Saturday, 28 February 2015

MISTI and Gelli Plate FUN!

Welcome to my Craft Room. Did you think the MISTI was just for perfect alignment? Oh no my friends, anything but that, and even more! Let's get our Misti out, and have some Gelli FUN!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Blessed by Happy Mail

This was a very big HAPPY MAIL BLESSING sent to me, and received by me today. Do you ever wonder at times why we do some things? Why do we take time from our day, to film a card tutorial, upload it, sometimes taking 4 hours to upload, or your camera battery dies half way through your project, and you have to start, and the thought runs through your mind, why am I doing this? Well, there may be discouragement along the way, but there are people you meet through your Journey, that inspire you to carry on! Virginia Delzer is one of these people. She always has a kind comment, a word of encouragement, to make me carry on with my long process video's. She says that I inspire her! I think it's the other way around. Please join me as I open up my HAPPY MAIL, from my dear Subscriber, and friend, Virginia!  Enjoy

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Oh Happy Day!

Gold Leaf, and Watercolouring Part 2 of 2

Thanks for joining me on the final video. This was a nice clean, and simple card to make. I need to stamp the inside, and it's ready to be sent to a friend! I will post the pic for you. I think it was a fun way to use this stamp set! Take care.

Gold Leaf Flakes with Watercolouring Part 1 of 2

Welcome once again to my craft room. Today, I wondered what my new watercolours would look like on this SU flower set. It's an amazing technique, when the entire process was completed. Part 2 gets into the details of what I experimented with. The end result, in my opinion, was amazing! Big Smiles Please watch Part 2 after this, and I think you'll really enjoy doing this card for yourself! See you then!

Friday, 20 February 2015

7x7 Awesome Vintage Card....Inktense, plus Spectrum Noir

Thank you for dropping by my craft room today! I wasn't going to tape me finishing this card, but changed my mind last minute! A woman's prerogative right? Smile. I'm just having some fun, enjoying this awesome, Vintage, not so little card! lol! Hope you like it! Thank you sincerely for viewing my Blog. Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Part 2 of 3 Inktense plus Spectrum Noir Pencil Tutorial

Here is Part 2 of a 3 part series of video's, on how I use the Inktense, plus Spectrum Noir Pencil's. Enjoy!

Inktense, plus Spectrum Noir Pencil tutorial

Welcome to my Craft Room. I have put together a 3 Part Video showing how I use Inktense, plus Spectrum Noir Pencil's on a stamped image. I hope you will enjoy the process.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

HAPPY MAIL, and a Water Color Card.....almost!!....

Welcome to my Craft Room. Here is a Water Color Card I was getting prepared to do, when some HAPPY MAIL arrived! Amazing surprise, that made it impossible to concentrate on the card at hand. I left out the main ingredient, so I  decided to redo the card, and show you how it came together so nicely! (In the other video)! Smiles

The Completed Water Color Card! Part 2of2

This is Part 2 of the top card video! Lol...You will understand after you watch the first video! Smiles

Monday, 16 February 2015

RAK Quick and Easy Card, plus bonus

Welcome to a very quick and easy card, we will make in minutes! Enjoy the process with me! The video explains it all! So, let's begin.....

Monday, 9 February 2015

The Creative Blog Hop

Today, it is my please to be a part of The Creative Blog Hop thanks to my friend Penny Hanuskak at /  I am posting as part of a one time only Blog Hop, that my friend Penny invited me to be a part of today.  I was thrilled to accept her kind invitation. Penny is a fellow Canadian, and a wonderful inspiration to me, and those that follow her on her Blog. Thank you Penny, for the privilege of being a part of this wonderful Blog Hop. Thank you for all you do for fellow Stampers. This is a pleasure indeed.

Let's get to know one another by answering a few questions.

1). WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON NOW? I have a few projects on the go, as always. I am currently working on a Mixed Media project. I have about 30 cards I'm getting ready to send out as Random Acts of  Kindness surprise packs. There is never a dull moment in my Craft Room, that's for sure.

2). HOW DOES YOUR WORK DIFFER FROM OTHERS IN YOUR GENRE? Well, I am a collector of everything craft related. Smile  I love to take things apart, and restore them in a Vintage, Shabby Chic Era kind of way. My style is certainly Vintage, and Shabby Chic. The more paper I can get on a card, the better. I shy away from the Clean and Simple style, only because it is not what I am used to doing. I love the look, but my mind cannot get around all the beautiful white space, not being filled with something Vintage. I love the distressed look on my projects. CAS cards are beautiful, but the more I can grunge up my cards, the better.

