Thursday, 31 October 2013

Decided to change up the final finishing touches.....

This is a quick finish to one of my favorite images to stamp....SNOWMEN, AND WOMAN...SMILES! Thank you for taking the time to once again, join me in my craft room...enjoy!

I am currently reloading the card BIRDS ON A BRANCH....Be downloaded soon...thanks

I had trouble downloading this card, so, I erased it, and will try rebooting it from my main computer....thanks for letting me know about it...appreciate you wanting to see it!...smiles

Perfect Pearl, and Prisma Pencil Snowman Part 2 of 3

O-K, I am still looking for my 3 snow appliqué tubes, and they are still MIA...LOL...This is such a cute Snowman card, I just had to finish it.....part 3 is only a few minutes long, so, that is a relief!!!...haha...Thanks for sticking with me ....enjoy!

Perfect Pearls, and Prisma Pencil SNOWMAN, and HIS SNOW WOMAN Card ......Part 1 of 3.

Thank you for joining me in my Craft Room today....It was a fun card to do, except it had to be in three parts! I guess my chattering, and trying to color, and assemble, got the best of me...smiles  I'm downloading Part 2 as I'm typing....I love Snowmen, so I got out my new Whiff of Joy Stamp I just received in a CC Design order, and decided to get out my Perfect Pearls, PearlX, and of course, my Prisma Pencils to bring them to life....I've decided on making a few more SNOWMEN CARDS, because they are just TOO CUTE! You will notice also from the photo's, I decided to add a SHIMMER card base in green, and punched the edge with my Martha Stewart twig punch....enjoy!

INSIDE of the SNOWMAN card....The card video is on its way...enjoy!


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Christmas Projects are on there way....

I am preparing a "Start to Finish" 5 Card Projects, for us to do together....I am looking for some idea's from "YOU"......please go to the COMMENT SECTION OF THIS POST, and let me know what kind of Cards you'd like to see me make for you...example...Copic Colouring...Chalk Art, Fun Folds, etc....I look forward to your suggestions...See you soon....

Saturday, 26 October 2013

The 100 Baby Shower Invitation Card Day

This is the HALF WAY MARK, making these Shower Cards for my BFF yesterday...100 Shower Cards, and Matching Envelopes....The Front on the Teapot will read, in Calligraphy "A Baby is Brewing". It was a FULL DAY OF PINK, PINK, and more PINK,...SMILES

"ANOTHER"... CC Design Haul

I received this Box Of Goodies yesterday, but, had no time to OPEN it! I was making 100 Shower Cards for my BFF, and completely forgot this box was in the corner of my Craft Room....Out of sight, out of mind enjoy this reveal of "Craft Goodies" with me!!! AND, THANKS FOR DROPPING BY!

Friday, 25 October 2013

A BFF Black and White.... Quick and Easy Card

Welcome to my Craft Room today....My BFF is on her way to my house, so we can make BABY SHOWER CARDS for her daughter. She is expecting a little girl, so we are going PINK CRAZY.....I wanted to have a BFF Card ready for her...This card includes a BOW, using 2 of your smallest oval dies, and a raised tag die....LOVED making this paper....Yay.....

Thursday, 24 October 2013

My 6 Page (Kathy Orta) INSPIRED Paper Lunch Bag Project, is ALMOST COMPLETED....WHAT FUN!

Even though this project WAS NEW to me, and, the Challenge of being INSPIRED by Kathy Orta was FANTASTIC....being under the weather was not going to distract me from the COMPLETION DATE....which is set for..... S O O N...!!! Thank you for coming back, checking in, and the encouragement you have shown, just by clicking onto my Blog each has been a GREAT MINI, and the FINISH LINE is just ahead...LOL

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Paper Bag Mini....Part 5 ....THE COVER

Thank you once again, for joining me in my Craft Room today! This is an exciting part, because, we are soon approaching the completion of this Vintage Paper Bag Mini! The next step, is the embellishing stage, which is the "FUN" of the entire process for me!!! I'm working on the other two bags, so I can make it an actual 6 PAPER BAG MINI, INCLUDING 2 WALLETS, and so much more! I know if you are following along with me, you are experiencing a truly amazing PAPER BAG PROJECT....I want to thank Kathy Orta, for her inspiration, while watching her do this Mini on YouTube ....She is a very talented Paper Artist.....I would like to thank each person, that takes the time to join me on my Blog...THANK YOU so much! Let's get on with the COVERS!...Enjoy.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Wallet Insert for the Paper Bag HAUL

