Monday, 21 April 2014

Tyvek paper to stamp on...AMAZING RESULTS!

Thank you for joining me in my busy Craft Room. I have been busy getting my RAK PAK'S ready for mailing out tomorrow. I have 81 wonderful people joining in the fun! Enjoy the video!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

RAK PAK Part 2

Welcome to my Craft Room this evening. I have been very busy, trying to get these RAK PAK Packages ready to mail. I am so excited that we have reached almost 50 RAK PAK members. I had a day of funny events, that I will share...We are getting the finishing touches on our completely renovated home. The new front door went in, as well as the pillars. Well, there is a little foyer that is separated by two doors. I had the job of cleaning everything out, waxing the floor, putting everything back, and finding room for the boxes that I didn't want placed back in the space....You see, all I wanted to do today was craft, and finish my, I finished that, and Cinnamon wanted to go for a walk....ok, nice day, I walked her for 1/2 an hour.  I wanted to escape to my craft room, but the dryer bell went off, so I scurried to fold my laundry. I thought to myself, I better vacuum my room, and bring the very full garbage downstairs, and be done with the vacuum job...Well, my Dyson managed to suck my Apple cord into the roller's, and jammed up my new vacuum...yikes...I got that unravelled, with hardly any damage to it, when I plugged it back into my iPad!...YAY! I thought I better go, and hybernate up there, and be as quiet as a mouse, so nobody would ask me for anything, or ask me to do had a wonderful afternoon coming up with some RAK'S for each Demo that joined. I made dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, and back upstairs to create some more...haha...I just finished cleaning up my Craft Room for the second time! can't wait to start packing the PAK'S, and sending them out to our RAK PAKKER'S! I hope you enjoy this video.  I'm going to do a card for a special friend in the morning using my Copic's. I will video the process...See you soon! Smiles

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

From Egg Shells, to Stained minutes!

Welcome to my Craft Room today! I was having my poached eggs yesterday for breakfast, when I remembered this beautiful technique, using egg shells, glue, wooden images, and your favourite ink colours! Top it all off with Glossy Accents, and the eggs, to stained glass transformation happens! Please enjoy, and don't throw away your egg shells!...LOL

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

RAK PAK Gift Idea's

Welcome to my busy Craft Room today. This is a video showing some RAK (random act of kindness) idea's. If you have joined to become a RAK PAK member for the month of May, or just need some cute little gift idea's for doing a RAK, this will hopefully help. I'm off to get these Packages ready for the mail. I want to welcome you to join if you are interested. You can leave me a comment, or go to the Swap Section on Stamp Connection for more information. Take care!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Match Box Card Holder, with many surprise elements!

Thank you again for joining me in my Craft Room today. I had a very busy morning today, but wanted to do this cute little gift holder for you, as an example gift, if you are a RAK PAK member over in SC, under Swaps. I want to give you some examples of cute little RAK gifts to mail to your surprise RAK PAK secret member of our official club...teehee. I will show you how to make matching DOTS for your projects, from your paper scraps. Amazing, they look like glass...\I saw it over on the Frugal Crafter site yesterday. She is amazingly talented. I also do a cute technique using packaging tape, to make your embellishments shine, and make them sturdy for you to use. Fun, and Fast, my favourite works in crafting. hahaha  I had to do this video TWICE, because of the phone. I really need to use my new Camcorder, with the PAUSE button. I have to ask Lyndsy how she sets it up. I bought this one, because I was viewing her video's, and she would pause, come back, and you never missed a frame....I will get on that, because doing two takes on the same project, can get weary....haha ...Anywho, you're worth it!...Smiles....I hope you glean a little from this video, and I will see you tomorrow, with yet another project idea for the RAK PAK's.....smiles.....I would love for you to join, if you haven't already. I will be closing the site shortly, as it is filling up fast. That is a good thing, right?  I have a great idea....really Carol??? hahaha Yes, as a matter of fact I do!!! I was thinking of making RAK  PAK bottle cap pins, for all the first members, on my new, fun endeavour....What do you think? I will include them in the first packet you will receive from me, along with some little goodies to get you off and running. Please enjoy this for now. I did the best I could, being the second time around. lol

Monday, 7 April 2014

4 Hidden Gifts, Gift Card.... PLUS, make your own stamp in seconds!

Thank you for joining me in my craft room, again today! As I was having my morning cup of tea, I was drawn to the picture on my mug, that resembled a flower from the Secret Garden Set...I've been working on some different Cards for my RAK PAK club members. Smile..If you're interested in joining, pop over to Stamp Connection, and the information is in the Swap Section. I'd love to have you join. If you are not a Stampin Up Demo, and would like to be, send me an email, and you can get a great deal for joining, and a New Catalog is coming out in June, filled with Amazing products. Not to mention a 20% discount on your ordering, plus so many little benefits as well. If you need a Demo to sign with, and you're Canadian, you can sign up with me. If you are American, I will get the right Demo to meet your needs. Just email me at,, and I'll do what I can to assist you. If you just want to place an order without joining, I can do that for you also. Now my friends, please join me as you see what a Tea Mug Picture can do to my creative juices....I even made a stamp, yes a stamp, in SECONDS...You will too, after viewing this!...Meet you at my Craft Table, and let's get crafting!

The back of the Two for One Card!

Inside the Two for one Card!

This Card is a Two for One technique card idea! I was enjoying my morning tea, when I looked at my mug, and this card idea came to mind. You get a Bookmark, paper clips, and fun technique idea's included. I'm downloading the video, and it will be ready soon.

Oh Baby...Shower Treat Idea's

I had so much fun putting these treat Baby Belly cups together for some 50 guests on Saturday. Our son, and daughter-in-law are having a precious baby boy, in about 3 weeks. You will enjoy putting together these easy treat cups, representing mommy's little baby belly! I had boxes of the cup holder's, and this idea popped into my head, to incorporate them into a little Baby Belly. Enjoy!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Emboss Resist Tags

This was just a fun video today! I love making tags, because they are like little Mixed Media pallet's  of fun! You can never tire from making them for some reason! Smile. I have been so busy today, that I just got time to post it for had a wonderful sister's dinner together this evening. We laughed so much, that my sides hurt when returning home. Thank you for dropping by my craft room tonight. I'm very blessed by each subscriber. See you in the next video!