Friday, 22 November 2013

Vellum Vintage Baby Card

Thank you once again for visiting me in my Craft Room. This is a card I am making for my BFF's daughter Hannah, who is expecting her FIRST baby....A LITTLE GIRL!....I love nothing more, than to surround myself with PINK! I decided to make a BEVELED VINTAGE VELLUM CARD. Say that 3 times fast...hahaha I wanted to make this card in one video, but, with so many elements having to be made, I found it impossible to stay within my time limit....smiles....I hope you enjoy the process with me. There was a vellum card on Pinterest that I liked, so started the wheels in my head turning around making this different style card. You will see what I mean in the next had so many ideas, it was hard to keep the card from being covered completely...haha! I usually make my beveled cards out of Acetate. The Vellum though, took to the beveled look wonderfully. I was pleased how the end result turned out. I also made a matching envelope to make it COMPLETE!
Please enjoy!

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