Friday, 28 November 2014

A Mailing Tip, and a "CLEAN and SIMPLE" Card!

Thanks so much for joining me today. I have been very busy wrapping gifts, finishing a few projects, and trying to keep a sinus migraine at bay! Smiles Our daughter-in-law had us over for a wonderful dinner, so I didn't have to cook tonight....yay! It was an amazing meal, and I'm  "fed up", and a tad bit tired, to say the least....This is a crazy video I, I had to relay a message to the recipient of this GIFT, not to tear the brown paper, in hopes the "PRETTY WRAP", stays in tact underneath! Lol...I did up 12 "Clean and Simple" Cards as well! I'm amazed that I could do that! Hahaha I needed to place some cards in a GIFT BOX, just so they had some "EVERY OCCASION" Cards to go along with their present. It's amazing how you can turn out so many cards, in a short period of time, if you are stressed for time to get it mailed! I get so much INSPIRATION of "CLEAN and SIMPLE" cards, on STAMP NATION, where the DT showcase such beautiful cards! Thank you to my new subscriber.  Have a BLESSED weekend everyone!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Altered Lampshade Part 2 of 3...

Thank you for joining me today, as I am heading to the FINISH LINE of this Lampshade project! For you, my American friends, I pray you had a MEMORABLE DAY, with FAMILY, and FRIENDS! I love a Turkey meal with all the trimmings...mmmm, and let's not forget the Cranberries shaped like a can!!!...YUMMY! CHRISTmas is not far off, so I can wait for my GOBBLE GOBBLE then!

I am so excited to see I have another Subscriber....yay, I'm so pleased about you joining us! Welcome!
My tutorial this evening was mainly to show you, I'm working on it. I started filming, and half way through, I knocked the camera on the floor! I began's new, right?...haha. You will not believe the different direction I went after the camera shut off! I went in my Craft Closet,  to get out my trunk of  HOARDED TRIMS, LACES, FLOWERED LACES, and so much MORE!  I started holding things up to my lampshade, and that was it! I headed off into a total different direction! Oh, it's still Shabby Chic, and remains having a VICTORIAN flair to it......just headed down a different Creative Path....Oh, I am so pleased I changed direction too! See you tomorrow, for my COMPLETED GIFT, and labour of love for a friend! I hope you'll like it!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

One of the first cards I made, reminding me to REJOICE!

Happy Thankgiving to all my American friends. May we REJOICE together, whether in Canada, or the USA, we have so much to be THANKFUL for! As we bow in PRAYER, and give THANKS for the bountiful BLESSINGS God has given us, let US remember to pray for our Soldier's, their families, that gather TOGETHER, with an empty chair beside them, because their loved ones are off protecting us this very day! REJOICE in the Lord alway, and again I say, REJOICE!

Altered Lampshade Part 1 of 3 ....WRAPPING IT UP!

Thank you for joining me today, as we COMPLETE this CHRISTmas gift together! I'm sharing each stage in 10 minute sections, so you can see the COMPLETION in little bitty stages....I may not be able to edit, but I do know when to shut my camera off! you on Part 2 next!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Preparation to ALTER this pretty LAMPSHADE

Thanks for joining me, as I prepare to Alter this Lampshade tomorrow! I've picked out my supplies, fabric, embellishments, and a few surprises! I can't wait to COMPLETE this project TOMORROW...smiles This will be fun to make, and I'm looking forward to the ALTERING PROCESS to begin! See you tomorrow, Lord Willing, and me able! BLESSINGS

Monday, 24 November 2014

COMPLETED Altered Sewing Heart Box

Thank you for dropping by my Craft Room to see the Sewing /Altered Box COMPLETED! Please ENJOY!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Altered Heart Box

Thanks for joining me in my Craft Room for my three piece altering CHRISTmas gift. Although this heart box lid I'm putting together is like watching paint dry, I had fun making it! Enjoy my friend....if you can stay awake! Lol

