Monday, 28 July 2014

The Cased Card turned GIFT BAG

Welcome to my Craft Room. This started out as a Watercolour Card, that was headed for the trash was looking for something, when I saw some GIFT BAGS I purchased from the Dollar Store in my stash! This was perfect, for an otherwise disappointing water colouring piece I decided to make a short second video, because it turned out better than I imagined! See you on part 2!

The next video, I will show you how I turned a water colour card I was not pleased with, into this pretty cute GIFT BAG!

Case a Card

Here is the first of three video's, to show you how a total water colour mistake, can turn from a CARD idea, to an AWESOME GIFT BAG! Thanks for tuning in! See you on the next video!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Changing up my BLOG, with you in mind

I would like to take the time this evening to go over some of the changes that will be happening to my Blog. For the most part, when I started Blogging, and sharing together with you, the new card technique's, my paintings, my Mixed Media Projects, and of course the altered boxes I love to create as well. I watched as my Blog Subscriber's grew from 1, all the way to 69 in the last year, and for this I have been Blessed. I am able to bring my Craft Room into your Craft Room, every time I post a project, and wait for some feed back comments, so I may grow as an artist. Many things have happened over these 2 years. I began with Stampin' Up, and still remain a Demonstrator.  As a Hobby Stamper, I order from many other companies as well. As an Artist that loves to use many other products, I search Blogs, to see who they buy from, who they design for, and what their product lines have to offer me. As a Canadian, I like to buy from Canadian Companies, because of the shipping costs, and having to change the currency over to buy my supplies from the States, for instance. I have been a faithful  follower of some great American Companies to order their supplies, and create with them on my Blog.  For over a year now, I have invited you into my Craft Room, to simply join me on the project I am working on that particular day. In order to build my Subscriber base, I am going to have to change directions, and use some of  the wonderful suggestions I have been given by other Crafter's that have been where I am currently, and now have some of the largest following subscriber's out in You Tube land. Smiles

One of the first changes happened last year when I brought in a wonderful designer, to design my Blog with my personality in mind. From there, I have just been downloading a few projects at a time for you to join in the fun with me, in my Craft Room, as I craft. I have enjoyed this, but my subscriber's have not grown, and I want to find a way that will open the door to new ones interested in what I'm doing as an artist, and if I can show you new techniques, how to paint, how to use Copic's, how to draw, how to grow together as Artist's, this would be an awesome move forward for me.

I was thinking of having a certain technique, on a certain day, so when you follow my Blog, you will know in advance what I am doing for that day as a lesson. Please share with me what your thoughts are, or if you would change anything for the betterment of my Blog experience.

Here is a sample week, and what I would like to do those days. This is not written in stone of course. I just want to be more scheduled with my time, and not use your time unwisely.

Monday....          Carol Case's a Card
Tuesday...          .Carol Tweaks a Technique
Wednesday.....    Carol's Watercolor Wetness
Thursday.....        Carol's Thursday Throw downs
Friday......           Carol's Findings, and Fresh Thoughts

Well, there you have my new idea, that I have been thinking about for some time now. Please let me know what you think. Can I add different idea's, that you are interested in, that I haven't mentioned? I will continue as planned, starting with Monday......
Carol Case's a Card.

Re RAKKING a beautiful TAG

This is a little video, my granddaughter Olivia, and I did just before could create right through the were both tired, but decided to get one more project in before bed time...My friend Rosa sent me a gigantic RAK this RAK was a set of fabulous tags. I wanted to try and re RAK this for her, just to let her know that I'm using each of the wonderful products, and gifts, and so much more, in my projects! Thank you Olivia, for bring JOY to my CRAFT ROOM. Thank you Rosa, for the beautiful kindness, all boxed up, and sent as a RAK PAK to me!

Sea Critters on Acetate

This is a fun way to add alcohol inks to Glossy CS, and placing an Acetate cover page to add the Versamark Sea Critter Stamps on! Lots of fun, and doesn't take lots of time...Bright, and colourful alcohol inks add to the white detailed embossing powdered images. Enjoy!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Organizing my Peerless Watercolors, and another small Haul!

Thank you so much every person that takes the time to view my Blog! I am changing my posts up a little in the future weeks. I want to do a lot more technique video's, and more cards in general. I was thinking about having certain days assigned to certain technique's. I want to be more consistent with instructional video's, and taking the time to use, and post my products for you. I'm going to try this for awhile, posting what I use, and where I purchased them! Please give me some feedback on my idea's. Thank you, and I hope in the weeks to follow, you will enjoy the changes!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

More Copic's, plus a wonderful HAUL

Welcome to my Craft Room today. I have been feeling much better, and I would like to thank everyone that has been praying for me this past month. Today, was a wonderful delivery day for me. I not only received the completion of my Copic Collection, but a wonderful order from My Favorite Things. Thanks for joining me, and I will see you tomorrow with a watercolor technique video, and a different style fold card. See you then.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Oil Pastel's with Olivia

Welcome to my Craft Room. Olivia is joining me today, as we experiment with Oil Pastels. They are not a high quality pastel, but for the money, they are very nice to work with. You get 25 wonderful colors for less than ten dollars. That's a great deal. We used a paper stumps, and some Gamsol, to move the colors around our tree paintings. You will love these pastel's, as you let your imagination soar. Enjoy

Friday, 18 July 2014

Copic's have arrived..Storage System

Thanks so much for joining me today! My Copics have arrived, and I'd love to share with you some idea's I found to organize your Copic's. I picked the last idea I had, and I'm thrilled it worked out so well. I'm off to fill my new organizer with beautiful colour. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Peerless Watercolour Organizer

Hi, and welcome to my Craft Room. I thought I would prepare for my Peerless Watercolour's I ordered. These wonderful, colourful paper palette's are truly amazing! I thought I would use one of the leather binder's I bought for 70 cents, to house mine....There are 61 vibrant colours in this set. If you are looking for a an organized, fun way to store yours, take a look at this inexpensive idea!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Storage can be a Crafter's Dilemma....? Where do we put everything?

