Thursday, 29 May 2014


Thanks for joining me for this RAK PAK adventure....smiles...I've been very busy with my Birthday ....and getting my RAK PAK'S ready for mailing...smiles. Please enjoy the fun, some beautiful Birthday Cards, and awesome Random Acts of Kindness sent to me....I'm truly Blessed!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Part 2 of my Blendabilities Review!

Welcome to my craft room today. Here is Part 2 of 3 video's, I'm uploading using my new markers....I know I'm just a novice, but I do love colouring, and hope you can be encouraged with these few tips I have, colouring with Alcohol Markers. Enjoy!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Examining my Blendabilities...Correction...please don't use STAZON with Alcohol Markers...thanks!

Welcome to my craft room today. I have been so busy this week, I haven't had time to take my Blendabilities out of the package! This is a short video, ( because my battery on my camera died ), examining these Alcohol based markers, put out by Stampin Up. I will do a Part 2, to show you some technique's, and Blending possibilities as well.  Enjoy! I added a comment above concerning the STAZON INK with Alcohol's a NO,NO, smiles!

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Part 2 of 2 Water-colour, and Dryer sheet Card

Thank you for being a part of my card journey over the past few years. I want to begin thanking you, my subscribers, and wonderful visitors. Here is the finished BFF Card for you to see.  Take care!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Floating Balloons on a sky of puffy clouds, bring this card alive! A row of candles along the edge of balloons for interest. On the bottom, using acetate ...a great game of Balloon Tic Tac Toe!

Birthday Card where you remove the tags to reveal Birthday Surprises!

Inside of the other card, using larger dryer sheet flowers, and an accordion flower with "hello" on it. Lace and Hearts add a pretty touch!

Water Colour Paper background, using dryer sheets for flowers, inside and out! Gold Butterfly, with gold tread wound behind it, adds interest with the gold leaf!

Water Colour Background Pieces

Welcome to my Craft Room. I was wanting to make a Birthday Card for my BFF, and I wanted to do some Water Colouring too! I started with a background piece for vivid look, then added a matching piece to stamp an image on. I'm finishing these cards today, and will post the process! Smiles....

RAK PAK Questions, and Answers

Welcome to my Craft Room today! I wanted to share my story about the RAK PAK, so you can better understand the video's I'm posting about it!...smiles a few months ago I was sent a beautiful RAK (Random Act of Kindness), by a friend that viewed my video's. I was so taken by this, that a little while after, this idea sprung up. Why don't I send RAK'S to anyone wanting to join, and I will send this person 4 envelopes, along with a small RAK of supplies to use on a project of your own. I sent out my vision, and asked if anyone wanted to have a RAK friend, sending out 4 home made cards, a small RAK inside the envelope, and encourage another "new friend" for a month! Also, you will keep your identity secret, until you decide to no longer receive a RAK PAK. I was thinking I may get 20 friends interested, instead I'm now heading closer to the 200 friend mark, with friends joined up for May, and now June, and heading into July! How exciting this is to know every week, almost 200 people will be encouraged, with not only a beautiful card, but along with the card, a RAK! Thus, the RAK PAK was born! One friend, sending another friend, a word of encouragement, and a RAK to brighten their day!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Pop Up Card with Balloons, and Tic Tac Toe Game inside!...Part 2of2

Welcome back to my Craft Room. Here is the completion of the Balloon Pop Up Card!....I hope you will try this card when you need a Birthday Card. It really is an enjoyable card to make! ...SMILES

Pop Up Balloon Card, with Tic Tac Toe game inside!

Thank you for joining me in my craft room today. I couldn't sleep last night, so I decided to get up, and make my grandson a Birthday card...I was trying to be quite, as not to wake my hubby. It was around 1:45 a.m.  Although my Rotator Cuff was being very painful, causing me to get little rest, I wanted to make this card. It took 2 parts. Please enjoy a quiet craft time, as we make a Pop Up Birthday Card! Enjoy!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mixed Media Canvas using RAK PAK items

Thank you so much for joining me in my Craft Room. I pray all Mom's are enjoying their SPECIAL DAY! I certainly am BLESSED beyond measure, and spoiled by our 3 wonderful son's! This is my first Mother's Day without my sweet Mom. I miss her so much, but I am thankful for all the past days I spent, showing her how much she meant to me.

I had a few minutes yesterday to start a Canvas, using some of the RAK PAK items I sent to the RAK PAKKER'S recently! I didn't have time to finish it, but I'm going to add a part 2, and show it completed for you. Please enjoy the beginning stage!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Wow, it's been a few weeks, but vacation is over, and it's great to once again be Blogging! Smiles

Welcome to my craft room! Most of you know I went to see my new, but not newest grand son for 2 weeks. I had a wonderful time. I was delighted to see little Jonathan Caleb, and Daddy, and Mommy! I am doing a RAK PAK, which anyone can join. You email me your email address, and I send out a question sheet, to be answered, then returned. The month of May was AWESOME....everyone that joined received their RAK from me, a friend to send a RAK to, and the envelopes to mail the RAK in....loads of fun. I'm now taking on more names for the month of June RAK, and for July as well. If you have any questions about joining, just email me, and I will return your answers ASAP! Please enjoy, and it's great to start Blogging again!!!