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Small Haul, and the start of some Altered Boxes, and matching Lampshades

Thank you for joining me in my Craft Room today! Here are a few Orders that arrived yesterday, and the start of some CHRISTmas Gifts. I decided to do some Altered Boxes, and a Lamp shade to match! Enjoy!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

One Layer CHRISTmas Cards with Perfect Pearls

Thank you for joining me in my Craft Room. These are Perfect Pearls One Layer CHRISTmas Cards. I think there is nothing as pretty, than a Perfect Pearls multi coloured card on Black CARDSTOCK! I had to take out all the colour's, and make a few ONE LAYER cards for CHRISTmas! I seldom make one layer cards for some reason! I absolutely love them, but I lean towards layers. The more paper on CARDSTOCK, the happier I!

#600 Video's in two years! That's not counting all the RETAKES...LOL Perfect PearlsTags

Thank you once again for joining me in my Craft Room. I was looking at my Video Count that posts each time I go to my site, and this video is number 600! In two years of taping my crafts, this makes 600 video's! WOW, that is truly amazing to me! 600 video takes, when you add in all the retakes, this could be 5000!!!!!hahaha. Anywho, I'd like to thank everyone that has viewed even One of the 600 video's. This 600th video is using my Perfect Pearls, and making cute little CHRISTmas Tags. You should see how much I was able to get out of one 81/2 x 11 piece of card hope you enjoy #600!!!!!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

How to Recess a card to add an ornament, and lots of metal embellishments....

Thanks for joining me for the video portion of this card. The camera ended a tad too soon, not showing the Medal Art I used around the card. I added Gold thread, RIC RAK to make that tiny bow by the silver enamel dots on top of the inside card.  I used tiny pearls all around as well! If you have any questions about something you didn't see, please comment, and I'll answer them for you! Enjoy!

3D Medal Glitter Star Banner piece I turned into a cut out CHRISTmas Card. The video will be uploaded soon. Here are a few angles of this pretty card, so you can see the depth of this gorgeous star!

The inside, outside, and backside of my Birthday Card

How I store, and organize my spray colours for easy access!

Thanks for joining me today! Here is a video which I share some tips on how I store my sprays, and how to keep a filing system that shows the colour, name, and number to find them! A brief look at the books I chose to start building my Art Journal! Plus, a little find at my Thrift Store for a dollar! Smiles Enjoy!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Part 2 of 2... Masking without having to FUSSY CUT! Yay

Thank you for sticking with me took 4 hours for this video to upload! Phew! I found my teal balloon on top of the ink, which I put added Wink of Stella to the green balloon, and to just the alphebet letters on each of the balloons on each side. The Palm leaves received a light dose of WOS to add a hint of sparkle. I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it...ANOTHER SUBSCRIBER?...YAY, THANKS SO MUCH FOR JOINING. I AM SO ANXIOUS TO SEE IF I CAN REACH 100!!! I will have a huge GIVEAWAY when that day happens...It may be soon...wahoo! Tomorrow I will create a great envelope, and show the cute inside of this Birthday Card! Thanks to each SUBSCRIBER!

This is the FINISHED card, with a few inside the card surprises! I will display it on Part 2

Masking Technique, without fussy cutting!

Thank you for joining me today! This is a 2 part video. I really tried my best to make it one, but I wanted to add a few more cute techniques before I called it a card! Yay, I have another subscriber! I'm so excited about that! Thank you so much everyone! I am not going to say much about this tutorial, because I think you'll really enjoy Part 2, and the fun elements I added to make this FUN, COLOURFUL BIRTHDAY CARD! Enjoy!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Inexpensive Powder Idea's for Embossing

Thanks for dropping by my Craft Room! I thought I would share a few ways to save on Embossing Powders. I love my embossing powders I have purchased, but the one using just dollar store Baby Powder was terrific! I will reach for the Baby Powder, now that I've tested it along side my store bought powder! Both products really work well, and smell wonderful while your creating a project! I hope you find these idea's useful! Thanks

Nail Art for Nails, and your SHAKER CARDS!

