Monday, 7 October 2013

Let's take a look at our PEN collection....and RATE their quality, and performance...I DID!

I was cleaning up some of my markers, pens, and more pens today, because Saturday is a clean up the Craft Room Day for me! I have all these pens I bought for different reasons. One for stitching around my cards, one for adding glitter, one for placing gold around an image....and the list goes on, and on....When I finished sorting them, I decided to show you the ones I have, and rate the quality, and performance of each. Now, after seeing some of these pens, you will have an idea of how they RATE in my stash, before going out and purchasing your own! Smile.... Some I haven't opened yet, but, I was glad I did it today. I found some wonderful pens, that have some other capabilities, other than "drawing lines"!

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