Sunday, 5 January 2014

For the last few hours I've been so intrigued with Claudia Rossi's Blog, and her Smash Book paintings. So, this is to you Claudia, I ran to my Lonely Craft Room, grabbed my Prisma Pencils, and with my left casted arm, I just quickly drew, and colored this image for a first time Journalling page, I will complete, and film tomorrow...Yes, I'm right handed...but, I wanted to do this in such a bad way, that it proceeded to do her left handed...I can use either hand, because in grade 8 my teacher switched me to use my right hand. This mixed me up for years, should thank her placed my pencils away, before realizing I should show you first...I grabbed my handy stylus, and pretended to draw, just so you could see me doing started 45 minutes ago...I wanted her to have red hair, a cape over a black dress, like LUCY...and a thick belt for her small waste...a little mischievous smile, and I was content!...I will use my water paints, some gesso, some mixed media goodies to bring her alive....I'M BACK...tear in could be better, I know this, but, I just jumped up, grabbed a book I bought when my Mom was in the hospital, and started to draw again....Thank You Claudia for giving me the inspiration to try drawing with a full cast on my arm, and partial hand...What a BLESSING to try and do an actual Smash Book first....See You Tomorrow ...Lord Willing, me able! I will name her CASTsandra...smiles & chuckles!

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  1. Did you take the cast off?Hope you feel better and dont have any pain.