Friday, 4 January 2013

I am hoping this part 2 was not

I am having a wonderful craft evening. I posted on SC if anyone would like to make a Mini album with me using 100 percent SU materials. I have one lady that wants to go along with this. I am working like a busy bee getting it to the half way mark. It is actually the cutest little Mini ......not because I made it, but because all the colors are coming to together. I picked a real nice concept for the binding of it. I cant wait to get working on the pages now to make them my own. I am going to place the Mini on youtube, and step by step instructions to make every single item in the cute as ever book. I am making an extra of everything that I am putting together and placing all the measurements on them, so when the viewer is watching they have all they will need to make this same mini. I didn't think I could put together something like this, because of the issue of not having everything I thought I would need to make it look as good as those on the you tube channel. I have a surprise for them...hahaha I surprised myself, let alone anyone else. The creating of it just kept flowing, so I went with every thought that came to my brain. I can't wait to finish this so I can post it for you to see. Take care and enjoy part 2 of my Valentines Card. God Bless

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