Thursday, 13 February 2014

Gold Leafing in Progress...

Well, I'm still filming, and finally getting around to completing one of the two PEAR cards for my friends in Georgia...smiles...My camera was out of steam for the original taping of the GOLD LEAF process, about 25 or so minutes while experimenting with the different ways to apply GOLD LEAF. It gets a tad frustrating when this happens, because you try the second, or sometimes third taping, to remember what you explained, or didn't explain previously in your taping of the tried here to explain it, best I could. Would I invest in GOLD LEAF again??? A big YES! smiles....the reason is, because of the "wow" factor, and the little something it adds to your project. Whether it is a card, like this one, or a mixed media project, it screams BEAUTIUS all the way! I give it a big thumbs up! smiles...I hope this video inspires you to try it, or if you have it in your stash, pull it out, and get crackin'...!  It's so much fun if you remember this one concept I learned from using it..... Glue your image, then take IMAGE TO THE GOLD LEAF, not the other way around. I found this worked better for me. The GOLD LEAF is far too flimsy for me to take it to the image....Place your image (if it's small) on the GOLD LEAF, and using a soft cloth, rub gently to apply. After this, you can take any type brush to apply added texture. Don't forget the last step, and that's to apply the sealant! See you on the next video. God Bless!

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