Friday, 17 January 2014

Dollar Store Photo Album gone VINTAGE

Thank you once again for joining me in my craft room. I am moving relatively S L O W, but, this Birthday Card / Photo Album will be completed in due time...LOL My sister had a Birthday last week, and my sister's are bringing dinner over next week, so we can celebrate her Birthday together. I wasn't going to buy a card for her no matter how S L O W the process.  Making her a SPECIAL card / photo album, is very important to me....SMILES...I have Part 2 almost downloaded, and unfortunately it ran into Part 3 for the COMPLETION....It did however, feel WONDERFUL to be back in my craft room once again. I have cleaned everything up, and I'm taking another REST TIME, for the healing to due its job. Thankyou for your prayers, and continual support. All the cards, emails, and concern, has been a BLESSING to me. Take care, and God Bless!

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