Sunday, 3 February 2013

This is a fun way to play DRESS UP with SU dress die and these

I had so much fun with this card. I mean, let's go back in time, when we loved our dress up dolls, matching dress forms, just bend your dresses on your doll, and a day could slide by in sheer enjoyment....I simply loved every minute of putting this together, to make whoever receives your card, will have fun with it as well as viewing your beautiful dress cut outs. It is like sewing dresses together, without the fuss of pins and pray I was able to inspire you to make this for a loved one to enjoy our fabulous wonder years of simple FUN,


  1. Wow! Whoever receives this card receives something special, it's gorgeous! I love all the layers and the dresses, so darling. What a great idea with the dresser drawers and the bookmarks too.

    1. Thanks so much Dawn...I just figured out how to retrieve my comments, and answer are very kind.,...thanks again

  2. you have cost me some more money this month! I hadn't ordered the die to make these dresses! So, I just placed a Stampin Up! order today...This is a LOVELY card, awesome idea ! You go Girl!

    Thanks for sharing ....You are so talented !

  3. will love it, and be thanking are so cute Jackie.....