Sunday, 5 January 2014

Well, it has almost been two weeks with these casts, and it seems thought I was going to say, "it seems like just a few days"!...haha I sure miss my Craft Room. I see the Surgeon in a few days to see my progress, then I'm going back to creating some awesome cards I have wanted to do, but, haven't figured out how to do them without using my hands!..I had one of my early cards I thought would be nice to show you. It was made with one of the Michael's card sets. I just added the accordion folded dres, and a few hearts in the heart hole, added a ribbon....that was it!...I visited a new Blog today called Stamp'n Boomer, and Cheri did the most beautiful Iris card I have seen in a long time. Please run over to her Blog and check it out. You won't be sorry if you do, it's AMAZING! I have been having some problems with my Blogger App, so I hope this stays up. If it has errors, it's my'm trying to type with my stylis, one letter at a time, one handed....smiles. I'm viewing lots of new Blogs, and as I say in my video's non stop..." Wow, there are some AMAZING talented people out there"! I'm certainly BLESSED to call some of them FRIENDS. I will see you soon.

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