Thank you for joining me in my Craft Room. Yay, a new Subscriber! I will have a WONDERFUL GIVEAWAY when I reach 100! Today's tutorial was done for my friend CAROLYN S. She asked me to share what COLOR, and BRAND of nail polish I use on my! I didn't want to forget to mention it when doing a tutorial, so CAROLYN.....this video is dedicated to you my friend! Enjoy! P.S. For those that love to experiment with nail glitter, on your nails, or in your Shaker Cards, I hope this video brings a SMILE to you too!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Mixed Media Fun on Water Color Paper...Using Homemade Texture Paste

Thanks for joining me in my craft room! Thank you to my new subscriber...YAY, how exciting? I decided to take out my home made texture paste, to show how wonderful the texture is! It dries quickly, and remains white! I tested my Tim Holtz Distress Sprays for the first time, and I rate it a big thumbs up! Love the brilliant color! Thanks to all my subscriber's! I appreciate you viewing my video's. Have a blessed evening! See you on the next video! Smile

Thank you

Thank you is my video for today! To my friends, both deaf, and hearing....THANK YOU for your support, and kind comments. To CATHERINE Pooler on her Site STAMP NATION, a hearty thank you, for your kind welcome, and friendship! See you on my next video friends!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

WOBBLE CARD COMPLETED...My shortest video to date!

Here is my WOBBLE CARD COMPLETED! The shortest video to date!! I hope you like it!

WOBBLE Snowman Card

Thank you for joining me in my Craft Room today. Here is the card I recreated from a a stamp I saw on another Blog, but did not own. I used the adorable "WOBBLE" to make my presents do just that, WOBBLE"! Smile....I made a short, and I mean "SHORT" video to show you the COMPLETED WOBBLE CARD! It will be uploaded shortly. Enjoy!

How to take a stamp you like, but don't own, and recreate it with the stands you do have! My video, which is uploading, will show you how easy this is to do! Here is the recreated WOBBLE card, that I made today! The presents WOBBLE in the Snowman's arms! Turn a plain card, into something WOBBLEous!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Emboss Resist CHRISTmas Card using my Peerless Watercolour Set, Gold MM Paste, and Gold Stickle's ....

Emboss Resist with Peerless Watercolors

Thank you for joining me in my craft room this evening. I wanted to do an Emboss Resist using my Peerless Watercolor's. I didn't have enough time at the end, so I will post the finished Christmas Card next for you to see what was added to make this stand out beautifully on the two different Stampin Up Card Stock choices. I used Stickles, and some gold mixed media paste for on the tree. Thank you once again for dropping by. God Bless

My granddaughter Olivia made this card in awareness of those battling with CANCER....HEY, it's going to be O-K

Friday, 7 November 2014

Shaker Cards using Penny Black Fawn Die

Thank you for joining me tonight in my Craft Room. I had so much fun making these two Shaker Cards this afternoon. I had a request to make the card, then do another one showing how it was created. It took me the same amount of time putting it together though. I had so much of it prepared ahead of time, and still I went the full time. LOL I couldn't edit, or you would miss some of the process of putting together all the pieces parts. hahaha I hope you enjoyed it anyway. I am working on some speedy video's in the future. If you have any questions, just leave me a comment. Have a great weekend. God Bless

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Heartfelt Creations Order arrived, and a quick 20 minute shop at Michael's

Thanks for dropping by my Craft Room this evening. I'm getting my CHRISTmas Cards prepared, and ready to video tape. I am going to try and EDIT each one, keeping the video between 5-10 minutes each. The techniques I have chosen are quick, clean, and easy cards. I think you will enjoy each technique, along with stamp sets you can substitute for similar sets you may have in your stash! Smiles.....See you tomorrow my friends! Enjoy today's HAUL!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

