Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Acrylic Vintage Mini....Part 2 of ?

These are a few more inspired idea's that came as I was creating...Don't you love it when things happen like that....I have so many idea's for this project, I'd have to add more think I am fine with FIVE, front and back.....I want this to be just right for a 15 year old young lady.....VINTAGE ELEGANCE  is the look I'm going for.....I will have more idea's, and more journaling pages, tags, waterfall pictures, and last , but not least, the FINISHED ACRYLIC COVER........Thanks for joining me, as this project turns into an ELEGANT VINTAGE MINI, FIT FOR A WONDERFUL GRANDDAUGHTER ....!


  1. Hi Carol,

    I'm having trouble with my internet connection tonight, so I wasn't able to watch all of the video, but I saw enough to know that your Granddaughter is so lucky to be getting this album for Christmas. It's beautiful.

    Wishing you Peace, Love & Joy throughout the Christmas Holidays!

  2. Thanks my sweet friend...loved chatting with you!.....