I haven't been on my Blog recently, because I've been sick for the last week, and I'm once again getting ready to claim my Craft Room space back, with a total ORGANIZATION REDO! It's been a few months already, and these 60 drawers haven't been put to good use, and filled. I bought this Apothecary to help me downsize the many smaller units I'm using already, that are taking up too much in my overcrowded Craft Space. It's either STOP BUYING, or UTILIZE the already empty storage units I have! I chose plan B....UTILIZE my existing storage units, allowing me to get rid of the smaller organizational pieces that sit on every available space of my room! I want to start somewhere, and what better place to begin, than my Antique Apothecary I just had to My Copics arrive today, and I'm constructing a unit to house 400 Copic's, the refills, and other Copic related things in one spot. I saw many idea's on Pinterest, and one particular unit caught my eye! My hubby told me of a way to construct this unit, with a trip to Home Depot, and using this Antique container I already purchased at a Thrift Store. Well, I'm looking forward to some ORGANIZING going on soon! I wanted to let you know what I've been up'm also waiting patiently to send out my RAK PAK'S, and begin out July RAKKING !

Friday, 4 July 2014

Happy 4th of July...a personal greeting

Welcome to my Craft Room today, and was it hot in here. I had to take a few minutes though, and share the WINNER of the RAK CONTEST. Congratulations, and watch for another giveaway soon. God Bless


Welcome to my Craft Room. I wanted to share the winner of the RAK contest over on Stamp Connection, and say a personal Happy Independence Day to all of my American friends. I have some COPIC HAPPY NEWS to share with you. I am just walking on cloud 9 today. God Bless everyone today!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Galaxy Galore

This is the video showing this wonderful Galaxy Card which inspired me yesterday, from Kristine Werner's Blog. Makes a wonderful Masculine card in a jiffy! Hope you give this a try! I can't wait to do the midnight sky, with a lightning bolt I viewed today! The Craft Room is not getting any cooler temperature the cards I'm wanting to create are HOT! I'm just a few video's shy of 500! Can you believe it? In less than 2 years, I have downloaded almost 500 video's! I know people have giveaway's for SUBBIE'S that reach a certain number! I'm not sure about VIDEO'S????
I can't wait to reach 100 SUBSCRIBER'S though! I have been at 67 for such a long time...If you know how I can reach out for subscriber growth, please leave me a COMMENT explaining how to up my audience ...Don't get me wrong here, I am thankful for every single subscriber! Thank you everyone that has joined, and to all that drop by, just to view! I'm ever so grateful for you too! Enjoy your evening!

Galaxy Galore Card made with Tim Holtz Paint Dauber's! I saw this technique on Kristine Werner's Blog yesterday, and had to give it a whirl...I'm waiting for the video to upload. Part 1&2...You will find the technique the same, but each card is uniquely our own. So much inspiration out there! Thanks for dropping by my Craft Room today!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

I thought it was only right to give credit, where credit is due! This is the wonderful watercolour picture Lindsay did yesterday, and inspired me to try today! Thank you Lindsay!

HAVE A BLESSED DOMINION DAY!....Inspirational Watercolor Card

Welcome to my Craft Room. I had the opportunity this morning, while my craft room wasn't 200 degree' try and watercolour a picture from the Frugal Crafter's post yesterday!....It was a true statement that Lindsay made, when she said, "you won't learn from her video's, unless YOU ACTUALLY TRY IT"! Hahaha.....Well, I was up bright and early, and my room was only 100 degree's, instead of 200... Lol....I am getting duct work run in here shortly, as soon as the roofer's finish our roof Saturday ....It has been so hot, that they cancelled last week, and trying to do it this week! Not soon enough for me! Smiles....I didn't want to practice it, in fear of failure, soooo, I just grabbed my dollar store Crayola paints, and my new Bienfang marker's, and just attacked my watercolour paper with a JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT attitude! I will have the rest of the day to be critical of my work, comparing it to an actual artist!!! If you haven't seen Lindsay's video's, you are missing out on a real treat! You will learn so much, about so many crafty idea's.....Don't let disappointment in your ability to create, stop you from creating! I am somewhat of a perfectionist, but, I've learned to lock those insecurities up when entering my Craft Room. You need a sense of freedom to create anything! I have learned that over time! If you get inspired by another crafter's work....go for it! You'll be glad you did! When viewing this after the fact, I would have taken the harsh line out, between my shore line, and, I left it just the way it was! After all, it's not heading to a gallery any time soon! Hahaha

Paradise ....I was viewing The Frugal Crafter's Blog yesterday, and watched her paint a scene like this...I had to try it with my Crayola Paint Set, and Bienfang Paint Markers. You can see her video over on her Blog! Thanks Lindsay, for the inspiration!