Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sick, and

Hi Everyone...I'm very sick, and tired of being this way..this flu bug snuck up on me Thursday evening, and it is hanging on like a vengeance ...I went to the walk in clinic yesterday....good thing too...I was running a high fever, and the news was Sinusitis , and Bronchitis....the cough is what is difficult to cope with....with my sinuses inflamed, every time I cough, my head feels like an will be resting for a few days, so the medicine can do its job.....please pray it does its job, as I'm not liking this at all....thanks for dropping soon...PS...I have a new page # 8 all ready for a video...I tried today 3x's, but the coughing was too disruptive.....I will video it as soon as I'm up and

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