Monday, 10 February 2014

How to choose the proper inks when embossing...

Hi everyone, and thanks for dropping by! I have been flu bound for the past week, thus no video's. I am anxious to finish my 6 Vintage/Shabby Chic cards, just in case 5 friends want to join in a swap. I will give it a week, then if I get no swapper's, I'll have some pretty cards to give away...smiles. This was the third try downloading this one video today! It came up error at the end of each download. I have the second of three downloading as I type. Let's see what is a different video for me today. I was cleaning all my inks, because with use, I neglect to wipe them down thoroughly, and when I go to lift the lid, I have ink on my hands, which travels to my craft project...yadayadayada.....Soooo, I decided to take all my inks, and clean them up....No wonder I don't get my craft projects finished...I'm too busy fun in that, is there? Smiles  Anywho, I saw a video on what inks are best for embossing, and what different inks are specifically used for when crafting, and found it informative. Instead of putting away the last of my inks, I decided to share a little of this info for the NEWBIES, like me to glean from. This will mark my second year, this March 31st, when I bought my first inks to begin my stamping adventure. I didn't know one ink from another, when I went to but my first ink pad. I didn't watch much YouTube back in the day, so I was basically was on my to believe eh?? the watching video part )!!!! I'm still learning so much day to day, how certain things are great to use, and certain things are not as good to use. So, this is for us NEWBIE'S out there, that like to learn a bit about inks. I enjoyed watching the tutorial on this subject, put out by Stacy, at Scrapping Made Simple...So I shortened her version, and here is what I learned from her. Please enjoy. Oh card video is coming! Thank you for taking the time to watch!

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