Friday, 14 April 2017

Gansai Tambi New Shimmers on a Black Postcard.

Thank you for joining me today. This was a difficult week for me as far as getting a tutorial up, and the editing accomplished. The first thing was my Camcorder. The viewing window went blank, so after trying to get to the bottom of that, I was told that Sony would be sending me a new Camcorder. I was so thankful. My hubby went to great lengths to buy me a nice Camcorder, and to think it stopped working was heart wrenching for me. Sometimes, a store will not take back a product after it exceeds 2-4 weeks past the purchasing date. Sony stood by their product, and I was grateful. I waited from Friday last week, to Tuesday morning to get it delivered to our home. I had to set it up again, and I am not tech savvy to say the least. hahahaha I proceeded to make this tutorial, but when I went to put it to iMovie, it would only except two of the video's, and the third was missing. I spent the week on the phone with Apple to determine if it was my laptop, or the issue was with my setup on the Camcorder????? Apple determined that it was the new SD card I spent a fortune on, because it stores quite a bit on it. It has a backup one as well. Phew, my brain is so tired of dealing with technical matters. I was so tired, but remembered I had another card in my Sony Camera. I did a quick show of the project so you could at least see how it turned out. hahaha I apologize for losing the final video showing the end painting of the postcard. I hope you find some inspiration from the first two video's I was able to save. Sigh......teehee

Here is a list of the Products I used: Gansai Tambi Watercolors
Gansai Tambi Pearls
110 Michaels Recollection Card Stock
Rubbernecker Stamps
Stampin Up Sheltering Tree Stamps
Black Velvet Brushes

Thank you as always for Subscribing to my Channel on YouTube, and giving me a Thumbs Up. The Thumbs Up is important because it helps place my tutorials in a better viewing position if my numbers are up. hahaha That is what they say....teehee.

I do appreciate YOU, my Blogging friends for being here for me.

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