Friday, 4 January 2013

Good Afternoon my friends...

I actually loved making this card, and thought I would share this with you today. I am going to take more pics, and a tour of my new craft room, and I am almost finished my first Mini, with a second one on the side waiting for me to give it some attention. haha I will post some pics later to day, as I am cleaning out our basement. We are having a terrible wind storm today, which prevented me from going shopping and buy a laptop for me in my Craft Room. smiles I have to come downstairs to the main office of the business to download video, pics, etc. and that is the reason I don't pay enough attention to my blogging. Not in the future though, once this laptop is in my room upstairs. Have a wonderful day today. I will let you know once I'm able to get to Buffalo, and buy me a laptop....hahahaha What a sale Best Buy is having. I pray that I don't miss out on the one I want. Take care

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