Thank you for joining me in my Craft Room. I still have the flu, but plugging along...smiles. I am really enjoying this Mimi, and, if I ever get it FINISHED, I think it will well worth the effort..I ran to Michael's today, and picked up a few items...I know I'm not feeling well, but, it was fun none the have only the lock to place on this wallet, then on to the Mini...Enjoy!...P.S.  Kathy did this  Mini in 8, we are doing JUST FINE...LOL...SMILES

Friday, 18 October 2013

Paper Bag Mini..... Part 3

This Paper Bag Mini is moving along at snail wanted to add these inserts to the actual Mini, so this is what I'm preparing today. I will have this ready to add the binding...I want to show you what I did to attach them together, so, the next part will include this, as well as the cover. The cover will not take us long to assemble, then we embellish....That is where the fun of this project takes place...I will try and get it to a place where we have time to embellish together. Mini's are beautiful when completed, but, the process is usually a timely process!...Thank you once again for joining me in my Craft Room.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

A Small Christmas Wreath Card

Thank you once again for joining me in my Craft Room!...I had to do some shopping today, and of course, I managed to get some CRAFT SUPPLIES also.....LOL....I wanted to include a White on White Card, so, I managed to get it in the end of my video HAUL...SMILES...Enjoy!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Part 2 of Paper Bag Mimi...PLUS...We Are Memory Keeper's Envelope Maker Surprise

I realize this project will take another part, but, I found this amazing feature for our WAMK Envelope Maker...Yes, it can make FILE FOLDERS...I was watching this tutorial on Kathy Orta's Blog, and, I had to try it....IT IS WONDERFUL...Now, I had a problem trying to figure out the left, and the right tab adjustment on the, the minute I ended the tape, I realized it was at the 3 inch mark, as I showed you! All you need to do is, punch the corner to the left of the 3 inch mark, in the corner, placing it in the "V" slot, punch, then, take out of the left side with your Exacto Knife, flip, and remove the tab will quickly show you in Part 3... Have fun with the File Folder ....remember to score 2 more lines at the half fold, each 1/4 inch apart, then score!...HAVE FUN !

A Paper Bag Mini

Thank you once again for joining me in my Craft Room....I told you I was going to use up my PAPER STASH....LOL...Well, what better way to do this, than making a PAPER BAG MINI !!! I was inspired by another Mini assembled on YouTube ...I made mention of her on this video....I will have to do this in parts, but, I think if it is a nice project...IT'S WORTH IT !...hahaha...See you in Part 2....SMILES

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A fun tag card today!

Thank you so much for joining me in my Craft Room today...I started working on this Thank you Vintage Card, and it pretty well ended up a PLAY DAY,!...LOL....Organizing some Distress Inks, and going through some PAPER PACKS, along with this card, made it a relaxed 1/2 hour...smiles....It was just a fun CRAFT DAY, and, I ended up using up most of the video on showing you some changes in my Craft space, and some supplies I'm using for the first time....Have a great evening, and I will see you on the next card!...Enjoy

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Thank you for joining me, as I competed Olivia's First Mixed Media Canvas from her NAN

This was a wonderful experience for me, creating this Mixed Media Canvas for my granddaughter, Olivia. It gave me joy, with every detail I picked out, and placed with love, on this Canvas for her....She is my little Card Partner, in some of our video's in the past...As soon as she steps in our house, she can be heard saying, Loud and Clear, " Hey Nana, what card are we making tonight?" This video is a shared "Memory", between "a NAN", and her dear, sweet Granddaughter ..."OLIVIA". THESE HANDS POURED OUT NOTHING BUT LOVE, TO SHOW LOTS OF LOVE, THROUGHOUT YOUR CANVAS! As you hang this up in your room, please know, the NAN that made this for you, PRAYS for you every day!....This is for my "Olivia".......LOVE, THE NAN. XOXO

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mixed Media Olivia Canvas. PART 2 of 3

Thank you so much for joining me in my Craft Room today!  Well, I tried to get as much of the Canvas embellishments completed ahead of time, so I could move on to the Lindy's Sprays, to call this gift  FINISHED ......I'm sorry to say, it was not working out as I'd planned! I was however, able to show you a few techniques,  that helped me get some wonderful raised images, and some added textures I wanted. I will have it ready for the final touches, and sprays tomorrow....It didn't  matter how fast, or slow I worked really want it to be something my granddaughter Olivia, is proud to hang in her room, and cherish for years to come! I also would like you to enjoy the process with me, as we complete this together....Enjoy PART 2....of 3!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Mixed Media....A Gift For Olivia....PART 1 of 3

