Saturday, 28 September 2013

Finished INSIDE of BFF Card

Finished Outside of BFF Card

Part 2 of my BFF Card

Thanks so much for viewing my Blog...I have been very busy, as you can started filming this card, to complete part 2, and the camera just stopped....This is the reason I posted the finished card, inside and out!....This was a fun card to make...Lots of layers, and lots of fun !!!...SMILE. Please enjoy!

While I am posting my Thrift Store TREASURES this weekend, I want you to see this BRAND NEW STAINLESS TOP, 15 drawer ORGANIZER....YES, BRAND NEW ORGANIZER for just $5.00...this was another great find...SMILES...My Mom would have been so proud ....I sure do miss our Thrift Store ADVENTURES.....!!!

I found this matching Oak End Table at the Thrift Store yesterday....$15.00 NEW...It matches the dresser in my craft room perfectly...ENJOY

I applied the Gold Leaf to the top as well, just a bit on my finger tips, swiped it along the wood grain, and it was instantly TRANSFORMED!

An up close look at the Gold Leaf I applied to make it look a little distressed.....The Gold Leaf was applied to the handles as well.....

Friday morning at 10:00 A.M., this beautiful $30.00 TREASURE was COMPLETED, and filled with my treasures....My BFF and I had a wonderful time , as we shared in the RESTORATION, of this BEAUTIFUL piece of furniture......Wonderful FRIENDSHIP memory!

4 hours later, a completely sanded Cabinet....ready to paint, and ANTIQUE......

Bought this OLD China Cabinet Thursday for $30.00....Completely sanded it down, painted it BLACK, and, Friday morning, I had a refurbished Hutch....

BFF Inside of the Card is finished!....Yay

My BFF Card finally finished.......Part 2 Video on its way.....Smile

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Copic BFF Card. Part 1 of 2

I am making this card for my BFF, that is arriving this evening for a few days visit....please enjoy Part 1 of 2.....

C.C. Design Haul.....Clearance rack......

I was going through different Blogs, and someone mentioned a Company called C.C.Design's, and the wonderful SALE they were having!!!....Well, you know me, I couldn't get on their site fast didn't want anything, unless it was at rock bottom prices.....I was not disappointed.....from 50% to 80% on most clearance items.....I ordered from the 80% off section......and these are the products I received.....AWESOME!!!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Designing a NEW Blog....Victorian Style

This is a very exciting time for me. A New Victorian themed Blog in the works..... SOON...I am joining with the Designer of "The Jule Box" and, many more AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL designed Blogs by, VALENTINE DESIGNS.  If you want to see " The Jule Box ", to view the gorgeous designs,  just look to the right of my blog, and simply press the BOX, marked...THE JULE BOX,...and view Jule's Blog.....You can go on the Internet also, and simply press VALENTINE DESIGNS, and watch the video, and, view the most amazing Designer, ever....I can't wait to see what my new Blog will look like...Smiles....We all know it will include, a step back in time the VICTORIAN AGE.....OF BEAUTIFUL DRESSES, GLOVES, JEWELS, CHARM, AND LOTS OF BEAUTY....It will be AMAZING I'm sure, by the hundreds of Blogs I've viewed, by this wonderful Designer, Karen!
The next step, is to fill my new Blog with, Vintage, Shabby Chic, and, Victorian projects.....I'm filled with plenty of idea's to INSPIRE, as you create along with me. New Blog, means New Idea's, and, LOADS OF INSPIRATION,  BURSTING AT THE SEAMS....Thank you for joining me on my Blog Journey. Each friend that has joined my blog, I want to personally thank you for your faithful viewing, and your sweet comments of encouragement. This means a great deal to me. I will try and give you NEW, and EXCITING, tags, Copics, watercoloring, Gelato art, new stamping techniqes, brayering, journals, lunch bag mini's, Mixed Media, and..... organizational ideas woven in the mix!...SMILES...YOU are the reason I get INSPIRED to CREATE!...I am truly BLESSED! My wonderful friend Jackie, will continue to moderate my Blog...She has helped me maintain my currant Blog...Without her expertise, and continual commitment to keeping structure in my Blog, this next venture would not have been possible...Thank You're a true professional, and great friend!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Thursday, 19 September 2013

PART 2.... The Completed Canvas....MEMORY LANE......

