Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Enjoy this CHALK TECHNIQUE ...using the Swallowtail

I must tell you some funny things that led up to this morning was garbage day, so I got up earlier to clean out our, it had it's own family growing in had a Pizza box, left overs, grapes, yukky, but, the best was the huge THREE BEAN SALAD.....I just emptied the whole thing in the garbage bag, so I could walk our huge long lane way, in the wind and bring 2 big bags full of many things I found here and there....well, I was sliding the bags on the ice.....yes, you guessed it...I had a trail of three bean salad....gravy,,,,egg shells....old tangerines....things I didn't want to guess what they were....all behind me ...because the ice, like a razor, cut my yuk yuks....and when I finally noticed, and picked up the bags...yes, it explosion of sideways, backways, every which way of assorted ...blowing in the wind...household LEFTOVERS.....YUMMY....I ran to get a shovel, plastic new bags,....and a hat to go over my head, so the neighbors would think it was my daughter in was freezing...I had my hubby's hunting boots on....his work jacket...and my pink, and blue, flannel hearts Jammie bottoms blowing in the a sight for early risers...I hope the birds, and wild animals have Peptones Bismol, for the gas they will experience after my bean and gravy, frozen food supply....let's hear it for three bean salad....yay!.....

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