Thursday, 10 October 2013

Thank you for joining me, as I competed Olivia's First Mixed Media Canvas from her NAN

This was a wonderful experience for me, creating this Mixed Media Canvas for my granddaughter, Olivia. It gave me joy, with every detail I picked out, and placed with love, on this Canvas for her....She is my little Card Partner, in some of our video's in the past...As soon as she steps in our house, she can be heard saying, Loud and Clear, " Hey Nana, what card are we making tonight?" This video is a shared "Memory", between "a NAN", and her dear, sweet Granddaughter ..."OLIVIA". THESE HANDS POURED OUT NOTHING BUT LOVE, TO SHOW LOTS OF LOVE, THROUGHOUT YOUR CANVAS! As you hang this up in your room, please know, the NAN that made this for you, PRAYS for you every day!....This is for my "Olivia".......LOVE, THE NAN. XOXO

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