Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Paper Bag Mini....Part 5 ....THE COVER

Thank you once again, for joining me in my Craft Room today! This is an exciting part, because, we are soon approaching the completion of this Vintage Paper Bag Mini! The next step, is the embellishing stage, which is the "FUN" of the entire process for me!!! I'm working on the other two bags, so I can make it an actual 6 PAPER BAG MINI, INCLUDING 2 WALLETS, and so much more! I know if you are following along with me, you are experiencing a truly amazing PAPER BAG PROJECT....I want to thank Kathy Orta, for her inspiration, while watching her do this Mini on YouTube ....She is a very talented Paper Artist.....I would like to thank each person, that takes the time to join me on my Blog...THANK YOU so much! Let's get on with the COVERS!...Enjoy.

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