stamps. I wanted to try out the Jane Davenport Markers to see how they would work with Brush Lettering. They have a rather large bullet tip, but I wanted to see if I could achieve the narrow stroke lines, with the wide down strokes. Stamping with white pigment ink gives you a rich look before applying the Prisma Pencils for a huge dramatic effect on the envelope. I hope you will have fun watching this tutorial. I sure had fun making it for you today.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Stencil Techniques where the Stencil Sets INCLUDE the MASKS!

Good Evening friends, and welcome to a day of STENCIL FUN! I am shopping in my Craft Room again for the year 217, and what fun I am having. I found all these products to create triple stencilling, and so much more. Did you now that Andy Skinner Stencil Sets INCLUDE the MATCHING MASKS, AND ACCESSORIES? I decided to take you from CLEAN AND SIMPLE, to MIXED MEDIA, all in one card. Included a fun ENVELOPE as well. Get out your WASHI TAPE from their comfy homes too!!!! Let the FUN begin!!!!! Praise the Lord for Forgotten Products...Huge Smiles here.
You can find the Accessory Set HERE
You can find the Lady Set with Masks included HERE

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Acrylic Inexpensive Abstract Art Tutorial.....included mistakes for your enjoyment.

Thank you for joining me with this funny, yet fun Acrylic Abstract Art tutorial I created for you. This goes to prove how far I will go to let my inspiration travel to a canvas at any "COST".....hahaha Please enjoy my friends. Here is the beautiful tutorial I was inspired to create from: Jane's Tutorial Step by Step.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Cartoon Watercolour Birthday Card...Jiu Jitsu Inspired

Good Evening my Blogger friends. It is so nice to have 2 video's up for you today. This card was a fun, but quick Birthday card I was asked to make today. I thought I would chat, and create with you at the same time. hahaha I love to Cartoon, and Watercolour, so I took this as a Challenge for me today with the time allotted. lol It is not an instructional video, but I thought I would share the process with you. Thank you for your continual encouragement when I put up my tutorials. I do appreciate you very much. Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow. Please Enjoy!

Go Fish Magnet Game Card..... Reverse Stamping the easy way!

Welcome to my first Card in the year 2017. I took a few weeks off of YouTube, to recovery fully from the Pneumonia epidemic that stayed with me for two long months. I feel much better now, so I wanted to create an aquarium card for you to enjoy. It is a two part card, as the recipient will have a fishing pole attached to play, " Go Fish " and enjoy a colourful card at the same time. Thank you as always for you encouragement, and following my Blog. God Bless

Friday, 6 January 2017

Alcohol Inked Sunset....Birch Trees Stampin' Up Style

Good Morning my friends...haha It is 12:18 a.m. as I am putting this tutorial up for you. I used my Alcohol Inks to create a beautiful Sunset Scene. I also used my Stampin' Up White Ink to create my Birch trees. I think that you will enjoy creating this card after seeing how easy it is to put together. Thank you as always for your support, and kind words of encouragement. Please enjoy. I placed the products I used over on my YouTube Channel if you are interested. Have a Blessed Weekend!

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Stained Glass Technique, Plus....Faux Bevelled Glass Secret

A great BIG wonderful 2017 New Year. I hope that you enjoy this wonderful New Years Card. Huge Smiles I combined a Crackle Technique, Foiled Fun, Lace Galore, Tassels so Pretty, and so much more. God Bless you in 201 7 my friends.