Barb and I proceeded to Gesso the Canvas, and share our idea's for future work together. Barb is a wonderful Artist, and I learned much from sharing, not only our memories of Mom, but, we shared our common interests...and that is to Create Art with Passion, and Pride!....It isn't about PERFECTION...not at's about expressing your God given talents...whether great, or small....they are YOURS TO SHARE......WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY, YOUR WORK SCREAMS " HAPPY"....Let's get out our HAPPY, and show others our talents on canvas!'ll be happy you did, right Barb???...Right Carol...smiles

A Mixed Media Canvas dedicated to our Mom.....MEMORY LANE

This was a bitter sweet canvas....the passing of our sweet Mom, brought my sister Barbara, and I together today, as we worked on a Memory Canvas. It is my sister's first Mixed Media Canvas, although, you wouldn't know it by watching this...smiles....please enjoy, as we take you on a short journey of our Mom's life.....We dedicate this to you MOM, with lots of sweet memories, and, loads of LOVE, which you so freely gave to your 4 daughters!.....God Bless

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Bow It All Review. PLUS: Homemade Texture Paste

I have been using some different brands of Texture Paste for my Mixed Media, and cards etc. The cost for these can be staggering....Sooo, I searched to find the best HOMEMADE texture paste recipe's, that would live up to the market brands...I FOUND THESE 2 recipes, that are AMAZING when applied to both a canvas, and card stock.!! I also received my Bow It All, and decided to do a review! Enjoy!

The Canvas with the Gesso preparation

Doesn't this take a drastic change after being painted full of GESSO? I can't believe the change. I had started to paint it in the teal, pink, and light beige acrylic paints, to see what I thought! I have decided to change over to the golds, the slates, the undertones of browns and teal, to complere this, my first large canvas. If you prefer the light colors, please leave me a comment. Thanks for joining me in this journey.

My Crafting Companion......Cinnamon, our Bull Mastiff Puppy

One of my favorite cards to make

Inside the Plug Card

A recent card that is fun to make!

My "Pride and Joy" Pearl White and Black Softail Deluxe Harley......

This is my past time, when I'm not in the Craft Room, or the I have had many requests to show a pic of my Harley, I keep talking about. Crafting comes in a close second to being on the road on my Harley. Nothing like it.

Stillness ( the before Gesso ) Finished Canvas

Thank you for joining me during the process of this STILLNESS Canvas.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

The " almost " COMPLETED Canvas...STILLNESS...PART 3

Well, I want to thank you for joining me, as I created my "FIRST" large MIXED MEDIA project. I enjoyed the entire process. All I need to do is add Gesso to my completed canvas, and some glimmer mists....

Part 2 of 3.....STILLNESS Canvas in the making!

Thank you so much for joining me in this Mixed Media adventure. I have learned so much. I will have to learn the fast forward, voice over thing, so it doesn't take this long to Please enjoy the process!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Finally, I'm doing my Canvas....Part 2 is going out today!

This was a canvas I wanted to video, and did....several times, but, something always happened for me to have to stop, and start am finishing it today....It took a total turn in direction ....from BEACH, to VINTAGE....I couldn't help myself...haha...I called this Canvas STILLNESS ...I hope you enjoy PART 1 .....I did more of a HAUL in this portion, but, I am showing the process of making it, in PART 2. I hope you enjoy it, as much as I did putting it together....take care, and thanks again for joining me!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Sister Day

I started to take out containers full of Mixed Media GOODIES, when a knock came on my sister came to spend the day!....I have everything out in boxes, containers, and bags, but couldn't get started. We had a wonderful visit, luncheon, and we collected enough fresh eggs, she is set for breakfast tomorrow...SMILES....I hope to get the Gesso on my canvas tonight, then collect what items I need to bring to life, my idea for this Mixed Media Canvas Project!.....Have a great weekend friends...

