Tuesday, 25 March 2014

All 9 feet made it in my Craft Room today. Yahoo!!....now I'm on the third cleaning....then the waxing! I'm thinking of removing the doilies, and displaying my wood stamps, or at least some some of the ones that aren't in cases..What do you think? Should I display stamps, or supplies??? I have 1foot in depth, by almost 9 feet long...I thought I'd show you the process...Smiles...it's a huge cleaning endeavour, that's for sure! I have 60 drawers, and the hardware to burnish, and wax....I removed the hardware, to burnish, and buff. I want to keep the original hardware, so it makes for extra work...lol...I will keep you posted, as I keep truckin' along!....Take care.


  1. Remove the doilies! Let the beauty of that wood, that you're working so hard on, show! Can't wait to see it with the drawers and their hardware beautifully finished!

  2. Thanks, I appreciate your thoughts...I just placed some wood stamps on the top so I could see them...what do you think???....Should I keep the top empty...lol..?...smiles...I'm working on the hardware ...should have it all ready by tomorrow...I'm slowing down...lol