Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Acrylic Vintage Mini Album in Black and White

I have started my Eight Mini Album gifts this evening...this being the first...lol....I couldn't seem to get my creative juices flowing, sooooo, for much of the day, I was hauling supplies out left and right, hoping something would trigger some idea's for these mini's, I wanted to do for my grandchildren....smiles...I just decided to jump right in, and see what happens...A little prayer for The Lord to help me ...and off I'm going, creating, and having so much fun with the idea's going through my head at last...haha...Part two is downloading, and I think you will love some of the fastener idea's and my matching clothes pegs ....bows made from the center of my 2 way tape role....oh yes, it gets better...lol...lol...See you in Part 2.... But, please enjoy the prep work in this, Part 1!

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