Monday, 17 March 2014

A huge Hello, and a pic my granddaughter took a few days said I needed to place a recent pic, not last years...When you're almost 60, a year makes no

I don't have a card to put up, nor a video this week, however, I do have a picture my granddaughter took, so I could update my pic from last year that I use on my Blog.This post is for you Kate.....I have 66 subscriber's, so I think I can share a pic taken by my sweet teenage granddaughter. I'm turning that big 6 0 next month, so she wanted me to update my last years picture, with this pic she took on Saturday.  My other granddaughter Olivia, which most people know, as my craft video partner, turns 11 next week. We had a birthday party for her on Saturday, and thus my picture was taken. Smiles....I'm sitting with the granddaughter now, who is waiting to see if I will post it...haha She said I'm not brave enough to post a pic on my her wrong...haha.....So, let's change the subject of me getting'm going to get the new Cricut Explore in the morning. I have the Cricut Expression 2, but this will cut precision images that I can use as stencils, it will cut from my laptop, and eventually Cricut said, the iPad as well...YAY...I'm so excited that Michaels had one left, which is on hold for me....I will do a tutorial on that as well, when it's up and running....I'm still trying to figure out my new Camcorder ...haha...I also have some orders I will do a haul on...I'm
finally picking up my new Singer Sewing machine that was mailed to my friends....Needless to say, it's going to be an exciting day for me tomorrow. Since my accident, I've been ordering on line, and unable to do as much as I would have liked. I am still wearing the braces on my arms for a few more weeks, but it's far nicer than those old casts...BIG SMILES!  If I'm looking overly happy in my pic, it's because I am....I'm blessed beyond measure, with a wonder family, wonderful friends, and a wonderful SAVIOUR! What more can a person ask for? God Bless You! See you on my next video. (There Katie, are you happy?) YES NANA, VERY!


  1. Good pix, Katie! Have fun shopping today...sounds like you'll be out for awhile! :)

  2. My granddaughter is constantly taking pix...I try to avoid her camera as much as're too kind...or kidding...smiles