Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Yes, I changed my entire craft room once again, casts and all...teehee I have all 6 feet across my work table displaying my ink storage organizers. I was tired of getting up, walking to the other side of my room, every time I needed another ink pad, markers, Stickle's, or re inkers I think this will work out better for me, once I'm able to create again....On the other side of this display, I organized my shelf with my acrylic paints, my Slice, and cutting board, my Bow It All, my SU paper cutter, and that filled the rest of my work table behind this ink bought matching wooden stamp storage units, now placed behind me. When these new units open, they house about 150 sets of stamps each....The second unit was delivered yesterday, so I reorganized my room to house them esthetically pleasing to my eyes...hahaha. What a job that was on the weekend. My granddaughter, sister, and myself went to town cleaning, and getting it organized. If you are interested in me giving a room tour, I would be delighted. Please leave me a hello in the comment section. I would love to hear from you. I miss doing video's, but my Surgeon has given me strict orders to not lift. I had new casts placed on yesterday, and they are now full arm casts....I was doing too much, but, we won't go forgive the spelling, and grammatical is hard to use the stylus as well. I just wanted to keep you posted, and say hello!! Hope everyone is healthy, and happy! God Bless

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