Tuesday, 4 April 2017

A Small Haul Online

Good Morning friends. I placed this quick tutorial up to show you a few supplies I ordered for Brush Lettering, and this 300 Acrylic 2 oz. Paint Holder I bought from Kijiji.  I hope you have a great day today.


  1. Hi Carol!
    I've had the flu for the last 3days so Ive been watching tons of your videos and loving every minute of it. You have a calmness that is so soothing to listen to. I got myself all inspired by two videos you did: the pigeon one AMAZING!! Can't find that one to rewatch and can't find the pigeon stencil either!! (Do you remember where you got it?)The second was where you invented a marvelous way to Block print on your big shot.
    That was super brilliant. Can't wait to feel better and jump in my art room and try my hand at the vellum & tile prints of those roses. Have a super day! With the Lord how can we not?

  2. I forgot to ask if you made cards out of the rose background stamp and the vellum one. The tutorial was shown April 9, 2016 or close. Thanks for taking the time to find it for me.