Sunday, 5 January 2014

I drew this one at the hospital, befor my Mom died, remember...I just tried another one a bit larger, after the little girl, just to see if my hand could do an angled face...see, I found something I can do in my casts....DRAW!....who would have thought?...thanks for your encouragement my Sweet Subscribers...You're the BEST!....I left the "e" out of before...sorry...too excited...these aren't the best drawings because I'm more right handed...but, I have been in bed, with my arms elevated on high pillows, that the idea, of drawing again with the little movement of my lower fingers only, left me know for me, that's quite the will try and be careful tomorrow, but I'm going to try and do my FIRST Smash-book painting! know I love Mixed Media....soooo, let's encourage each other through this...and of course...Thank you dear Jesus for giving me HOPE!

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