3). WHY DO YOU CREATE WHAT YOU DO?  I create to share the gift God has given me to bring a piece of happiness to a person, through a card, a painting, or whatever I am working on at the time. Everyone has a creative side to them, we just need some nurturing to bring it out. I hope to encourage those that want to create, but they don't know where to start.

4). HOW DOES YOUR CREATIVITY WORK? Well, my creative side never seems to shut down. I am constantly looking for ways to fix a second hand find, or create something new on a card. I just love the creative process of bringing life to a piece of paper, or something sitting at a Thrift Store full of dust, just wanting some TLC. I guess, I just love to craft. Once you start this wonderful hobby, there is no turning back. Smiles

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Inktense Pencilled Rose

Painting a Rose is both soothing, and challenging at the same time. I enjoy colouring them with any colour medium, just for the relaxation. It was a delight to use my Inktense Pencil's today. I hope you enjoy the tutorial, and it inspires you to give Inktense Pencil's a try! They are wonderful, because they are saturated with INKY goodness. Unlike crayons, they are filled to the rim with INK, thus the name, which blends well to its performance. You need little application, to achieve BIG TIME results! Enjoy!

Rainbow Clean and Simple Card

Thank you for joining me in my Craft Room. Here is a Clean and Simple card using two Stamp Sets from Stampin Up, and Avery Elle inks. I heat embossed the inked image with clear enbossing powder, as well as the Grid Stamped background stamp. I added a few matching sequins, and Distress Markers to add colour the background, and the card was finished! Easy Peasy! Great for multiple cards when using the MISTI! Enjoy.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

MISTI, and my Blendabilities!

Thanks for joining me in my Craft Room. This video was uploaded by sheer mistake! I wasn't going to put this up on my Blog, because I was struggling getting the stamps to cling on my MISTI! The next thing I knew I received a lovely comment on the MISTI video I had done....I'm thinking, what video???, and behold I uploaded it!, enjoy this video my friends. Brianna, thanks for giving me a heads up! When I say I'm not computer savvy, I mean it! Look, a video I was wanting to stay in the archives! I best go watch It! Haha I thought it was in file 13, as not one of my better tutorials!...Let's go watch it together! BRAHAHAHA

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Embedded Foam Technique using Avery Elle Pigment Inks

Welcome to my Craft Room! Today I was experimenting with a cute die, and a piece of fun foam. I explained how I did this technique, and plan to show you two other designs using this beautiful Die! Thank you for taking the time to watch, and comment! See you on the next technique!!!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Quick, and Simple Twine Organizer, plus a little Haul.

Welcome to my Craft Room today! I am looking forward to my FIRST TIME Blog Hop, that my dear friend Penny asked me to participate in! I will try, and not let her down on Monday, when I post my video! Phew, I'm stressing already! It's the COMPUTER knowledge I lack that scared me, when committing to this wonderful Blog Hop. (Smile). As soon as Penny asked if I would join the Blog Hop, a Stampin Up order was immediately placed! I'm praying I will receive it tomorrow. I have my card idea's ready to create, the minute the big BROWN truck arrives, and I take out all that big BROWN paper, out of that big BROWN box! Lol Please check out the other very talented people in this Blog Hop. You won't be disappointed. I'm praying I'll make my BLOG look BLOGGISHLY "BLOG HOPPY"! Big Smiles!  On another note, my sister Barb was Thrift Store shopping on Saturday, and brought me this package.  She knew I'd enjoy this bag of goodies, and I certainly did! Let's open it together, shall we? To help me take the (COMPUTER PRESSURE) off my mind, I made this little organizer for my twine. It's a QUICK, and SIMPLE project! Enjoy!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

One Layer Trifold Balloon Die Card

Welcome to my Craft Room. I uploaded this video yesterday, and never had a chance to post it until now. I added these pictures, to show you the finished card, after adding a few more elements. See how the Glossy Accents made the Ink dots naturally swirl while drying. I thought it looked very pretty. Adding the Velcro to the corners, assured me the card would remain closed when placing it in the matching envelope....the one I need to create asap! HaHaHa! The final touches were the pretty opal Sequins for added texture. Wait until you see the TWINE ORGANIZER I made from something we all may have around the house! HINT: I found mine in the bathroom CABINET! I can't wait to show you this PRETTY, QUICK, and EASY Craft! Oh yes, did I mention wonderfully AFORDABLE? See it on the next video. I haven't forgotten my CANVAS. I'm waiting to feel better, before finishing it for you. It will be a GIVEAWAY when reaching my 700th video!

A few pictures showing the card from many angles. One shows the small Glossy Accent Balloon, how it swirled after it dried. I added Velcro to the corners, so it would close securely. Sequins seemed to add more texture as well!