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Hand Cut poinsettia

It is coming on to CHRISTmas, and I was thinking of some ideas...I remembered this hand cut Poinsettia Flower I made with card stack, no pattern, a stylus, scoreboard, and the gold sparkle paper...I even hung Crystal's off my chandelier in our second upstairs dining room we don't use that room often, so a few missing just cut shapes from my head of what I thought this gorgeous flower should look like...haha...I made 12 of these to send out, and this one for took the lower part off of our Chandelier ....nobody has said a word...tee hee...My husband's homestead, as most of you know is 125 years old...we are 4 th generation to live in this Georgian Style Mansion Of a Farmstead....I mean who has 3 Dining area' character though...the glass door husband holds many memories growing up here, with his 5 younger sisters...our children adore this place, lots of hiding places when they were, I don't quite know what brought all that out...haha...oh yes, the half missing Chandelier Crystals in my them on each side on the top right, and left wire filigree, I misted in silver....I wanted to inspire you to try something like this, no die cuts, just imagination.... I know it's been awhile since my last project...the Wedding of our son, his extraordinarily gorgeous wife, took my breath away...took my energy with'm gathering my CANVAS CREATIVITY for you to enjoy TOMORROW, on husband took me craft shopping to cheer me up, after the last of our son's, the BABY BOY.... Is on their Honeymoon in Prince Edward Island....oh, I'd love to visit my "Anne of Green Gable's"
I read every book, watched all the movies with my sweet grandchildren.....I bought all the girls the AOGG Book Collections....See, if I'm not talking in a video, I'm gabbing your ears off on my blog...very unusual for see my blog of late, they are few words, followed by a video of many words....SO, after our scrappin' shoppin', and a beautiful dinner together, I'm primed, and ready to do a START TO FINISH MIXED MEDIA...grab a blankie, hot chocolate, and some mini sandwiches, and popcorn, and join me in my CRAFTROOM for an hour of laughs, and inspiration, and Stampin Up GREAT FUN!....I'll show you my haul too...I have 4 boxes coming too, by UPS....YAHOO....thanks to my son, my hubby dropped me off at our huge craft supply store in PA, and told me to SHOP TIL I DROP, or, just be at the door in 3's so funny....I did a lot of damage in 3 hours...oh ya!!!....THANKS MATT AND BRITTNEY.......SEE YOU..... LORD WILLING ON MY MIXED MEDIA..... START TO FINISH.....GOOD NIGHT FRIENDS...I must have put you to sleep...zzzzzzzz

Monday, 2 September 2013

BLESSING BOX ready to begin...You have a friend join, place both names in my email just see my Blog and your the BLESSING BOX...Here are some pics of the BLESSING BOX BLESSING LAST WON...Come JOIN in the fun!

Drier Sheet Carnations

Pile them 8 high, cut round with scissors ...then take your heat tool to the edges. Mix a drop of ink refill in water, proceed to dip, and dry.....add a pretty brad to the centre ...just plain pretty for any project...ENJOY!

A Wedding Gift Card Holder...created from a $1.00 sale item...a video was posted on HOW TO...

My Husband, and I parked together at the Gowanda N.Y. Antique Car BBQ

My husband's Navy, Silver, and Black sparkled Custom CVO Screaming Eagle Harley, parked next to my  Soft Tail Deluxe, makes a SWEET COUPLE of "BIKERS BIKES".  We had a wonderful day of FUN, FOOD, and RIDING!  There were over 2000 Harley Bikes, along with other great bikes, at this Annual Biker Antique Car BBQ.....We go every year....LOADS OF FUN!!!...They had a 50's THEME....

Place your SU Orders...Christmas is on the way!!!

I made this ribbon wreath card last year, with a video to show how easy it was to make....Check out the Catty....lots of GREAT IDEA'S!

You never know when, or where, you'll meet a WONDERFUL friend!!....JL, you're AWESOME