Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A day of shopping, and fun stuff!

I am having to post this again, because it was not reading properly, due to the fact I was tired when posting it this afternoon...lol..I made a nice dinner for my hubby, and me, so I'm gaining my strength back from being on my feet all day! I have been resting for so long since my fall, I find myself tiring very easy! We left this morning at 8:00 a.m. on the dot, and headed over to Buffalo New York, for a wonderful steak, eggs, home fries, Italian toast, and jelly, plus fresh squeezed orange juice to help it all slide down. We went to my friends to pick up my Singer Anniversary Sewing Machine I ordered from JoAnnes.com some weeks back. I send my orders to my friend, then pick them up, and take them over the border to my Country, Canada. I pay duty on all my online ordering, as I bring them through Customs. I had 6 boxes of craft supplies I've ordered online in the last month to pick up...Included were my Tim Holtz Inks to make my collection complete. I then proceeded to Michael's to pick up the new Cricut Explorer I had put away to pick up this morning. Michael's is always kind to me when I ask them to hold an item, long enough for me to get there, and pick it up. I shopped for some sale items, and bought all the accessories for my Cricut Explorer. Why make more trips, just get it while you're there...Saves time, and money on gas...remember, I drive a huge Ford Pickup!...Smiles After I had my fill of shopping there, we went to Bath and Beyond...haha...I wanted some plush bath towels they had on sale. The huge bath towels I'm talking about....half price! Yikes, I had to have them...lol....We bought a new Pewter oval curtain rod, that will give you more room in your bath area.   We bought some beautiful shower curtains, the ones that the water resistant liners snap out for washing. No more plastic for us....I love them!....Plus, we split a box of M&M's...yummy! When arriving home I had two boxes of goodies from the UPS truck waiting to greet me...How much better can it get? Smiles Well, for the most part I covered my day. Our wonderful son's treated me to this day out...I'm so blessed!...I will post a video in the morning...I haven't opened a thing! We will do it together....Oh yes, my sister Barbara called me when I got home, to let me know she did a TJ Max haul of surprise craft buys for my craft room...Oh my shattered nerves, will my floor hold up?? Stay tuned!...lol
The Ultimate Shopping Day


  1. Wowzers! You did have a big day! But what fun for days, if not years, to come!

  2. Yikes, I know it! Sometimes I have to pinch myself, to see if these BLESSINGS are real....Thanks for dropping by Dawn, and for your wonderful comment!