Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Getting down to the FINAL STRETCH...LOL

This video had to be downloaded 3x's, before it was finally coming up on YouTube ! It seemed to be almost finished, and it came up "error". and I had to reload.....I was so frustrated...smiles....It didn't stop there for me today....lol..oh no, it was the same with my camera....lol...I started this video twice! The first time I was 19 minutes into the video, and my battery failed....then I couldn't find my papers to begin the box...I placed them inside the 12x12 paper pack, and they were "under cover", so to speak...hahaha...I began filming the COVER (lid), an hour, and a half, before my sister showed up this evening...I have the "START TO FINISH" LID video, going to download first thing in the morning...Well, I truly loved every minute of this project. To see the look on my sister's face when I handed this gift to her was "PRICELESS"...A truly memorable moment for me. When we BUY a gift, it makes the receiver happy....BUT, when we MAKE a gift, we are happy, as well as the recipient!  ....Isn't that the truth? Smiles  Now, back to the box.....I realize it wasn't the traditional way of making a PERFECT BOX... Smile...  I really have to say, that when I make another VINTAGE STYLE BOX, this will definitely be the way I'm making it. If you could see this in person, you would never know it was constructed with painter's tape. If I could have put some extra pressure on the paper, to get a few bubbles out, it truly would have been wrinkle free, and seamless...haha....However, I love the aged effect it gave, due to the few wrinkles, and paper rubs, because of no rubbing power...lol...lol. My sister couldn't get over the Vintage look, and the fact she had a matching BOX, AND ALBUM "HAND MADE" by her older sister...hahaha The next video of the lid, and the embellishment stage, will make you desire to haul out some cardboard, painter's tape, paint, and a whole lot of creative LOVE, to begin your own DOLLAR STORE PHOTO ALBUM, WITH MATCHING BOX for someone special. Thank you once again for caring enough to view my video's. It is a BLESSING to me! ENJOY

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