Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The COMPLETED Water Coloured Card....Part 2

I am by no means an authority on any type of colouring, whether with Copics, or Water Colours....I just love colouring. Each image I colour, I seem to learn what to do to improve, and of course, what not to do...lol .  I find colouring soothing. It brings back the child in us all...I love to watch other  video blogs, where the person colouring, actually knows what works, and what doesn't!...smiles
The more practice we put in, the more confident we get bringing our colouring to a higher level of expertise ...I haven't come close to that yet, haha, but, I keep trying!!!...If we enjoy what we are doing, we are relaxed with the process....so, just RELAX, and ENJOY ....I'm still learning....SMILES

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