Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Singing Snowmen Part 2.... Plus a quick haul

This is the finished card for today...lol....Can you believe a part 2 for a card...??? I didn't get to finish my haul either...haha...The heavy duty card stock for tags was AWESOME!..I mean the card weight is HEAVY, just like the package says....I'm going to get a lot done with this card stock, that's for sure. I have never seen this Manila paper in heavy weight before, ANYWHERE on my crafting travels...I was thrilled that our Stationary Store got this in today....Right off the press, as they say in the paper business...lol.....I hope that you can find it where you live. I gave the name of the business on the video, in case you are interested in seeking out your Stationary Sores to see if they can get it.

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