Thursday, 22 June 2017

From "Anne of Green Gables" to a "Queen Victorian" outfit remake.

Hello my friends, and welcome to this remake bonnet, and dress. It is a doll I bought at our Antique Shop in town. I was looking for the Porcelain dolls, so one day I could redo the clothing, and give them as gifts. This little dolly is going to our granddaughter Marion for her first Birthday. It looked like "Anne of Green Gables" in the original dress. I had an idea of changing the era to a "Queen Victoria Style" outfit. The bonnet video was erased on my camcorder, as well as the construction of the three layer dress. I accidentally erased them as my camcorder had too many video's, and the upload would have taken so long, thus the erasing. Sigh......I struggled with the thought of placing a half portion tutorial on my Channel at first. I later thought it was so sweet to see the drastic change, even if it wasn't in its full stages. I apologize for any inconvenience when viewing it. I tried my best to make the edit understandable for you. Thank you for your kindness. Please enjoy what I was able to salvage. God Bless

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