Tuesday, 8 January 2013

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Good Evening everyone,....I went to get my oil change today, and after that, my mom and I went to do our pilgrimage to the Niagara Thrift Stores....We had a wonderful day together. It was Senior's Day at our shop we love to go to, and the woman at the till asked if my mom was a senior....which my mom replied, no it's this lady....which was me...and we laughed so hard at that....my mom is so sweet, that to hear her say that was hysterical...I told the lady that she was 84, and my mom quickly spoke up and said," I'll have you know I'm not that old, I'm 82...hahaha I really felt bad,..for a second, because if you know my mom, she thought I was just trying to be funny....yikes, I have to be careful...haha We find it funny to go thrift store shopping, because my mom doesn't but a thing...I mean it...except for today, she actually bought a scarf...lol The woman told us I could put my purchases through as a senior, so that was a major bonus. I bought this vintage wind up huge clock with the big ringers at the top....it was made in west Germany, and it was cream in color, so I instantly fell in love with it...I bought some German made pots and pans that were heavy duty, and looked like new....they have the temperature round thing on the lids, which I thought was interesting....Someone from Germany must have cleaned out their house, because everything is now in mine...hahaha I bought 2 vintage looking pillows for my new chair....I will post a pic in the morning. Let's see....3 large glass storage jar set, ummmm 7 new glass mugs, and 6 ceramic ones too! A friend that was helping us move dropped my box of mugs 25 of them, and everyone broke in pieces, so that is why the mugs....I bought a pin stripe suit and three sweaters......I think that was it...haha It was a real nice haul....haha I'm waiting for my video to download on the main computer, so that is why I am boring you with the shopping news of the day....It is my son's Birthday tomorrow, and I haven't made him a card...haha how funny is that? I make cards, and he hasn't got one made for him yet.....I'll do it in the morning....Well, I am going to go and check on my video, thanks again for stopping by and checking out the video section, and reading the news of the day. God Bless, and have a wonderful week.

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