COMPLETED COPIC CARD matching envelope. Part 3 of 3

Thank you for joining me in my Craft Room! I am thrilled to finally finish this card, and envelope for you this evening! I am so please that it fit in the envelope as well! really have to take the time I need to edit my video's, so they are not full screen movies! Hahaha....I should supply popcorn to all my subscriber's...smiles. I have gained 2 new subscriber's in the last week or so! I'm soooo happy about that. Welcome to my Blog! I just downloaded a book to read on " How to make your Blog interesting", something like has information on building a Blog, and how to basically build a great, and interesting Blog. I started my Blog just over 2 years ago, and did not know a thing about BLOGGING! I just wanted to share some of my interests with other crafting friends, and here I am, still plugging away! Smile I'd love to learn how, or where you go on the Internet to download product names, the stores, etc. under my video's, when I learn how to edit properly! It takes my computer up to 4 hours to basically upload one video! Process video's are all I know how to do! I just turn the camera on, and craft! For me personally, I love watching process video's. On the other hand, I love " get to the point" video's, like Kristina Werner's Blog!...Who wouldn't like to know all the internet knowledge to build such an audience, and do it with class? I'm in awe of so many wonderful built Blogs I view regularly. Like yours Marie...yes, you have built a wonderful Blog! Well, I'm blessed to be this far with the TECHY knowledge my brain started out wanting to welcome my new subscriber's, then I apologize for my lengthy video' figure! Welcome all my Blog friends that have stuck with me in this Crafting Journey! God Bless

COPIC CHRISTmas Card, plus Envelope....I die cut a hole in the envelope, so when you insert the card, the flowers are outside. Final Video Uploading. Enjoy!

Monday, 3 November 2014

Signing Craft Video

Thanks for joining me again this evening. These video's I posted for my deaf friend, were requested to be placed on my Blog once again! Thank you to the deaf crafting community for your support! I will update a few more signed video's in the near future! God Bless!

Some requested Signing video's I did last year.

Thanks for joining me today! I have my Copic video Part 2 of 3 almost ready for my Blog. Yes, it turned into 3 parts, because of the envelope technique, and a very small HAUL! LOL....I had a fall last night, which tore my knee up, and the stones where I landed scraped my shins up quite a bit. I may be going for x-Rays tomorrow, because the stairs..yes, I said stairs...where I missed the steps, and fell in the stones, on my sons gravel lane way, has my wrists, which I broke last December, quite  swollen! We will play it by ear! Appreciate your prayers! My deaf girlfriend requested these video's I did last year, to be placed on my Blog again, for her. There you are Diane, hope you like them!

Signing a Vintage Card

Thank you for joining me in my Craft Room. I would like to Sign a Vintage Card, for all my Deaf, and Hearing Impaired friends. This is First of Three Video's I will Sign for you, each using a different Card Technique. I look forward to some feed back, to see if I was able to adequatey interprete this card for you to understand. I will be getting a family member to work the camera, so in the future I  can sign in a consistant manner, and make the card as well. God Bless You for your patience. Card 2 is downloading.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Pointsettia Card created by SCRATCH

Thank you so much for dropping by today! Here is a card I made without a die, just my scissors, and red card stock! Pointsettia's are simply lovely images to make on CHRISTmas Cards. Recently I purchased two dies, to speed up the process! I looked back at this card, cut out, shaped with baking styluses, and textured with iTune plastic cards....I think the simple creations, before we had dies, fancy machines, texture plates,  made me appreciate the days gone by! The leaves were cut, and textured with my iTune plastic card. It made me proud to know it's not the fancy machines that make our cards special. Creativity finds the simple things, like scissor's, white glue, and paper, plastic cards, and our imagination, and makes the process fun!....Oh, we've come a long way, AWAY from the simple cutting, folding, and finishing in a jiffy! Yes, my friends, my baking Fondant Stylus Kit worked wonders on the petal's, and leaves! Please enjoy! I'll post a die cut Pointsettia Card, and compare the two! Smiles What do you think? Old School, or New? Luv to know!