Please enjoy this Mixed Media, Start to Finish Canvas! I wanted to make something Olivia would like to hang in her pretty room. This is the beginning stage, of laying out the PRETTY papers, and preparing a few little paper techniques, to add some VINTAGE to a Canvas.....Part 2 will be the texture, and embellishment stage of this " Oh So Pretty " gift, I want Olivia to hang up in her room....Thank you so much for spending some time in my Craft Room with me today!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Mixed Media preparation with the Vagabond

I was working away in my Craft Room this evening, when an hour of the way through preparing my embellishments, I decided to turn on my camera!!! I am getting my 12x12 Canvas ready for a Start to Finish Video tomorrow....I actually finished up my prep work after the Camera was turned off...Smiles...I mean, how many times can a person watch that ELECTRIC Die Cutting Machine go in and out...LOL???...I always appreciate my Subscribers on my Blog...Tomorrow will be a fun filled Canvas day for me! Please follow along, and see what I'm going to do with all these cut out Dies of Medium weight Chipboard Embellishments. I can't wait to begin....

Let's take a look at our PEN collection....and RATE their quality, and performance...I DID!

I was cleaning up some of my markers, pens, and more pens today, because Saturday is a clean up the Craft Room Day for me! I have all these pens I bought for different reasons. One for stitching around my cards, one for adding glitter, one for placing gold around an image....and the list goes on, and on....When I finished sorting them, I decided to show you the ones I have, and rate the quality, and performance of each. Now, after seeing some of these pens, you will have an idea of how they RATE in my stash, before going out and purchasing your own! Smile.... Some I haven't opened yet, but, I was glad I did it today. I found some wonderful pens, that have some other capabilities, other than "drawing lines"!

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Vellum Copic Blending Technique

This is the second VELLUM card today....smiles...I saw this technique, and had to put my spin on it!!! This is one of those QUICK CARDS to put together, when you need an ASAP card. It truly takes just minutes....I used 2 coloured Copic Markers, a piece of SU vellum, and the Copic Blender Marker, to create this AWESOME card! I took a few flower stamps, and stamping them on the vellum, using SU Pigment White Ink, then applying clear embossing powder, to move the colours around, you end up with this "WOW FACTOR" is truly EYE POPPING!!!...ENJOY,

3D RAISED Vellum Watercolour Technique

I hope you are having a great weekend. This is a vellum watercolour technique I came up with while testing out some idea's I've been thinking on recently....You will love the 3D look of the trees, using this technique on the vellum! I'm going to try this on some butterfly stamps, as I use up all this wonderful vellum....Thank you once again for joining me in my Craft Room!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Vellum 5 Petal Roses

Today is a SPECIAL day for me...As you can see, my new Blog has been created!!! I would like to thank Karen Valentine Designs for her EXQUISITE talent, and WONDERFUL HEADER.....I would also like to thank my good friend Jackie, for her support, and help with my previous Blog...Without her, I would not have had things arranged as they were....THANK YOU LADIES....Please leave me a message, and let me know what you think....This Blogging is all new to me, so, I am going to, with Jackie's help...( smiles ). get the rest of my Blog set up to be more Organized......Blessings, Carol

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bow It All Tutorial ...a little how to....and, you guessed it....another Haul!!

I bought this Bow it All, and it took awhile to grasp the technique, of making these adorable bows. I had a few requests to make a quick tutorial on how to make the bows, showing the C Lock method...Well, here it is, as promised....smiles...Once again, I was out shopping today....( groceries included)... Not my favourite thing to do...but, my hubby and I like to eat!!...LOL I bought a few cute craft items, and enjoyed every minute of it!!...smiles...Beautiful day here today.....I'm working on some cards now, so, I'll be downloading some Colour Technique cards, using Prisma Pencils, SU Water Colour Pencils, with Gamsol too, and some SU Water Colour Crayon tips as well....the Roses made of Vellum will be downloaded soon....thanks for joining me...Enjoy!...I'm playing with my Perfect Pearls, and forgot how beautiful they were to use....That is upcoming as well...smiles....Have a BLESSED week!