Friday, 18 January 2013

I'm still flu bound....

Hi my blogging friends....this has been a busy week...Monday I came home very sick, and a high fever...then I lifted a heavy trunk down our stairs, put my neck, back, and shoulder, pulled muscles I haven't used in years....haha...Tuesday, my BFF came to visit me until this afternoon....I only get to see her once, or twice a year, so we made the best of our few sore, and sick, I enjoyed our time daughter in law, two other friends came over yesterday to played so much it hurt...we made popcorn, watched 2 movies that Cathy brought with her....the life of Beatrice Potter....and, a movie about a lady that was diagnosed to die in a short time, and what she did thinking she was going to heaven in three weeks....then, it turned out she was not diagnosed was very funny...we all stayed up until can tell I don't watch movies often.....hahaha...can't remember the names of either movie, but we all had a wonderful time....I am blessed with sweet friends, that's for sure....I'm made a huge crock pot chicken dinner this afternoon..stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, gravy...turns out nobody was hungry, so in the containers it ALL went the fridge until hubby gets home from the conference he was at tonight....everyone has'm just making sure I get some blogging in for crafts done though....just some time with the girlfriends, to chill, laugh, eat too much, talk too much, and enjoy a time to get caught older granddaughters joined in some of the fun at times....I feel like I'm 99 1/2 years old right now, but thanking the Lord for every minute of the girl time.....take care everyone...I will post some more MINI ALBUM progress next week...until then.....have a BLESSED WEEKEND....!

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  1. I LOVE Scattegories! My husband won't play with me though because I get REALLY competitive. Who, ME???
    Glad you got some good time in with the bff!
    Take care,