Sunday, 21 February 2016

100 year old Apothecary find for my Craft Room. 9 Feet Long, and 60 deep drawers.

One more picture before I call it a night. haha I have a few video's for you tomorrow, so I have to get some rest...hahah Here is my 60 drawer, over 100 year old Apothecary I have bought from an auction. It is original, from a Drug Store they were demolishing, and I had to have it in my Vintage Craft Room. The bidding began, and as you can see, I bought it. It took days to clean, and wax. I waxed it over 5 times to get it shining. It is 9 feet long, 60 deep drawers, and stores my paints, ribbons, and things. I did calligraphy on each drawer, so I knew the contents. As you can tell, I am a Vintage, Antique's, and Thrift Store searcher of treasures. I just bought 2 matching Lakeside Parlour Chairs in mint condition for my Craft Room. I found them at an Antique Shop in town yesterday. I will post pics...I think you will fall in love with them, as I did at first glance.


  1. Eeeeee !!! That is AWESOME !!! What a fantastic buy. I would certainly love that anywhere in my house :-D

    IKE xx

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    1. I am so happy that you like it. I still have a few drawers that are empty. Can you imagine that???? hahahaha Thanks for the Blogs, I will check them out....smiles

  2. Omg it is stunning Carol just stunning I am in love with it what an amazing find and I am sure it will feel at home with all your treasures love ya

  3. I didn't think I would ever own such a relic, but there is it, always ready to be dusted...hahaha Thanks so much for stopping by Suzanne.

  4. WONDERFUL!!!! I have to say I am a bit jealous of you absolutely beautiful!

  5. WONDERFUL!!!! I have to say I am a bit jealous of you absolutely beautiful!

  6. Wow!!!
    Absolutely a beautiful find for your craft room, every crafters dream or retired librarian (me)! I just joined your blogspot. I fell in love with your vintage album video, I didn't get to finish because the video was having some trouble buffering, but I did see enough about the overalls clasps, etc, note to self use everything!!! I can't wait to see all the inspiration that you have to offer. Have a nice day!