Friday, 29 November 2013

Trying to get my hidden supplies, OUT IN THE OPEN!!!

I was watching " The Frugal Stamper ", and saw some neat idea's she had for her craft space. I always say, " anything hidden away, seldom gets used "!... This was just a little idea I came up with tonight, to get some of my pencil crayons, markers, pens...etc. OUT IN THE OPEN!...I find that I use my supplies more, if I can see them, and reach them! Don't you agree? ...I have STAMP AND STORAGE UNITS, that house my SU Inks, matching Markers, right beside the Inks, the re-inker's beside those, and it stores my Stickle's, and Liquid Pearls in the same units. I use STAMP and STORAGE UNITS for all my Copics as well. This company is reasonably priced, and wonderful craftsmen ship too! Well, I was looking for a marker I had for outlining some Calligraphy tonight, and had to go through my drawers to find where they were housed. It was very neat, but, hidden from view, so , like I say all the time, " out of sight, out of mind "...I then remembered these SU Marker cases I had stacked on my small table. You know the ones the SU Markers are delivered in?...I had the STAMP and STORAGE for them to go in, and had the plastic cases just sitting there, ready to be turned into something " ORGANIZATIONAL"! ...LOL Needless to say, with a little Washi Tape, and a whole lot of supplies needing a home...THEY FOUND THIS!!!...haha ENJOY....

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